Terror Infinity Book 22 Chapter 4 3

Vol 22 Chapter 4-3

Quickly, hurry back!

Zheng was standing at the prow of the ship, looking anxiously at the distant dark sea. The increasingly turbulent waves, the incessantly falling purple lightning, and the whirlpools in the sea filled his heart with a foreboding premonition. Although he had just used the metal piece to contact Xuan, and it was all probably fine according to him, the word probably raised too many questions. This was especially when that fellow Xuan was the one who said it, then it was far from good. He had a really bad premonition about all this!

Xuan, if you dare to scheme against the rest, and let them fall into danger, I will definitely skin you alive! No, Ill EAT you alive!

Zheng was scared. Not of this abominable weather or anything else. As members of team China, they were very strong. They stood at the upper tier of the realm. This abominable weather, even if it was in the deep sea, couldnt harm them within a short period of time. However, if Xuan had done a little bit of something else, then it would be difficult to say.

Hurry, hurry back!

Zheng urged the sailors and the captain unceasingly. After experiencing that flaming human, the sailors and captain treated Zheng with respect as if he were a ghost or god, not doing things sloppily in the least. Under Zhengs commands, the ship was steered in the direction he requested. Of course, in this storm, a normal ship could only be directed in the general direction of north, south, east or west, and couldnt be specific to the point of longitude and latitude.

Zhengs heart got more and more panicked, and could only helplessly use the metal plate to contact the team every minute or two. After that, he maintained constant contact, until he found their location. However, under this damnable storm, who knew where the waves had already brought them. The place he had left just now had definitely been in this vicinity!

Eh, there are so many shark corpses on the surface of the sea? At this moment, a sailor at the prow of the boat suddenly shouted. Everyone looked at where he pointed. Dozens of shark corpses were actually floating on the surface of the sea, drifting back and forth with the waves. This patch of sharks seemed to have floated here from far away, and there were also many bits and pieces of shark remains. 

Zheng immediately shouted, Go over! That way! Go to the direction the sharks drifted over from!

In the direction the sharks had drifted from, Cheng Xiao was desperately somersaulting in the sea. It wasnt that he had suddenly turned courageous and wanted to kill all the sharks in the sea. It was that there was a girl with a ferocious expression presently standing in the basket. Her hands were gripping something tightly in mid-air, as if she was holding some weapon, only that she was empty-handed.

Yingkong! My legs are cramping, I really can't do it anymore! Let me go back up!

Cheng Xiao was somersaulting continuously in the sea, and suddenly leapt out of the sea like a dolphin. His entire body did a flip in mid-air, and a shark below that had been charging at him to him to give him a bite was diced into pieces. However, this fellow was currently breathing roughly, and he did indeed look tired. It wasnt known how long hell last for.

Yingkong gazed coldly at the sea. Either kill all the sharks or I kill you. I assume you have a preference.

Can you kill the sharks? Lets combine the two choices. Cheng Xiao froze, then shouted.

Yingkong didnt even hesitate, waving her hand. An air blade slashed towards Cheng Xiao, scaring him till he screeched, not daring to utter another word. He could only dive into the water to avoid the air blade. Of course, he had no choice but to face the countless sharks.

So many sharks. Zero, who had remained silent all this time, suddenly spoke out. Is this one of the difficulties of The Perfect Storm? Let Cheng Xiao back up. Hes almost at his limit. Finished speaking, he took out his Gauss sniper rifle. When Cheng Xiao encountered danger, he could immediately provide support.

Wangxia made the same actions. Several plasma bombs floated besides him. As Cheng Xiao was still in the water, he didnt dare rashly throw the bombs in. He could only begin a large area clean up when Cheng Xiao got back in the basket. 

At this moment, a searchlight flashed over from a distance. They could faintly hear Zhengs shouts, and when they turned their heads over, they saw a human figure with wings fly over speedily. He fished out Cheng Xiao from the water, and hovered in the air. This person was, as expected, the returning Zheng.

This is great, everyone is fine. But Yingkong, why are you staring so hatefully at me? Zheng saved Cheng Xiao, and silently counted the number of his teammates internally, before calling out excitedly. At the same time, he gave voice to a doubt he had in his heart.

He saw Yingkong, who was standing in the basket, gaze hatefully at him, as if she had suffered some grievance. She merely snorted softly, not uttering a word. She quietly kept Excalibur, and at this moment, the distant ship finally reached. The sailors on board made a clamour, then threw a rope over to the basket below.

Haha. Cheng Xiao did go overboard this time. Even if its really that time for a girl cough, you shouldnt say it out, right? Haha, you deserved a beating.

After getting on the ship, everyone got a hot shower, then congregated in the assembly room of the ship to discuss the next step. When Zheng heard what had happened, he immediately started laughing loudly, until Yingkongs face went red. Only when she started getting angry, did he stop. He then said seriously, Its time to go back to topic. I heard from the captain were near Hawaii now. If we want to snatch a destroyer, its best to go Hawaii.

Americas Pacific fleets headquarters is at Pearl Harbour. From our current location, we can rush there in at most twenty four hours. Xuan said as he bit an apple.

Can you not eat an apple while were discussing? Zheng sighed.

When Xuan heard it, he paused. He abandoned the apple, and took out a tomato instead. As he ate, he said, It would take about ten days from Pearl Harbour to Senkaku Islands under this storm in a normal boat. Itll take around five days in a fast destroyer. But if its modified, and some unconventional thrusters are added in, the speed can be greatly increased. However, itll take a day to get to Hawaii from our current position. Together with all the delays, I predict itll take five days to reach Senkaku Islands.

Five days. Zheng went silent. After a long time, he said, Then, well go at the fastest speed to Pearl Harbour. I hope we can catch up to team East Sea!

Xuan, wouldnt our chances of catching up be fifty-fifty if so? Honglu, who had been eating at the side, raised his head. He asked doubtfully, Although in terms of speed, this is the fastest we can go without flying, the probability of catching up is too low. Dont you have any other ways of catching up faster?

I dont have a way to catch up faster, but I do have a way to raise this fifty percent chance. Xuan didnt procrastinate, but immediately nodded his head in admittance.

Err. Zheng was momentarily hesitant, then asked Honglu, Since you asked, it means you definitely have a way of your own. Say it, what do you think?

Honglu giggled, and plucked out off a hair from his forehead, asking as he looked at the hair, Youre not asking Xuan, but me? Its better to ask him for matters like these, or are you scared?

Zheng and the surrounding people laughed bitterly. Heng replied in place of him. He was currently sitting next to Honglu, and ruffled his hair. Dont say its Zheng. We too, are very scared. Xuans plans are usually a little too ah, there shouldnt be a problem using the word violent, is there?

Everyone around nodded in confirmation, while Xuan himself didn't mind. He single-mindedly ate his tomato, letting everyone discuss the plan.

Honglu giggled again. Dont put it so easily. Apologies, my plan is pretty violent too, and a very dangerous kind of violent.

(No matter how violent, it will never be more violent than Xuans. Even if he doesnt say anything, I know his plan is roughly to randomly fire the Magic Cannon in the direction of Senkaku Islands. If it hits, then they deserve it. If it misses, fire again Thats why, no matter how violent Honglus plan is, it will at least be safer than Xuans!)

Several people had this thought. So, in consensus, everyone nodded to Honglu. This reaction made the little boy laugh loudly.

The little boy didnt maintain his mysteriousness, and as if showing off, he looked at Xuan. Carrying some slight pride, he spoke. Actually, my plan is also a pretty violent plan. Arent we planning to seize Americas warship? We might as well just blow up the matter, and seize a few warships at one go. We could also do something else, and cause a stir across the world. If thats not possible, we at least have to attract the attention of America and a few big countries. If we cant go at the fastest speed to Senkaku Islands, itll be fine too letting team East Sea go at the slowest speed to Senkaku Islands!