Terror Infinity Book 22 Chapter 10 3

Vol 22 Chapter 10-3

Are you sure Yingkong didnt hold back? Zheng stared into the distance at the ships prow, murmuring at the same time towards those behind him.

Yes. She didnt hold back. To be accurate, she coincidentally met someone who grasped her weak point. Its likely to have mental disorder when two personalities coexist in the same body. The mental instability is innately decided, and normal people with split personalities will usually have slight mental illnesses. The opponent attacked this weakness of hers. Xuan replied certainly.

Then what about the final battle? If someone used this weakness of hers then, wouldn't she be

No, it shouldn't matter. By then, her main and secondary personality should already

What exactly should already happen, Xuan didn't say. However, Zheng and the rest were already mentally prepared, so it was enough to just say that.

No one knew what would happen in the final battle. Perhaps China would win by a landslide. However, the largest probability would be team Devil maintaining their position at the apex. Of course, the small possibility that team Celestial would take home the final victory existed as well.

Anything was possible. Although the final battle was a conflict of mans might, the will of heaven would also influence the conclusion.

Yingkong was temporarily safe. Through the metal piece stuck below the watch, everyone could monitor each and every action of team East Sea. Of course, it was short range, but it was sufficient to ensure her safety. Overall, team East Sea was indeed deterred by team China's strength. They didn't dare touch a hair of Yingkong so far at least.

They should be communicating with team Celestial through a device. However, Gods Realm doesn't have such an exchange or even manufacturing process. I am absolutely sure of this. Theres an eighty percent probability they obtained the black skin or white skins, or even the yellow races inheritance. This was Xuan's verdict after surveilling team East Sea, but this verdict roused the doubts of Zheng and the rest.

Wasn't the yellow races inheritance obtained by us? What else could there be?

To be accurate, we did indeed obtain the yellow race Cultivator organisations inheritance. However, the yellow race Saint organisations inheritance is still unfound just as before. In fact, the other two races inheritances can be divided as well into the Cultivator and Saint portions. In other words, there are six major inheritances to be found in Gods Realm. Team Celestial should have obtained one, only that we don't know whether they obtained a bit or the full portion. Xuan said seriously.

Alright, there's no point thinking so much now. How to scheme for the final battle is you and Honglus responsibility. How to battle, how to protect our comrades Ive always had faith in your intelligence. It's the same for the final battle. My life, as well as that of everyone else, lies in you and Honglus hands! Now, we should focus on the coming battle!

After Yingkong was captured, and sufficient information on team Celestial had been gathered, team Chinas destroyer turned around to welcome the United States Seventh Fleet. After perfectly confusing Adam, team China could finally go all-out in their fight. They could seek redress for team East Seas sneak attack, and also...

Wangxia, do you hate the Japanese? Xuan suddenly directed a question at Wangxia, who had been constantly silent at the side.

Wangxia froze, and finally grit his teeth and spat out after a long time, I hate them!

Why so? Xuan nodded, recording something on a journal.

History, as well as now! Wangxia didn't hesitate. He said these words with a heavy tone, then walked out through the hatchdoor alone. No one knew where he was going.

Xiao Honglu, do you hate the Japanese?


Cheng Xiao, do you hate the Japanese?


Zhang Heng, do you hate the Japanese?


Imhotep, do you hate the Japanese?

Japanese? Who are those?

Zheng, do you hate the Japanese?

Xuan, have you gone retarded? You're asking everyone this strange question. If you have some conspiracy, just spit it out! Dont keep it inside, then suddenly come out and scheme us!

Not really anything. Just some research on human nature. Zheng, want me to do some psychological counselling for you? Lets talk about human nature. Xuan maintained his ever indifferent expression, neither getting angry nor defending himself. He only continuously scribbled in his journal while talking to Zheng.

Psychological counselling? Your psychological counselling? Forget it! Forget it, I dont want to become a mental patient. Just say it directly, what do you want? Zheng said.

Just researching human nature, as well as the possibility of team East Seas psyche force user cooperating with us. Xuan replied.

Zheng went silent. After entering the consciousness world he naturally understood the uncomparable peril within. Although it wouldnt be to dangerous within for a psyche force user entering, the peril didnt exist merely for outsiders. It also existed for the owner of the consciousness world. If the psyche force user possessed nefarious intent, the sleeping team China members were dead for sure.

Are you saying team East Seas psyche force user wont help us? He felt like he had said something stupid as soon as the words left his mouth.. The two sides were enemies after all, and a deeper reason were in Xuans words. Do you hate the Japanese? Hatred went two ways. Did the Japanese hate them?

Yes, feuds work this way You hate me, I hate you. The actions caused by the hatred makes the hatred snowball, and the previous history remains. If we dont face it, letting go of that hatred isnt easy Do you have any way? Zheng sighed as he asked.

Xuan said indifferently, If we threaten their lives, we should be able to make their psyche force user yield. But if we want a sincere cooperation, benefits are needed. Reversing the mind-sets of two races isnt something a few people can do. Even I dont have a way to change the human heart within a short period of time, so benefits are needed as enticement.


Points are benefits. Ranked rewards are benefits. Even life, status, or the psyche force users precious companions are all benefits. Everything that happens under this sky are incited by benefits after all.

Zheng nodded, and thought for a long while before responding, Well cross that bridge when we get to it. However, that man who wanted to humiliate Yingkong must die!

Whatever. You are the leader. Xuan lowered his head to look at his journal again. It was as if the coming battle was unrelated to him.

Yes I am the leader

(So, let all me bear all these burdens, like killing) Zheng thought inwardly.

Sir, were thirty nautical miles away from the fleet A voice interrupted Zhengs train of thoughts, when several officers ran over on the deck.

Understood. All of you go and hide in the ships hold. The coming battle will be fierce. If youre not careful, youll be dragged in. Its just this one battle. Youll be safe after. When the time comes, happily enjoy the glory and riches you exchanged for with your lives. Zheng turned and gave a light smile, saying to these officers.

The officers quietened down, then gave Zheng a salute before proceeding to the hold together. Apart from a few navy soldiers steering the destroyer, the rest were all hiding out in the hold.

Then team East Sea, are you ready? Our team Chinas surprise attack begins now!

On the other side, team East Sea heard the fleets warning alarms. All the members were startled. They no longer cared about the matter of the captives treatment, and all of them looked involuntarily at Miyata Kuraki. He was the team's strongest, as well as their team leader and pillar.

Miyata Kuraki exhaled deeply, before saying seriously, Theres something wrong with how you think! I will change you if we return alive to Gods dimension! Those who dont want to change had better die in this world, or Ill have you all die through seppuku! Think through it yourselves! Finished speaking, Miyata Kuraki unsheathed the katana on his waist. He said to Sora Aoi, Scan the positions of the destroyer, the fleet and all members of the team.

Sora Aoi was hurriedly rearranging Yingkongs clothes. The clothes and chest wrap had been completely ripped apart, and she only helplessly take off her own outer clothing and bundle Yingkong up within. She then activated her psyche force and scanned the surroundings.

Within around ten seconds, the flash from an explosion appeared in the distance, The violent explosion caused the seawater to rise over a hundred metres into the sky. Along with this explosion, a similarly violent explosion occurred. This explosion however, occurred on the surface of the sea, causing a giant semicircle to appear on the seas surface, which too rose, several tens of metres into the sky.

A submarine was just destroyed...

She didnt even need say it. Everyone saw the scene clearly within the scan. A bomb constructed from some unknown material with destructive power on par with a miniature nuclear bomb had blown apart a submarine in the midst of preparing an attack. No, perhaps it really was a miniature nuclear bomb.

As the words fell, another submarine split into two. It was continuously destroyed from the cracked edges. Without an explosion, it completely disappeared. This situation was countless times more strange and terrifying than the explosion before.

Team China are you intimidating us?