Terror Infinity Book 22 Chapter 11 1

Vol 22 Chapter 11-1

In conclusion, regardless of our origins and where were going, we dont have any ill intentions towards you. Zheng was currently communicating with the United States Seventh Fleet commander. In actual fact, the United States Seventh Fleet had come to a halt after team Chinas surprise attack.

They didnt even dare continue attacking team China. Team Chinas battle prowess as well as that giant black dragon had awed them. It was a battle power not belonging to this world. It was so powerful that they had lost several warships without killing anyone, a situation hitherto unseen.

Just as the American navy was in a panic, team China had sent over some requests.

Do you think that the actions of snatching a warship and using a super weapon to display your strength dont constitute as malicious actions? The fleet commander looked into the video display. Frankly, this was the first time he had seen team Chinas appearance. They didnt have any form of three heads or six arms and looked no different from normal humans. In fact, they didnt even compare to normal soldiers, as they had girls and young children in their midst. This composition didnt have any semblance of being an army.

Zheng was silent for a moment. Please believe we had no alternative. In fact, did we use that weapon to attack Pearl Harbour itself? Or did we indiscriminately kill anybody from Pearl Harbour? We dont have much of a relation to this world. We only came here for a certain mission, and will leave soon, possibly to never return. If so, can we have peace negotiations?

That commander was silent for a long time, before saying, Im merely a fleet commander. I dont have the authority to discuss the topic of peace. Ill redirect you now to the President of the United States and the

Zheng could only bitterly laugh. After ten seconds, the video display showed seven or eight old military men and several people clad in Western suits. In the lead was a man in his fifties, who looked slightly plump. This was the President of teh United States in this world.

This is our first communication between each other. What should I address you as? Mr Robber? Terrorists from the future world? Or those about to become the terrorists of this world? The American president smiled, staring at Zheng.

Zheng could only smile bitterly. He could roughly guess what sort of lies team East Sea had fed the United States government. However, this was something unavoidable. They naturally couldnt casually divulge matters pertaining to Gods Realm. Lying was the only way forward in this situation when they need the United States governments help. Unless team Chinas strength reached a certain level, they too had to make these kind of lies.

Please address us as team China. This is our true name. We cant inform you of the rest. Zheng shrugged his shoulders.

The American president looked very haggard, and rubbed his temples. This mister from team China, perhaps you arent aware of exactly how exactly your team has shaken our world? You snatched a warship and used a kind of super weapon to cause a few islands to vanish off the map. Although it can be said that nuclear weapons rival this weapon, it definitely doesnt exist like a laser like this, and it couldnt exist in the hands of a few people Fine. Putting aside the issue of the weapon temporarily, what is your goal. Snatching our warship, intimidating us, and attacking our Seventh Fleet first. No, it should be calling it as destroying half of the Seventh Fleet. These actions are the actions of a terrorist ideology through and through. What is your goal

The more Zheng heard, the greater his headache grew. He wasnt the kind of person to mess with a government, and now wasnt the time to carry on the intimidation or threats. Showing their strength was merely as a deterrence, but if they were misunderstood by the other party, it would cause the opposite result. Trying to act smart but messing it up instead wasn't worth it, so he straightforwardly said, As I said, we have no other goal. It was just for our safety. For the time being, you can think were terrorists from the future. However, that cant make us have the crime of being this worlds terrorists, right? What if we join America as asylum seekers? Does your political asylum accept people from the future?

Huh? What?

Not only the president in the video display froze, but so did those military officers and civil servants. They hadnt expected this vicious terrorist from the future which had great power would have political asylum as their request. America had never had a precedent of a asylum seeker from the future.

Of course, the technologies in our hand can be gifted to America with restrictions as compensation for the losses incurred in this incident, as well as some weapons more powerful than this era. We only request a safe environment as part of our asylum. This request shouldnt be too overboard, right? Zheng said to the video display.

...Apologies. Ill have to discuss this with them. I think that since everyone has shown their sincerity, can we have normal interactions? Our navy wont attack you, so well ask you to maintain your self control. I think this should be beneficial for both sides, right? The president thought on it briefly before hurriedly saying. He looked to have already made his decision. However, those who played politics couldnt make these kind of snap decision, so they had to have discussions with their aides and staff first.

And thus, another half an hour passed. The president finally had news. It hadnt been out of Zhengs expectations. America had indeed eagerly accepted the teams asylum request, and had even wanted to immediately send out a helicopter to fetch Zheng and the rest to the America territories.

Helicopters in this weather? Better not. Well find a small island to settle down on, until the storm blows over. Well go over to America then. However, we hope that the United States Seventh Fleet can protect us. How about this, well wait at the Diaoyu Islands for the Seventh Fleet. Well talk in detail there about the kind of technologies and weapons to give to America.

This result wasnt perfect, but America finally relaxed and at least didnt have to use nuclear weapons and could even get future technologies and weapons. Thus, the American president as well as his aides and staff couldnt help but celebrate and congratulate each other.

Seriously, we have to lie every time to get through it. Greed, its always greed thats people undoing. Zheng muttered. At the same time, he looked at that Japanese girl with a frosty expression, that team East Sea member Sora Aoi.

Nice to meet you. Im team Chinas leader, and theyre team Chinas members. Please dont have such a tense expression. We dont have people like those in your team East Sea who would do vile things to you. Dont worry. Zheng smiled slightly.

With a cold smile, Sora Aoi pointed at a distance. Dont make it sound so nice. If youre not ill treating your captives, whats going on with them?

Sora Aoi was pointing at that group from team East Sea who had had their entire bodies dislocated by Yingkong. They were lying in a corner of the room wailing nonstop. They did look quite pitiful begging for mercy and wailing continuously.

Zheng shrugged his shoulders. We are a Gods Realm team. Were not a charity. Honestly, if the advantage lay with your team East Sea, what would you have done? Dont tell me just the two or three of you could have stopped your team from killing us? Or, perhaps something more vile would have happened?

Sora Aois mouth opened and closed, but not a word came out for a long time. She could only helplessly look down, ignoring whatever Zheng said.

Of course, you could deny it, but Im speaking a fact. Also, can you deny what my teammate experienced over there? So, those that need to be killed will definitely be killed. They cant run if they want to. Zheng continued.

Sora Aoi maintained her silence, before saying softly, Then kill me as well. Thats not much meaning to me surviving alone.

Ehhh, are you sure you want to die before team East Seas leader? Zheng laughed.

Her head abruptly shot up, and she anxiously asked, Kuraki-kun is still alive? Youre not lying?

Zheng smiled as he removed the silver coloured metal piece at the back of her head. Confirm it yourself with your psyche force scan.

Sora Aoi immediately shut her eyes, and her expression instantly relaxed. She smiled slightly, and Zheng placed the metal piece back on her head. Well stop the communication here. As I said before. Those that should die will be killed. They humiliated my teammate, and this is a team battle. I need to be responsible for my team members and cant abandon enhancing them. Of course, you four can live, as long as you do something for me.

Sora Aois face immediately paled, and her body trembled faintly. She grit her teeth and looked down. After a long time, she finally steeled herself, Alright As long as you let them off I promise you. Ill do anything. So saying, she couldnt hold back her tears.

Zheng hadnt recovered yet from his shock. He immediately realised what was happening when he saw Cheng Xiao laughing strangely not far off. Dont have strange thoughts. Im not as filthy as your teammates. I hope you can wake up our teammates. Theyve entered sleep in the hearts devil state. Also, I promise you to let the three of them live, effective for this movie.