Terror Infinity Book 19 Chapter 9 2

Vol 19 Chapter 9-2

(Is this the what happened? She failed to overcome the heart's devil, fell into a berserk and killed her friends. Despair and guilt struck her once she woke up. So she created a second persona and instilled it with different memory and past to escape from reality while the main persona fell into hibernation. ZhuiKong bore the sin to avoid the pain from continuing on the second persona. So that psychopath is actually a good guy? Why do have a feeling that he's the culprit?)

There was nothing Zheng could do to help YinKong. His only option was to witness what happened at this time that led to the outcome of the future.

YinKong's body was trembling as she kneeled on the beach. Her nails were broken and her fingers were soaked with blood from the force she exerted on them. The crimson eyes in addition made her appear ghastly. But Zheng could see she had not lost her reason. Her consciousness was probably struggling against the heart's devil. She didn't fall during the fourth stage after all so the heart's devil shouldn't have gotten deep into her.

(I wonder what her heart's devil is. Mine is freedom and everyone should have a different devil.)

While Zheng was thinking over this question, a figure rushed out from afar. She was also a little girl. She ran straight down the steep cliff. The movement technique she used kept her feet on the cliff whiling running at full speed and crossed a large distance in under twenty seconds. Zheng finally saw her face as she came close. This was ZhuiKong's sister, Rui-Kong, someone who was on the verge of reaching the fourth stage, or perhaps had already reached the fourth stage.

YinKong's body trembled more and more violently. She gnarred like a beast. Rui-Kong immediately pressed her hands on YinKong's temples and raised her head. She stared into YinKong's crimson eyes.

The redness slowly faded away from her eyes. Her body stopped trembling. Yet, Zheng noticed something not right. Slight redness surfaced within Rui-Kong's bright and clear eyes. It quickly faded but Zheng could guess what happened.

(Is that the case? This girl)

Yinkong was completely drained of energy after escaping from her heart's devil. Her soft body lay inside Rui-Kong's arms for a while before she spoke. "Didn't I tell you not to use this ability anymore? You have transferred the violence of my heart's devil to yourself again and again. Even though you haven't reached this stage and perhaps your heart's devil isn't the violent type, I am afraid something will happen to you..."

Rui-Kong giggled. "It's fine. Sis, you nag too much. I don't see you talking like this when you are with my brother. We are lucky I can sense the fluctuation of people's mind around me or I wouldn't have known that it happened to you. Don't use too much power again. Don't even touch the fourth stage, okay?"

YinKong had recovered some strength. She rubbed Rui-Kong's hair and stood up whiling holding onto Rui-Kong's shoulder. The two girls walked over to the fish. They were strong but such a big fish was still a rare treat on this uninhabited island. The danger of YinKong's heart's devil had been thrown away from their minds.

(The danger has only just started. Or perhaps the accumulation has decided their ending. If I guessed right, the truth is)

Time in a dream flowed at a different rate from reality. Half a year passed in the dream within just several hours after it was sped up. Yet, Zheng still had no sin of waking up before the Yellow Turbans attack again. Everyone became increasingly worried with each passing minute. TengYi brought out the silver plate multiple times but he was unable to reach Xuan. A bad feeling hovered over him and LiuYu Were they abandoned?

"I was only joking about Xuan..." TengYi sighed. "My ability isn't complete. Even if it is, I don't know if it can defend against the Yellow Turbans. I was joking when I said Xuan wouldn't come to save us. He values the team's interest but we are the team's members and his comrades. Isn't our bond a good enough reason to save us?"

"The bond of comrades doesn't seem enough..." LiuYu said. His days in team China were still few. Summing up from his interactions and what he heard from the others, he had a rough idea of how Xuan was as a person, a moving computer.

The three movie characters were rather composed. They belonged to this world so the mission didn't matter to them. If the situation demanded, they could hand out the Buddha head and leave. The reason they were staying here with team China was they wanted to enter the tomb and they owe Zheng a favor.

"Wait." Imhotep stood up and pulled Anck-Su-Namun to his back. A whirlwind formed around him and began to expand.

"Be careful the Yellow Turbans are here!"

Yellow clothes gradually emerged in the distance. Five Yellow Turbans appeared on the empty space as the clothes became visible to them. They were bigger than the last time they appeared. The wind attribute Yellow Turban moved within ten meters of the group in the blink of an eye. It struck its palm at TengYi, who was standing in front of the Buddha head.