Terror Infinity Book 19 Chapter 2 3

Vol 19 Chapter 2-3

Xuan was not a nationalist youth but what he planned to do was worse. Those youths would only vent their dissatisfaction. They were sad for the unfortunate history of their country and wanted to do something violent in return. However, these people never went past the talking stage. Xuan was different. A moment ago he was lecturing Zheng on the outcome of influencing this world and now he wanted to completely alter its history for an intention that way worse.

The team quietly thought to themselves but Xuan had done this kind of things too many times already. It wasnt unacceptable to the team. Furthermore, with Zheng back, the rest of the members threw the trouble to him.

No! I dont agree with you! Zheng nearly shouted. His saliva spit over Xuans face.

Xuan wiped it off and looked at him sarcastically. This is the best plan I can come up with. If you hand the data to China without any preparation, they would not have the power to protect the data. Therefore, a sparkle needs to capture the whole worlds attention. The only reason you have is merely not wanting to drag Egypt into the storm.

Not Egypt! Zheng yelled. They are our comrades! These people fought with us multiple times already. Our bonds are built upon life and death trials. We trusted our backs to each other! How can you abandon your comrades so easily?

Xuan waved his hand. I do not plan to abandon them. My plan is the most feasible in terms of restoring Egypt and rebuilding their power. The weapons I give out are at the top of the ladder in this era.

Zheng stared into Xuan and said in a serious tone, I will not agree with you no matter what you say. Comrades are more important than winning to me. Lets come to a compromise. We will let proceed with your plan and if Egypt comes to fail, I will intervene the war. If something happens beyond our control at that point, the we will blame you. Zheng walked to the front of the group.

(He grew, in both mind and strength.)

Since a war was going to fall upon Egypt, it wasnt safe anymore to leave the sleeping members here. After a short discussion, the team decided to bring them to China. The situation in China was in a chaos also, especially with Japans invade going on. However, the team had the power to protect them. They would regret it if they were to lose these members in Egypt.

On to Jonathans letter and the little piece of rock that came with the letter.

Save me, Zheng! I am going to die if you dont come right now. It really isnt my fault this time. I merely acted as an agent between the Chinese and foreign arms dealers. Who could have known that I accidentally landed on this. You have to come save me!

Ignore that pointless message. I am Imhotep. We might really need you to come help. I will give you a detailed account. Jonathan planned to collaborate with Yan Xishan to trade arms. Yan Xishan dug up ancient tombs in order to accumulate the money needed. During the process, he discovered a tomb from the Qin dynasty that floated in an underground cave. It was said that Qin Shi Huang left the Elixir of Life inside the tomb. Thats not important. The important part is a God created by the Saints of the East is sealed inside the tomb. This God is on the same level as the Vampiric monster we encounter in the United States No, it should be even stronger.

Jonathan was the only one who survived the excavation. The God has awakened but it could not leave the tomb. It is using special means to chase after Jonathan because it has to kill anyone who steps into the tomb. Additionally, the God is searching for a Buddha head crafted by the floating stones. The Buddha head is the key to removing its seal. Jonathan is in dire danger. I helped him escape using mystiques of Egypt but its way more powerful than me. He will not last much longer.

"The armies and spies are also looking for us because they are interested in what happened inside the tomb. They seemed to want the Buddha head and believed fortune is hidden inside the tomb. A lot of people placed their attention on us. We are in Shanghai looking for a ship to leave China. Unfortunately, someone might have sold us out. This letter is written when we are running away. Anyway, come to Shanghai as soon as you can. Put an ad on the newspaper when you arrive, write old friends from Egypt.

WangXia immediately said, Is this God the same gods we know? Those who ascended from Xiuzhen (Cultivation) and fly? Then there must be Cultivation manuals in the tomb!

ChengXiao was also excited. I heard there are Cultivation manuals designed for couples. Wonder if this tomb has one Lets hurry up. What do you think?

Everyone seemed excited because Cultivation manuals were among the highest ranked exchanges from God. It would be an unexpected fortune if they could obtain one from this movie and would skyrocket team Chinas strength.

Xuan was staring into the letter and seemed to have lost himself until the team mentioned Cultivation. Do you think that sealed creature is a Xian or God?

The rest of the team was surprised. Zheng asked, Whats the difference?

If it is a Xian, then it refers to the people who lived on the mountains, which are the cultivators of China. If it is a God, then it refers to the creatures the Saints created for combat. The current information we have is the Saints were split into three regions, the west, the east, and the Americas. Saints of the West created the bioweapons Angel(s) and Demon(s). Saints of the Americas created the Vampiric Mask, and Saints of the East created the creature(s) God.

There was another group of humans who created a method of gaining power to the same level as the fifth stage Saints. This method was Cultivation and people who used Cultivation were called Xian. Then an unknown war happened. Both Xian and Saints nearly died out and God(s) made its appearance. Basing off Chinese mythologies, Gods first appeared after the Investiture of the Gods. So Xian are different from Gods. I think Gods are bioweapons with the souls of humans. You can think of it as similar to the Vampiric monster back from America.

Zheng met eyes with the other members then asked, What do you say about this mission? Is this trip going to be that dangerous?

I do not decide on its danger. Its you who do. How is your strength? How much have you grown after eliminating your hearts devil and stepping into mid-fourth stage? Can you rival this God? Xuan stared at Zheng.

Zheng rubbed his chin and said, My strength I dont know what level it is at. I think even if I cant beat my clone, I can fight Zhao ZhuiKong. Probably stronger than him. Mid-fourth stage is almost a completely different concept from before. If the third stage and lower is a man without weapons, early-fourth stage is a man with a gun without ammunition, so you can only fight using the gun physically, and once you step into mid-fourth stage, your gun gains ammunition. If I fight with my full strength, I am confident I can wipe out the German or British army in an hour!