Terror Infinity Book 21 Chapter 8 1

Vol 21 Chapter 8-1

Hmm? What does that mean? We should quickly settle things on this side, then go to the capital at the fastest possible speed? Heng asked the silver coloured metal piece, baffled.

Thats right. Eliminate all the soldiers chasing the main character, as well as the soldiers in the periphery of the small village, before coming to the capital at the greatest possible speed. You all have sufficient Sky Sticks over there, right? Come together with Zero to the capital, while the rest will stay at the safe spot in the forest to take care of those sleeping. The basic situation is like that. Xuans voice was transmitted over the silver coloured metal piece

What do you mean the basic situation is like that? Honglu directly snatched the metal piece over, and the little boy shouted, What is that supposed to mean? What about my previous scheme? We could have successfully let the young dragon mature originally, or alternately, there was at least a large chance of doing so. If you do it like this, what about our biggest objective in this movie? What are you trying to do?

... Live on. Xuans voice paused. Its solely to live on. We triggered the mechanism the Saints and Cultivators left in this world due to certain reasons. Although we obtained useful information, we also need sufficient power to obtain this information at the same time. Otherwise, we could very well all die in this movie

Honglu and everyone present were shocked. Honglu quickly calmed down, pinching his hair as he half-knelt on the ground. After a long while, he said, You mean that you all have obtained important information. This information can make us extremely strong No. Thats not likely. That wouldnt be called information, but ranked rewards and rewards. If its information, well need to exhibit our strength only if its extremely important information or if revealing it would cause a disaster. Its shouldn't be much if its just a disaster amongst the teams? So the disaster should be one thats aimed at the real world Understood. You all obtained information that can influence the real world, so the Saints and Cultivators need to test the teams that obtained this information. If theyre too weak, theyll let the team that obtained the information die here. Only sufficiently strong teams that can protect this information can leave alive. Is that how it is?

Thats right, pinnacle of mortals wisdom. Your point? Xuan asked certainly.

Honglu shook his head, looking at the surrounding people. He then looked at that lazy young dragon in Cheng Xiaos embrace. For some unknown reason, the person the young dragon pestered the most after being separated from Zheng and Lori was Cheng Xiao. It was in this movie that it could very likely become one of team Chinas greatest battle powers.However based on the situation, this objective seemed unattainable.

Alright, well follow your arrangements. Heng and Zero will head over now to the capital. I hope you can stabilise the situation over there. Leave here to us. Ive enhanced many magical abilities in secret after all. Although I can only cast level 0 to 5 spells of the Weave, but I still have my strongest spells, the Level 5 Ice Storm and Summon Monster V. Dealing with ordinary soldiers isnt a problem. Liu Yu, what about you? How much have you enhanced your summoning ability?

Liu Yu was also a young boy. However, he couldnt compare to Honglu, who was mature inside. His performance was indeed completely that of a youth, without too overly high an intelligence. When so many people looked at him, he felt slightly embarrassed and lowered his head. Yes, Ive privately enhanced some abilities, and I already have three summons. The boy took out three cards made of an unknown metal from his chest area. Two monsters, a hairy furball and a broadsword wielding wolfman, as well as a giant tree were designed on them.

Liu Yu miserably said, I only found out that my summoning ability requires psyche force consumption after exchanging three monsters. Ill feel fatigue after every summoning, so I have to strengthen psyche force. But if I do so, I cant use points to exchange those powerful summon cards. Thats right, this giant furball can divide itself infinitely, but needs to draw psyche force from me. Every big furball is half a metre tall, and can help shield me after it has split a few times. This wolfman is nearly two metres tall, and theres no problem with it chopping down a tree with one slash. The tree is a regenerative summon. It can heal knife wounds, sword wounds and such, but needs to absorb my psyche force to recover. This is all seventy to eighty percent similar to the summoning of Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

There were actually some things that Liu Yu didnt mention, like that it would continuously drain his psyche force after being summoned from the card. Unless he strengthened his psyche force or unlocked a higher level of the genetic constraint, continuously summoning three cards was exhausting for his body constitution that was merely two or three times a normal humans. Also, if it was destroyed after being attacked in real life, it would need to use his psyche force to be repaired before it could be summoned again. So to him, strengthening his psyche force was especially important but the more you used points, the less you had.

When Honglu heard Liu Yu describe his ability, he froze, and only said after a long while, ... Isnt that natural? Your ability is actually quite strong. Its only that it consumes too much points and ranked rewards. Your unlocking of the genetic constraint will also get slower and slower. This isnt the right path Whatever the case, your ability is strong, and well do our best to give you suitable summon cards and psyche force. Perhaps during the final battle, you may likely become our hidden combat power. Then youll participate in this battle. How could you welcome team battles without having seen blood?

Under Zheng were Xuan and Honglu, the two brains acknowledged by the team. Xuan would be the first to command the team and give orders if Zheng couldnt fulfill his responsibilities as team leaders for any reason. In truth, this was the role Xuan ended up performing often, which was why he ended up subconsciously giving them advice to take care of them often. And when Xuan couldn't fulfill this obligation, Honglu would temporarily substitute the two, like now.

Then Ill direct everyone in battle. Heng and Zero, the two of you will go to the capital now. Things over there should be quite urgent. Otherwise, Xuan wouldnt say such things, so you two should immediately go The rest of us will consider how to deal with these soldiers. Honglu whispered to Heng and Zero.

Heng and Zero exchanged a look, and the two nodded. They both took out a Sky Stick and soared into the sky, flying straight to the capital.

The remainder looked at Honglu, and the little boy pinched his hair and silently look at them. After a long while, he said, Then well handle it like this. Cheng Xiao and I will split up to go and face the enemy soldiers. Cheng Xiao, bring the young dragon and approach the main character. Protect them. Although theres not much hope, I hope our young dragon can mature. Ill go and start clearing out the surrounding soldiers.

Liu Yu, you and Anck-Su-Namun will be in charge of protecting everyone. Anck-Su-Namun, your skills shouldn't be too bad, right? I dont believe you haven't enhanced anything in private. Honglu looked at Anck-Su-Namun and chuckled.

Anck-Su-Namun was a combat expert in the movie. Although her martial arts was nothing more than a pretty dance performance before the teams, it was deadly to the ordinary soldiers of this world. She had also taken the T-virus, and used the dragon blood to strengthen her body. In the end, Imhotep had been taking care of her, so it was very likely she had exchanged some useful enhancements or items in private. It should be sufficient to protect those sleeping

Then well do it like this. Everyone take action!

At this moment in a mountain cave not far from where everyone was, the main character Eragon, his uncle, as well as the wandering warrior who had helped him before, Brom, were together. The three of them cut a rather sorry figure. After all, the three had body constitutions of an ordinary humans standard. Broms was slightly higher, but his power was very limited as a Dragon Rider who had lost his dragon mount. That was why he had to be urgently reside deep in the mountains for now. The three of them looked like beggars.

You mean that Im a Dragon Rider? Or someone whos been acknowledged by a giant dragon? Eragon asked, incomparably curious.Brom who was sitting beside him nodded

Correct. This young dragon is the dragon thats acknowledged you. Its only that his age is too small, and its transformation to a giant dragon is still far off. Theres no choice. Ill ensure your safety before your young dragon matures. Of course, my suggestion is that we leave here as soon as possible. God knows where Galbatorixs army is.

Eragon froze. His uncle and him exchanged a look, then said, Just now, we were besieged by those soldiers, but they all suddenly died. It was as if invisible arrows pierced through them. Those arrows were too powerful. Perhaps someone is secretly protecting us. Are you sure there are no longer any Dragon Riders in the world and that this young dragon is the last?

No, your dragon should be one of the last two. Brom sighed. King Galbatorix hatched the last and ultimate dragon, which was why he had the power to kill all Dragon Riders. At the same time, he needs to bear the last dragons burden, which is to suppress whats in the capital, in place of the other Dragon Riders. Thus, he cant pursue and attack us. The sole concern is the Shade, a proficient dark magic user and a magician with demon summoning spells. He is Galbatorixs right-hand man, and a powerful pursuer and killer. Thus, we need to avoid him before your dragon matures. Honestly, we need to avoid him even after your dragon has matured

You cannot defeat the Shade before you become a true Dragon Rider!