Terror Infinity Book 21 Chapter 2 2

Vol 21 Chapter 2-2

Xuans plan seemed to be slightly insane, but this seemed to have been his style all along, which was to use the most daring method to give the most shocking attack. When they had recovered their senses, the entire scheme would have already started, or even ended. His plan for the final battle was a battle of kings! For Zheng to challenge clone Zheng! The other team China members would challenge the other team Devil members. When Zheng obtained victory, team China would win. When clone Zheng obtained victory, team China would be wiped. This choice between either victory or defeat It couldnt be denied that it really was something Xuan would do.

This reasoning is actually very simple. You all can go and think about it. The more people there are, the more variables when executing a scheme. So, although we can scheme for the final battle it wont be possible for a reversal like in Lord of the Rings to happen. So, we can only choose to use force against force to challenge the strongest team, team Devil. Although we can borrow team Celestials strength, but we would also need to guard against and pay attention to this team, so

So, why not just stake it all on this fifty percent chance? Zheng, based on the current situation, you dont have a guarantee in defeating your clone. However, based on the ones we already know of, our victory is assured unless team Devil has another one or two more surpassingly powerful existences. We can then become your battle support A battle of kings can indeed decide the life and deaths of two teams. At the same time, the victory of the battle between us and the remaining members of team Devil can also decide the battle of kings. So, what you need to do the most is defeat your clone. If you cant defeat him, then try your best to stall for time until we determine our own victory or defeat. This is the sole method to defeat team Devil.

Everyone was listening to what Xuan was saying seriously. Only Honglu held his hair as he frowned. After considering for a moment, he suddenly spoke. Thats right, this plan is indeed the only method to defeat team Devil. Although the probability for failure is big, I would rather choose this method than complete defeat. Its just dont forget, team Devil has your clone as well. If you were in team Devil, would you allow this situation to occur?

Thats right. Xuan nodded in certainty as he spoke. Its because of this, that there is a chance to show why you exist This is your mission for the final battle. Let the battle of kings plan be smoothly realised. As neither my clone nor I have conquered our hearts devil, then the additional you will be the decisive factor in the battle of wits. I hope you can remember this; a battle of wits isnt determined by its process, but by its results

Hoho, a battle of kings? Isnt that to say that between team China and team Devil, it can be people with a prior relation that battle against each other?

Just as Xuan was coolly speaking to Honglu, Yingkongs originally dull expression turned into a sweet smile, suddenly changing her from a cold and pretty assassin girl to a young woman. She giggled as she looked at the ratings on the table. Zhao Zhuikong as someone whos unlocked the fourth stage, is his strength merely 200? It seems to be a little too small?

No, to be accurate it might not even be 200 Xuan shook his head. What is calculated in this table is the power that person can exhibit in the final battle as a member of that team. If Zhao Zhuikong were to be in another team, with his power this number should be 700 to 1000. But in team Devil, his rating is just that. Similarly, us few in team China, like Zero, Heng or me. If we were in another team, any of us three could surpass 500. You in this mental state might reach Zhao Zhuikongs 700 to 1000 rating. But we in team China are all outshone by Zhengs brightness. The rating you can exhibit will not be able to surpass Zhao Zhuikong

Rather than calling these numbers a strength rating, why not call it the usefulness one can exhibit as part of a team. All of team Chinas members coming together will give a usefulness rating of 3700, much lower than team Devils 5700

After listening to Xuans words, Yingkong suddenly pointed at her lips with her finger, giggling. This manner paired with her slightly androgynous and delicately beautiful face looked very moving. She giggled as she spoke. Im very unsatisfied towards my rating Thats right, Xuan are you really clear on my strength? Im referring to my power in this state. Why not Zheng and I have a battle? As long as Zheng doesnt use Chaos, Genesis Splitter, Im not scared of any other move. Come on, come on  At the end, her voice actually contained coquettishness, causing the seated Chengxiao to stare.

Zheng hurriedly shook his head. No no, no matter how your strength is, Zhao Zhuikong in team Devil will be left to you. A fight between us isnt needed

Idiot. Xuan laughed coldly at the side. This battle is indeed unnecessary for her. But for you its very important. Youve said it yourself before. Youre incompetent in the area of techniques, while shes an expert regarding techniques. Understand? Shes helping you. If you want to beat your clone, since you already lose to him in conviction, then you at least cant lose to him too much from the angle of pure power. Whether its power or technique, both are important for you. Since its already been determined to be a battle of kings for the final battle, then you need to become strong, stronger and incomparably stronger until you can challenge your clone. Before that, you cant run from any battles!

Zheng froze. He looked again at Yingkong, and the girl was sweetly smiling at him. That smile seemed to contain a faintly discernible warmth...

Since its a spar, then we wont fight a life and death battle. So you cant use Chaos, Genesis Splitter or Dragon Transformation. As for Destruction and Explosion, theyre not on this list as long as your body can bear all their side effects. Naturally, as the weaker party, I can use all my power, as long as I dont kill you Yingkong giggled as she looked at Zheng.

They were in a large open area in Zhengs basement. As each persons basement could change their terrain size based on the owners imagination, Zheng had changed his basement into a large public square for the sake of this spar. Yingkong and him were standing in the middle of the public square facing each other. The members of team China were sitting very distantly away, spectating. This battle was the first time Yingkongs main personality was fighting before everyone. Thus, everyone was more interested in Yingkong than Zheng who they knew thoroughly especially Chengxiao.

Dragon Transformation was Zhengs greatest gain in power since Zheng overcame his hearts devil. It elevated his strength another level from Destruction. It also instantly increased his resistance to the side effects of Destruction by a large amount. When he was unable to use Dragon Transformation, he was actually more or less the same the same level as Yingkong, if based on pure power. Yingkong also still possessed assassination techniques he had never seen before...

If you say it like this, then wouldnt Yingkong surely win? Heng heard Honglus analysis and asked curiously.

Honglu shook his head. Thats not guaranteed. Battles have too many variables. Firstly theres, then secondly... Zheng naturally has his own battle techniques. Although he hasnt undergone any systematic training for techniques, he still has experience from life and death battlefields. From when he first entered the movie worlds till now, how many battles has he gone through? Even an ordinary person would have become a seasoned fighter by now, especially Zheng who has Destruction I actually feel like it could be that Yingkong wants to teach Zheng her assassination techniques, or it could be that she has her own plans

As they were speaking, the two people in the square were already fighting. The two didnt use their full strength at the start of the fight. Zheng simply jumped up, before chopping downwards with Tigers Soul. Yingkong changed from her main personality to her secondary personality. The silent girl waved her empty hand at Zheng.

The clang of metal colliding rang out. Yingkong hurriedly retreated, and as if nothing had happened, Zheng stepped downwards and accelerated as he gave chase. Tigers Soul was raised before chopping downwards once again.

Yingkongs empty hands were carrying Excalibur. It was a two-handed heavy sword that couldnt be seen with the naked eye, and its sharpness wouldnt lose to Tigers Soul. It was just that compared to Zhengs ridiculous strength and body constitution, the swords owner was much weaker. At the very least this personalitys strength was far less than Zheng.

The loud and clear sound of metal connecting again. Yingkong was much worse off this time. The web between her thumb and forefinger was directly split open, and that invisible two-handed heavy sword was sent flying, and Zheng was already pressing Tiger Souls against her neck in the next second.

...You lost. Zheng exhaled. His nerves from head to toe were all taut tense, because he had roughly guessed the main personalitys aim. It wasnt simply to let him experience assassin battle techniques but to also train this secondary personality of Zhao Yingkong!

Understand? As an assassin, whats most important isnt the weapon carried, but a simple objective which is to kill the enemy!

Yingkong, who was under Tigers Soul suddenly started giggling. All that could be seen was her patting a hand on the blade of Tigers Soul, deflecting it to one side, while her entire body rolled to the other direction. Before Zheng could react, she had already rolled out of the attack radius of Tigers Soul. At the same time, her other hand smacked the ground. At the moment she stood up, she approached Zheng and stuck herself to Zhengs waist...