Terror Infinity Book 21 Chapter 3 2

Vol 21 Chapter 3-2

This mission was too ridiculous. Accurately speaking, it was that team China had never accepted such a mission before. There was actually no target, but only a pure massacre as the mission. It wasnt killing one or two hundred people, but a mission to massacre the whole capital This was simply what clone Zheng had done at that time when he destroyed Cairo!

We already know the mission for this movie. It sounds ridiculous. Destroying the capital of Alagaesia Alagaesia is the country where the the plot happens, a country governed by a Dragon Rider. No matter how many people there are in the capital and whether they are good or bad we have to destroy it! Zheng looked at the other members of team China.

Everyone became silent. Zheng didnt wait for anyone to say anything and talked to himself. The difficulty of this movie isnt clear now. Even if its a special movie God gave us like you two said, Xuan, I definitely dont believe it has no difficulty and will let us play around and farm points. I guess that the difficulty should lie in the word massacre. Of course, all this is merely me guessing. Everyone should discuss the current situation first.

Honglu looked at Xuan, then sighed. Let me analyse the current situation Firstly, the movie world Eragon hasnt actually started yet. Im referring to the movies plot. For example, Eragons dragon egg hasnt hatched yet. The king, Galbatorix, and the rest dont know that the egg is here yet. It can be said that we are in the time period before the plot starts In this case, we wont be able to accomplish our most important goal in entering this movie.

Zheng nodded. You mean the young dragon may not mature, since the plot is unable to unfold?

Thats right. Honglu nodded. If the plot cant unfold, then that young dragon may not mature, or even hatch. If so, how do we let our young dragon accompany it in maturing? This movie will then lose its meaning. Thats the first thing. Secondly, where should we put our sleeping members? We cant possibly bring them along to attack the capital, right? These are the two troublesome problems. The rest can still be easily solved.

Zheng looked at the rest. Whether it was long distance combatants like Zero or Heng, melee combatants like Yingkong or Cheng Xiao, team China was already extremely strong. The past team China would never have even dared thought of a mission like exterminating a capital. Only special teams like team Celestial or team Devil would be able to exterminate a countrys capital. It seemed like team China had already reached the same level as them. If normal battle didnt work, there was always the Magic Cannon to use...

Heng suddenly spoke up at the side. Is there a method to both complete the mission and let the young dragon mature?

Honglu shook his head, before nodding his head. There is a method, but its very risky 

Xuan suddenly smiled coldly, and put down the documents in his hands. Ill talk about this. There should be two methods. Both are risky. First is waiting isnt it thirty days before were wiped? Making an inference from the plot, we can definitely wait for the plot to start before the thirty days are over. That young dragon can mature. But if so, the trap God placed for us will appear. How many days do we have to wait for the plot to start? How many points do we have to sufficiently wait for? The price to obtain a giant dragon isnt as cheap as you imagine

The second method is that well start the plot ourselves, and become the impetus behind it!

Everyone looked at each other, baffled. They didnt know what this second method Xuan spoke about meant. Only Honglu was silently nodding his head, obviously having understood the meaning behind Xuans words.

Zheng also unlocked the third stage, simulating Honglus thought process. After thinking for a long time he finally spoke. The second method is viable, but the randomness of this method is too high. We also need to take note of the trap in the wording for Gods mission Completely massacre the capital. Does this refer to all living things in the capital, and turn it into a city of the dead, but with living things that leave the capital not counted? Or does it refer to all living things currently already in the capital now, and we need to chase them down and kill them if they leave the capital? These are the two possibilities. If its the first possibility, we can use the second method, and tell the king about the information regarding the egg. This will let the plot unfold. But if its the second possibility, with the progression of the plot, the king will send out the living things in the capital everywhere to launch attacks. Then well need to spend a lot of time to chase down all the living things that left the capital Every single one needs to be killed, and well be delayed by a lot of time. Is that what you mean?

Xuan nodded. Thats exactly it. Its your responsibility as leader to decide whether to take this bet. Its naturally good if we win the bet. But if we lose, youll have to assume responsibility. Do you dare bet?

(This tone Its really that tone unique to Xuan! Then)

Eragon felt very strange. For some reason, he felt like all the people in the village were looking at him. No matter where he went, everyone avoided him like the plague. Everyone also pointed at him from afar. No matter how dense he was, he could still sense the weird atmosphere.

Uncle, what happened? Why does everyone seem to be afraid of me? Eragon found it extremely odd. He randomly chose a man and walked towards him. Who would have imagined that as soon as he started speaking, the man would actually start running in terror, leaving him awkwardly behind. This situation was too abnormal, leaving him there blankly with his mouth wide open.

Its him! Official, rumours say that hes the one who picked up that precious stone!

Suddenly, sounds of a racket travelled over from a distant street. All that could be seen was an old man shouting as he pointed at Eragon. Then, several soldiers wearing half-body armour charged out from behind that old man. They ran towards Eragon, sharp swords grasped in their hands. Seeing their attitude, it definitely wasnt some joke.

Eragon seemed to have been scared stupid. He stood blankly at his original position, until a middle aged wandering warrior pushed him onto the ground, shouting at those soldiers as he unsheathed a sword, You all are destroying your own last hope! Eragon! Return to your dragon egg! Your danger will make it hatch! Hurry!

Eragon was still frozen after being pushed onto the ground. He continuously asked questions as he got up. Dragon egg? What dragon egg? Whats that!

That stone thats like a precious stone! You idiot!

The middle aged warrior brandished his sword and rushed towards those soldiers. Eragon shouted out, then ran away to the farm he lived at.

The farm Eragon lived at wasnt far from the village. To be exact, not even ten minutes were needed to run there. Eragon would even more show his speed that surpassed normal humans especially when he was in mortal danger. Under his uncles stupefied gaze, he charged into the barn where he had placed the blue precious stone he had picked up.

Speaking of which, it was indeed strange. When Eragon extended his hand to touch that blue stone, an obvious crack suddenly appeared from the centre of the stone. The entire precious stone wriggled, as though something inside wanted to charge out. This scared Eragon into hurriedly withdrawing his hand, and before he understood what was happening, that precious stone had already split open, and a small winged dog appeared. No, to be accurate, it was a small dog that looked like a big bird.

What are you? Youre not a bird, right? Eragon was very excited. His mind was still thinking about the two words the middle aged warrior had said, dragon egg. Could this small thing be the young form of a dragon? While thinking, Eragon was already reaching out to that tiny young dragon.

The young dragon also seemed to be very terrified, but it didnt avoid Eragons outstretched hand. When Eragons hand touched the young dragons head, a blue colored light was emitted from the point of contact between the two.

At this moment at a thicket near the farm, a black coloured young dragon that was lazily sleeping in Zhengs embrace suddenly stood up. It looked curiously at its surroundings. It then looked at the barn, as if there was something drawing it there. 

Zheng, Eragons dragon egg has hatched. As expected, the master being in danger will induce the egg to hatch.

Zeros voice sounded from a silver metal piece in Zhengs hand. Zheng excitedly said, Thats right, our young dragon seemed to sense some activity over there just now. The two young dragons really seem to possess some relationship Then well follow the plan. Ill pass the young dragon to Heng. Heng, Cheng Xiao and you stay behind. You all will protect the sleeping members, as well as Honglu, Tengyi, Yanwei, Juntian and Anck-Su-Namun, who dont have much combat power. The rest of us lets go! Well use the Sky Stick to fly straight to Alagaesias capital!

Faraway from the thicket, Eragon was hugging the young blue coloured dragon and excitedly rushed out from the barn. He didnt have time to say it in detail, so he dragged his uncle and cousin to the distant forest. As he ran, he told them about the young dragon in his embrace This was the young dragon predicted to begin Eragon!