Terror Infinity Book 21 Chapter 4 2

Vol 21 Chapter 4-2

A gamble. Or perhaps, Xuan was originally already a gambler. Of course, this was just a generally speaking. Xuan was fundamentally a genetically altered person who paid particular attention to probability. Everything in his eyes was divided into probabilities. Although the closer he got to the mid fourth stage, the more he changed, at this moment his fundamental aspects hadnt had much of a change. He was still that Xuan with wisdom that far surpassed mortals.

This series of deductions and schemes were all built on probabilities. Of course, to make these deductions and calculating these probabilities werent something ordinary people could do. That was why Zheng was so troubled just now, because he had fallen for Xuans trick, and had already promised before to start the plot themselves. He had arranged for Wangxia to spread rumours that the main character had obtained the dragons egg. This way, king Galbatorix would definitely send out people to hunt down and kill him. Now, he couldnt even regret it if he wanted to. The capital already had people who left. Although team China had strength that could kill anyone, they didnt know how many had left, and where they had gone This was what Zheng had kept worrying about. When someone left the capital, everyone in team China would die after thirty days if they couldnt chase down and kill that person...

Because he had previously trusted Xuans words, or perhaps his misdirection, he had made the decision to start the plot. When he found out Xuan was tricking him before, Zheng really wanted to kill this man. Especially when he said those words I lied to you while biting the apple...

The basic situation is like that. Xuan had at some unknown time taken out a cucumber, saying as he bit, Since things have already progressed to this stage, then well do it based on the deduction that a side quest exists. In other words, suddenly using the Magic Cannon isnt possible. We need people to sneak into the capital, find princess Aryas location and either make contact with her or save her. I think a notification will appear from God at that time. What do you all think?

What is things have already progressed to this stage! Zheng shouted and made an uproar. He charged at Xuan and shouted, You idiot! I keep repeating again and again, we are comrades, so why cant you tell us your deductions and schemes BEFOREHAND? You take me as an idiot every single time, and just casually say I lied to you after scheming against me! What do you take me for?

Hmm I suppose a foolable mortals wisdom. Xuan directly said after thinking it through for a while.

... Dont block me! Wangxia, Imhotep, let go of me! I want to kill this idiot!

The racket occurred again. After a moment, it quietened down. Xuans originally slightly swelled up face had completely swelled up, and looking at him, he didnt feel one whit of pain, leisurely eating his cucumber as usual.

... Anyways, things have already progressed to this stage Zheng rubbed his forehead, and painfully said, Then, we must first obtain the location where princess Arya is being held. Of course, charging directly into the capital isnt impossible. But based on the original plot, it seems only the magician Durza and the king Galbatorix know where shes locked up. So that we dont alert them, its better to spend some time slowly infiltrating and finding clues.

Yingkong, youre in charge of sneaking into the capital. If you dont need to kill, then refrain from killing. If you meet danger then switch your personality or contact us. Imhotep, youre in charge of heading to the villages outside the capital to probe information. Try not to attract attention. If possible, using your magic to control people is fine. Follow what I said before. If you meet danger you can kill, or contact us. Xuan and Wangxia, the two of you will stay nearby and wait for an opportunity. Provide support if you discover any situation.

Everyone nodded, then Wangxia suddenly asked curiously, What about you? What do you plan to do?

Im going to feel out the entire royal palace, especially the hidden power in the royal palace. Im paying very much attention to this. Imhoteps senses are more exceptional than ours in certain aspects. He is an undead creature after all... Perhaps, this movie world isnt as relaxing as we thought. Zheng sighed when he spoke to this point, then looked at the capital again.

Theres still more than two days left. Lets try our best to finish this movie in three days. I hope the young dragon on the other side can mature faster. Zheng rode the Sky Stick to the ground as he spoke. Gradually, he was further and further away from the rest.

At this moment, outside the village far from the capital, the main character Eragon was cutting a sorry figure as he ran in the grove. Together with him was his uncle. Unfortunately, after running for a short while, his cousin had been lost in the forest, or perhaps even captured by those soldiers.

Even more unfortunately, that middle aged warrior had obviously already been defeated. Otherwise, there wouldnt be so many soldiers hot in pursuit of them. Compared to the village, the number of soldiers had increased, with at least ten soldiers tightly pursuing them not far away.

What exactly did you steal! Why are so many soldiers chasing you? Eragons uncle was panting, and no longer had the energy to be mad.

... A dragons egg. I didnt steal it, I picked it up in the forest! Although Eragon was exhausted running, he still maintained his bottom line, and defended himself.

Dragon egg? That belongs to the king! And its an egg that a young dragon will hatch out of! You idiot, youll cause everyones deaths! Eragons uncle was flustered and exasperated upon hearing this, but he didnt stop running forward. He didnt dare to have the slightest pause, as over ten soldiers were chasing them nonstop from behind.

There! I see them! Theyre over there!

A scout suddenly shouted loudly. Compared to civilians like Eragon, the scouts in the army had learnt many reconnaissance skills, especially those for in the forest. They were untold times better than Eragon. When the two ran another several hundred metres, the figures of those soldiers were already appearing behind Eragon and his uncle.

Eragon got more nervous the more he ran. When he saw the soldiers behind getting nearer and nearer, and two of them even drawing back their bows, he stepped on a suddenly protruding tree root in his fluster. He fell down and rolled on the mud, and from far off, an arrow shot into his lower leg. A far off officer shouted, Kill them, kill them all! As you kill off the Rider, the dragon will instantly die!

Hearing that, the soldier who had already put down his bow raised it once again. The young dragon in Eragons hands could only anxiously cry out. Suddenly, the bow drawing soldier was torn into two sections at the waist with a bang. The two sections were sent flying a distance by this huge force. By the time he crashed into a huge tree, that soldier had already disintegrated.

Theres a change in the situation. The main character has already encountered mortal danger, but the young dragon actually didnt mature. So, we need to save them first. Maybe we still need time for the young dragon to mature. Ill clean up those soldiers first. Heng, can you save that middle aged warrior?

At a distant hillside from where Eragon was, Zero was lying prone and silently holding the Gauss sniper rifle. Even if the distance from the forest was far, it looked as if it were right before his eyes with his body constitution and enhanced eyes. Over the next minute, he fired several shots in succession, with not a single shot missing. When he picked up the gun from the ground, there were no longer any soldiers in the forest below.

On the other side of the village, the middle aged warrior had also encountered the same situation as Eragon. He originally already couldnt beat the increasing number of soldiers. When he planned to flee, he hadnt thought that several soldiers far off were intending to snipe him. When the middle aged warrior had yet to turn around, several arrows were shot with speed that was hard to follow with the naked eye, and the soldiers drawing their bows immediately collapsed to the ground. The force of these arrows was huge, and actually nailed these soldiers to the ground, where they died on the spot.

The middle aged warrior turned around. He dumbly stood rooted at his position. He didnt know where those endless radiant arrows of energy were being fired from. These arrows were obviously terrifyingly powerful, with every soldier shot by it being dragged along by the arrow as it flew far. If based on the arrows power, it could obviously completely penetrate a person. The archer had used some unknown special technique, which actually dragged along the corpse and made it fly. When they landed, no soldier was still alive. This entire process merely took just slightly over ten seconds, as if the archer wasnt even aiming, or there were multiple people shooting. This difficulty and power made the middle aged warrior's entire body tremble, and he stood there rooted to the spot.

It can basically be determined that apart from the unknown combat power in the capital, the power of this movie is even lower than we expected. Not only can we use technological abilities, we are stronger by many times than this worlds inhabitants in just body constitution. They cant even compare to ordinary soldiers in Lord of the Rings. My sole concern now is the strength of this worlds giant dragons and magicians. From the original movie, the magician seems very strong. Its just that we dont know if he can cause us life threatening danger

Zheng was sitting on a protruding stone pillar next to the royal palace. This stone pillar looked primitive, and was completely different in style from the royal palace. It had some similarities to the ruins of ancient Greece. Zheng had seen these stone pillar ruins at one glance, and was using the top of the stone pillar as a foothold.

The basic situation is like that.... Bah! Guys, take it that I did NOT just say that. Anyways, all of you stay at your posts. Yingkong, come with me to explore the royal palace!