Terror Infinity Book 22 Chapter 9 1

Vol 22 Chapter 9-1

The giant eagle team East Sea summoned was truly as swift as the wind. It was still incredibly fast carrying four people, having transversed over a hundred metres in the blink of an eye. However, this eagle was obviously suffering from the obstruction of the storm. It didnt dare fly high, flying merely ten metres above the seas surface. The force of the supersonic booms produced drew a trail through the water.

Everyone silently praised the protoghosts speed. Few would be able to dodge a sudden attack from a speedy and giant eagle like this. A mere scratch or graze would definitely turn ordinary humans into mincemeat. There were few even among Gods Realm team members who would dare face this giant eagle head-on. If the neoghost could be nurtured, one would be in the open and one would be hidden. One with forceful methods and one with insidious methods, few would be able to resist the two shikigamis.

(Our team East Sea still has a bright future. The might of the abilities from the Yamato peoples culture isnt ordinary. Its only a pity that our previous leader went to team Celestial. My genetic constraint hasnt advanced, and is still stuck in the second stage. I havent even advanced to the third stage, or else, our team East Sea would be in another situation. What a pity what a pity. Time wont wait for me. A hero still needs an opportunity and battlefield to display his talents.)

Miyata Kurasaki had been ambitious since becoming the team East Sea leader, dreaming of making team East Sea a first-rate team. They had beaten a team named team India before. However, they had suffered a crushing defeat when they faced team Celestial.

Fortunately, team Celestial hadnt been ruthless and had instead allied with team East Sea. The ambition in Miyata Kurakis heart had been buried deep inside after receiving a blow, but had also become more resolute.

These thoughts actually only a few seconds. The giants eagle flight was very fast, and had already flown very far in the blink of an eye. The outline of a humongous destroyer could already be seen within the distant waves. In at most ten seconds, the giant eagle would reach the destroyer.

Miseichi! Use Shadow Release and envelop us and the giant eagle! Miyata Kuraki said hurriedly internally. With a psyche force user, this kind of telepathic communication was basic.

The slender and tall man nodded silently. He took out a paper scroll and held it in his mouth, his hands continuously forming various hand seals. When the giant eagle was ten metres away from the destroyer, he gave a low grunt, and ball of black smoke expanded from his body. Even the giant eagle was enveloped within. When the black smoke vanished, the eagle and everyone else had disappeared as well.


Good technique.

Zheng was far off, tracking their location through listening to the wind. Although there was some interference due to the storm, the supersonic booms of the giant eagle were so violent that it was utterly impossible for him to miss. However, when the giant eagle was several metres away from the destroyer, all traces of it had vanished. This situation wasnt simply a psyche force screening, but a higher level technique. No matter what, it seemed this team East Seas strength wasnt too overly pathetic.

Everyone take note, team East Sea has arrived. Im not too certain of their exact location. Theyre using a cloaking ability, everyone please take note. Also, dont hold back while fighting. Its firstly to not let them notice we plan to be captured by them. Secondly, its easy to be accidentally injured if you hold back. Kill if you can. Surrender if you cant win. Xuan, take care to the rookies!

Finished speaking, Zhengs body leapt up several metres from the deck, his wings flapping nonstop. His entire body floated in mid-air, then charged over to the location team East Sea had vanished from.

On the other side of the destroyer, team Chinas members looked around. As they had split up before, some of the squads were waiting with the rest of the members. After everyone heard Zhengs notification, everyone heightened their awareness. They would attack when team East Sea appeared. It was only that team East Seas techniques werent ordinary. It was truly impressive for them to so completely eliminate traces of themselves.

Zheng had the same thoughts. As Gods exchangeable abilities were simply too many, even with a leaders authority for convenient searching, a persons limited mind couldnt thoroughly remember all the exchangeable abilities, items and enhancements. So, a large amount of exchanges were those you were already familiar with, or those unique to your race. This way, the teams all had their own individualities based on their locations and races.

(East Sea, East Sea could it be the people of Japan or Korea? If so, was that vanishing ability Ninjutsu? If it is Ninjutsu, itll truly be suitable for sneak attacks.)

Zheng stood above the highest point of the destroyer. As long as any sound or shout came from the destroyer, he would be able to go over for support anytime. Although the general strategy decided upon just now was to temporarily let off team East Sea, they couldnt let them be too unbridled. They had to at least give them some large pressure and let them know that team China members were not to be killed. Otherwise, those captured might suffer or may have difficulty keeping their lives.

Correct. I approve of your thinking.

Honglus voice was transmitted through the metal piece. Based on the current situation, team East Seas sneak attack is mostly to obtain some form of equality. At least, they hope to have an opportunity to negotiate as equals. Otherwise, the sneak attack would suddenly become a surprise attack. If our strength is too weak, well instead be looked down upon by them. The captured members will be in great danger. I believe you wont be able to accept this, right?

Exactly! There was one more thing that Zheng hadnt said out, that was that he really wanted to test out his newly learnt technique, the collision of Refined Qi and Magic. This type of technique was trained in order to rival the black flames of clone Zheng. While its defensive power wasnt shabby, it had some deficiencies in attack power. Although his innate power would be able to make up for this inferiority, this was also on the premise that the techniques defensive power ought to be extraordinarily high.

Thus, using team East Sea as a touchstone to test it was one of the reasons he wanted to battle.


On the other end, team East Sea had appeared in a storeroom on-board the destroyer. When they reappeared, Miseichis face was slightly pale, and Miyata Kuraki who was besides him hurriedly supported him. Did you deplete too much of your chakra? After all, you brought the three of us in one go. Rest for a while. Wait for your chakra to recover before you start sneaking about. Koinu Maosu and I will begin the operation. Kamimiya Tonomoto, stay with him. I think Miseichis Jiujutsu should be able to protect you well.

In fact, it wasnt just Miseichi who was pale. Of the four present, apart from Miyata Kuraki, who could be considered calm, the rest all had unpleasant expressions, especially Koinu Maosu who knew he was going to move together with Miyata Kuraki. His face alternated between green and white, and his legs were trembling slight upon closer inspection.

Miyata Kuraki sighed slightly, then forcefully patted Koinu Maosu. Take out some of your airs of an Osakan man! Finished speaking, he exhaled and opened the doors, while his consciousness called out for Sora Aoi at the same time.

Leader, this is a map of the distribution of people within the destroyer. Because of the psyche force screening, I can only sense that its a biological organism, and not its gender and so on. So, those could either be the navy soldiers coerced by team China or team China members themselves. Be careful.

Miyata Kuraki nodded. He pulled open the door, pulling Koinu Maosu after him as he rushed out. He disappeared amongst the passageways within a few steps.

This was actually team East Seas long time cooperative battle style. Miyata Kuraki and Koinu Maosu belonged to the melee combat type, and were suitable for bravely charging forward for a direct confrontation. Miseichi had exchanged a shadow type Ninjutsu, suitable for sneak attacks and support. There was also Kamimiya Tonomotos shikigami, Sora Aois psyche force and some other members abilities. This combat style had let them obtain victory against team India. Today, they were using this same methodology against team China...


Found it!

Two of the team China members heart jumped. After receiving Zhengs notification, the team members had focused their concentration, progressively unlocking their genetic constraint. Apart from Zheng, Yingkong and Heng had also noticed movement within the ships hold one after the other. Before Heng could do anything, Yingkong silently rose from her seat, opening the door and leaving. Seeing one of her hands holding the air, it was most likely her Excalibur.

At the same moment, Zheng descended from the sky. He directly shot into the ships hold, then ran over to team East Seas location. Together with Yingkong who was coming up from below, these two would trap team East Sea in the centre. They quickly ran over to team East Seas direction of movement.


Miyata Kuraki and Koinu Maosu had the psyche force scanning map in their heads. When they saw two people approaching, one coming up and one coming down, Koinu Maosu immediately turned flustered.

Miyata Kuraki, however, calmly said, Dont be flustered. Theres only two of them, one coming up and one coming down. It may not even be team China who discovered us. Alright then, well do it like this. Well attack the one below coming up. That person is closer, and after attacking him or her we can proceed downwards to search. Miseichi, go and search those rooms with a lot of people congregated. You can sneak in without a trace with your Ninjutsu. Inform us if you see any non-navy soldiers. If its someone very weak, or that injured psyche force user, then capture them. Well immediately leave after! As his words finished, Miyata Kuraki pulled Koinu Maosu along as he charged towards Yingkongs direction.

The two parties were only separated by two corridors...