Terror Infinity Book 22 Chapter 3 2

Vol 22 Chapter 3-2

The Perfect Storm. It was a typical disaster film, a story about what happened after a storm came. Everyone had carefully watched it before entering the world as usual. However, no one could have expected the situation would here would be so abnormal!

They appeared in the middle of the sea, surrounded by a vast and endless deep blue sea. It was fortunate that the start was the safe time, so everyone floated half a metre above the surface of the sea, as if stepping on something solid. God would protect everyone before the movie truly started.

Hmm, isnt this situation a little too strange? Did God just dump us in the sea like this? Could he want us to swim across the Pacific Ocean? Heng looked at Zheng, a strange expression on his face.

Ming Yanwei, who was besides Heng, snorted coldly. Not talking to Heng, she instead turned to Zheng, Zheng, whats the mission this time?

Hmm. Go to the island located at 123 124' 15'' W, 25 40' 26'' N. Entering the island will allow immediate return to Gods Realm. Such a simple mission? Zheng looked at the watch with a strange expression.

The remaining people all looked at their watches too. The mission God gave was as Zheng said. Entering the island at this coordinate would bring them back to Gods Realm. This was slightly similar to Resident Evil Apocalypse, where reaching a certain location would complete the mission. It was only that that movie had had other missions, and wasnt as blunt as this one.

An island located at 123 124' 15'' W, 25 40' 26'' N? That should be the Senkaku Islands, right? Wangxia suddenly asked doubtfully.

Yes, it should be the Senkaku Islands. Xuan nodded, confirming Wangxias words.

(Thats right, these two are soldiers. Wangxia is a qualified soldier so he should know the coordinates of the Senkaku Islands. That fellow Xuan has a good retentive memory, so its still normal for him to remember the coordinates of the island. Its just, isnt Cheng Xiao a soldier too? Looking at him, it seems hes never heard of it before.) Zheng secretly thought in his mind. 

Sighing, Zheng said, Isnt this movie too simple? Were done as long as we go to a location. Doesnt it sound like were just here to play around? Speaking of which, the other team should have entered before us, right?

Zheng had originally directed his question at Xuan. However, he saw Xuan was sitting there engrossed with translating, so he helplessly looked to Honglu. The boy didnt hesitate, immediately nodding assuredly, Correct. No matter the team, theyll enter the movie first upon entering, unless theyre team Devil or team Celestial. However, your words are only half correct. This movie is indeed simple, but its only so for team East Sea.


These words made everyone froze. They didnt understand why such a simple mission was only easy for the weaker team, but conversely difficult for team China.

Zhengs mind flashed. He hurriedly said, What you mean is that since theres such a gap between the two teams, God has given team East Sea a large advantage. It made the mission exceedingly simple. Theyll be able to return safe and sound to Gods Realm as long as they can escape to the Senkaku Islands before we chase up to them. However, if we cant catch their psyche force user, team Chinas power will have deficiencies in the final battle. Is this the difficulty God gave us? 

Yes, correct. Everyone is aware of whatll happen in the final battle if we dont have a psyche force user? So, we need to intercept team East Sea before they reach Senkaku Islands. But unfortunately, this movie restricts flying equipment. Team East Sea, who entered before us will have a far superior influence. Although this influence can only be used to hide and escape from our pursuit, but they really do have an advantage over us in going to Senkaku Islands. Honglu ruffled his hair, chuckling.

Zheng and the rest hurriedly looked at their watches, and text restricting flying equipment indeed appeared. Of course, an individual possessing flying techniques was a different matter. It was only that people who possessed flying techniques were few. In the over ten teams in the entire Realm, those with flight capabilities wouldnt exceed ten.

Uh it cant be, right? If we cant use flying equipment, are we supposed to take a ship? But, there arent any ships in the vicinity. So, are we supposed to swim over? Cheng Xiao shouted loudly.

Lan was still sleeping next to him. She had been sleeping for dozens of days. In this period, they had been relying on Three Needle Noruishing. It would be difficult for the sleeping members if they had to swim to Senkaku Islands, and they were also at some unknown location now. After all, it would take months to swim if they were in the Atlantic now or the even further North and South poles. They would tire to death, so how would they be able to catch up to team East Sea?

Thus, everyone discussed for a while longer. They first took out a small airship basket. The airship basket itself was already filled with gas, enough to float on the surface of the water. They placed the sleeping members inside, then those who couldn't swim like Honglu, until the basket was completely filled. The rest could only wait for the barrier to disappear and swim in the sea.

Then its decided. The protective barrier will disappear soon. Ill fly out to find a ship, then we'll chase down team East Sea. Zheng considered for a moment.

Xuan coldly laughed. Can a normal boat catch up to team East Sea? Since God has already arranged for us to battle, and weve never heard of this team before, we can tell how powerful they are. Based on Gods usual practice of balancing power and influence, team East Sea must be quite close to Senkaku Islands. We won't be able to catch up with a normal ship, unless we use special methods.

Special methods? Everyone asked curiously. Only Honglu was suddenly enlightened, and said, Yes, God wouldnt give an unsolvable movie. Since God has arranged a team battle, God wouldnt let them safely go to the Senkaku Islands no matter how weak they are. So, theres something were not seeing, and that loophole is the one chance we have to chase down team East Sea. Xuan, are you referring to

Before Honglus words could fall, the basket he was in suddenly dropped down. It fell a metre or two in the water, and the little boy violently choked on several mouthfuls of water. When the basket floated up to the surface, he coughed a few times. It wasnt so bad for him, as the sleeping Lan had already fallen into the sea.

When the basket floated up, Zheng had already carried Lan and shot out of the water. The remaining people slowly floated out. 

The Perfect Storm had completely began.

As the movie had begun so suddenly, several people choked, drinking several mouthfuls of seawater. When everyone had finished choking, Zheng asked Honglu, What do you mean? What does that refer to?

A warship cough.

Honglu wiped away the water on his face. Although I dont know what ship team East Sea is on, it cant possibly be a warship based on their strength. Even if they relied on a sneak attack to kill some soldiers from a naval port, they dont have sufficient power to deter the navy, let alone bring away a warship.

This reasoning was simple. It wasnt possible to steer a warship just relying on a team with about ten members. Even a smaller warship wouldnt be possible, as they lacked the specialist knowledge in this area. Capturing one or two navy soldiers was easy. But, capturing a large group of them, getting them to help operate the warship as well as steering it safely out of the naval port wasnt just an ordinary level of difficult. It didnt require just power, but also a deterrence had to be prepared. It was like the atomic bomb towards weaker countries. Power that exceeded a certain level could deter those navy soldiers.

Thus, team East Seas power isnt enough to obtain a warship. If theyre on an ordinary ship, their speed cant possibly be faster than a destroyer. If our location isnt in the centre of the Pacific Ocean, the best way would be to find a naval port, then snatch a destroyer. Honglu gestured with his hands.

This was indeed a good way. They had to seize a ship anyways to go to the Senkaku Islands. Since they couldnt think of anything else, snatching a destroyer wasnt unacceptable. And, even if they didnt use the Magic Cannon, the combat power of the remaining members of team China was also terrifying. There were several individuals who would require a few warships to be dealt with!

However, team China did have several weaknesses. One very big one was the lack of a psyche force user. When searching for an enemies in such a vast map, not knowing the enemys location or numbers was absolutely a disadvantage. Fortunately, team China was powerful, and was able to smash through cunning with force. Otherwise, they would very likely have lost horribly long ago in Independence Day.

(Snatching a warship also has another benefit. It can help search for ships in the surroundings, right?)

Good! Well first find a ship in the vicinity, then well find a naval port and make an all-out effort!