Terror Infinity Book 21 Chapter 2 3

Vol 21 Chapter 2-3

As Yingkongs actions were too abrupt, Zheng simply was only able to withdraw Tigers Soul in time. Although his reaction speed was fast while in the second stage, how could it compare to Yingkongs abrupt personality change? Within the blink of an eye, she was already sticking to his waist. Within one breath, when Zheng held Tigers Soul and wanted to slash at Yingkong, a single palm of hers was on his waist. She exerted force and pushed, while her other hand welcomed Tigers Soul. The palm of that hand just happened to block Zhengs incoming wrist. Somehow, she managed to borrow Zhengs backwards force to hook his wrist. A loud and clear sound. Zhengs wrist joint was forced downwards, and Tigers Soul finally dropped to the ground.

This is how I fight. Little Yingkong, no matter how you attack, the best attacking method is whatever can kill the enemy My attacking method is force redirection and control. As I havent overcome the hearts devil of the fourth stage, the strongest power I can attain now, infinitesimal control exhibits the limits I have reached. The magnitude of every bit of force, its direction, its changes. All of it can be used to display battle techniques and as long as my enemy doesnt exceed me by far, Ill have a chance for victory For example, Zheng, your Chaos, Genesis Splitter. I admit, I wouldnt even be able to resist that power for even a second. But if its other abilities, I believe I wont lose to you. Yingkong smiled sweetly.

Yingkong had already completely changed to her main personality. Her abilities had already changed from one of an elite assassin to that of a genius rarely seen in the assassin clan in many years. From her words it could also be seen that she did indeed have other goals apart from fighting with Zheng. It should be to let her secondary personality understand some battle techniques more as a foundation for the final battle.

Zhengs wrist had been controlled, and he had been pushed over ten metres away. Tigers Soul had been dropped, but his expression didnt have much change. His wrist hadnt even stopped trembling, and he suspended his hand limply as he spoke. Since youve already come out to fight, then Ill use my real battle power How do you feel if we start with Explosion?

Yingkong was still in that sweetly smiling look of hers that was adorable. However, in the next second, she stomped down with force. Borrowing this force, she retreated, while at the same time, her leg hooked Tigers Soul on the ground and sent it flying to her hand. The phrase a jade-like woman and rainbow-like sword perfectly fit the current her, as long as the sword was changed to a sabre.

Zhengs foot was already stepping on the spot she was at just now. With that heavy force, he actually caused the ground to sink down. Although it was merely Explosion, it was not just many times more powerful than before with his current body constitution and power. Each and every punch and move of his carried tempestuous intent. And with the comprehension and passing of the hearts devil, his battle style had its own unique points, which was to use force to forcefully break through. Under such force, what kind of technique could block it? Just now Yingkong had precisely sensed his power, which was why under immense peril, she had dodged it. Otherwise, this foot wouldnt just be stepping on the ground.

Good! You sensed my power which is why you moved right? Again!

Zhengs speed after using Explosion could no longer be caught by the naked eye. When faced with a lower level opponent, it would be over in a flash. Only the level of Zhao Zhuikong or the real Zhao Yingkong could deal with it, but people on this level in the entire realm could be counted on one set of hands. Thus, Zheng did indeed have the qualifications to use force to break through.

Zheng forcefully stepped on the ground, and the ground cracked once again. He borrowed this strength to charge towards Yingkong again. Although he only had one hand remaining, his momentum was as powerful as a thunderbolt. His entire figure turned into a blur as he attacked. The first to come was a fist towards Yingkong.

This little girl Yingkong maintained her charming smile as before. She didnt panic, lifting the Tigers Soul in her hand and chopping towards Zheng. It seemed weak and without much strength put in, but its angle was incomparably cunning. If Zheng insisted on continuing with that punch, it would be hard to avoid colliding with the edge of Tigers Soul. Although his body constitution was indeed powerful, it was still a far cry from Tigers Souls sharpness.

Who could expect that Zheng wouldnt dodge, and a pale white light suddenly appeared on his hand. This was created from when he compressed Qi in his palm. Using the infinitesimal control from the early fourth stage, he could be considered to be proficient at this kind of energy manipulation. Before the light blade from Tigers Soul could hit his hand, he was already grabbing the light blade and pulling it over.

Hehe, take it! Yingkong giggled, and easily let go off Tigers Soul. Sure enough, Zheng forcefully retreated about half a step back abruptly. Yingkong actually had her body slip back in, her body squeezing into Zhengs embrace, and her two small hands wrapped towards the direction of Zhengs neck. It looked it didnt have any strength put into it, purely looking like lovers playing around. Zheng was however breaking out into cold sweat. He had seen this before in Yingkongs memories. A tug would cause an enormous amount of force and a light jump would cause a persons neck bones to snap. How was this move that of a spar? It was simply that of a killing move. Zheng hurriedly retreated without even thinking about it.

Yingkong had been waiting for this chance. That action had been a feint. Although it was said that when you take action, dont show mercy, and if you show mercy, dont take action, it was a spar after all, and she wouldnt use an assassin's killing moves. She wasnt afraid of close combat with Zheng, but only of him charging about like some rhinoceros. Thus, she started going on the offensive the moment Zheng retreated.

Zheng could only retreat several steps in time, and Yingkongs current speed was faster than him. She easily charged to in front of him. One palm grabbed towards the wrist that Zheng had lost control of, while the other came out of nowhere towards his chest, as if it was waiting for something. Zhengs wrist was grabbed, and an acute pain was transmitted from his arm immediately. His other hand was grasping the light blade of Tigers Soul. Unable to think through it carefully in time, he threw away Tigers Soul at once, and a fist punched out towards Yingkong.

Yingkongs waiting hand in the air finally extended. She used her palm to block Zhengs attack. That strike that seemed as powerful as a thunderbolt instead seemed as light and insignificant as a goose feather when it hit the centre of her palm. The force was uniformly distribution all over her body and the girl was sent flying. However, her other hand was still grabbing onto the wrist joint Zheng had lost control of. Under this force, she spun a circle in mid-air like a pendulum. Then, with a bang, Zhengs arm actually twisted to his back. The power of Explosion combined with the momentum of her revolution actually forcibly snapped this arm.

Zheng could only let out a yelp of pain in time. Before he could make any reaction, Yingkong behind him stepped down on the ground, jumping over to his front while still holding onto his hand. The arm had already been snapped and with the pull of this force, the arm was actually forcibly torn off in the instant she landed. The was a tearing sound like a rag tearing, and Yingkong had already jumped over ten metres away, the severed arm in tow. Zhengs arm spurted out blood continuously, only stopping several seconds later.

Hehe This level of power isnt of difficulty to me. Zheng, I only have a few minutes. Could you be trying to drag this out until I fall asleep? Its better for us to start the real fight. This speed is simply making me yawn. Yingkong giggled. In truth, she had many misgivings about Zheng in her heart, or else she wouldnt have started off with making Zhengs arm useless. Only now, did she feel confidence in dealing with his Destruction.

Zheng sealed all the blood vessels in his severed arm, even suppressing the pain. Only then did he finally look at the girl over ten metres away, who was still adorably giggling. Although there was some blood on her face and body, it only served to make her more bewitching.

If so then this is Destruction!

Zheng suddenly started laughing. It wasnt because he lost an arm, but because Yingkongs power exceeded his expectations. If so, this could tip the scales in team Chinas favour in the final battle. Thinking of this made him laugh. As for what happened next in the battle, it would depend on how long Yingkong could last.

Yingkong was originally still standing there giggling, but in the next moment she waved her hand to block her front. With a lonely bang, her entire body was sent flying backwards. However, this girl was indeed still nimble. She stepped down forcefully at the moment of her fall, suddenly rolling towards the side, thus managing to dodge a punch directed at her landing position.

Yingkong was secretly complaining internally. Just blocking this attack had shattered her bones, and this was the result after using infinitesimal control. Although a large majority of the force had been dispersed into the ground, the remaining force still hadnt been something she could bear. And that wasnt all...

As an assassin, Yingkong wouldnt have as many scruples as she did now when it came to killing. Put unpleasantly, she already had the chance to kill Zheng before when she broke off his arm. However, she had let the opportunity go as it was a spar. Truthfully, lacking a weapon, she couldnt kill Zheng anymore when Zheng activated Destruction, unless...

Alright, lets stop here. We said its a spar. If you unlock the mid fourth stage, you can indeed use that physique that lets you absorb energy. But wont you be afraid of hurting us without having overcome your hearts devil?

Zheng used Soru while in Destruction, and in the instant Yingkong landed on the ground, he had arrived before her. One finger lightly touching her forehead, he smiled faintly and said, Thats right, team China is strong. Not just me, but everyone is strong!