Terror Infinity Book 23 Chapter 13 1

Vol 23 Chapter 13-1: The Human Instrumentality Project(I)

So that's how it is. Xuan muttered to himself as he sat on the computer chair. Strange numbers appeared on the computer screen, similar to the text Xuan gave Honglu. They were all random numbers without order to them, but that was only to the people behind Xuan. It seemed Xuan had grasped the meaning behind this string of numbers.

What does it mean? What is this all about? Zheng suddenly asked curiously.

Xuan frowned for a long time before suddenly asking, Are any of team Africa still alive? What happened to their corpses?

Haaaah. No survivors. It seems team Africas strength didnt increase by much. They were actually wiped by just those two. Some even died horribly. Zheng sighed.

In other words, their corpses are still around? Xuan frowned again, before thinking about it and saying, I can tell you the information I know already, but with a dangerous precondition.

Dangerous precondition? Zheng immediately sensitively noticed the word dangerous. In fact, getting Xuan to say this word wasnt easy. It wasnt just difficult, it was a rare thing. He wouldnt say it out no matter how dangerous it was, so as soon as he called something that, it was surely something stupefyingly dangerous.

Yes, correct. I already know more or less whats going on, including what you cant say, Luo Yinglong. But, its not that I dont want to say, its that I cant. Something dangerous will happen as soon as I say it. Xuan looked at everyone.

Luo Yinglongs mouth twitched. Isnt that exactly the same as me then? Whats the point even if you know it?

Thats why I said, theres a dangerous precondition. But its not destruction. Xuan suddenly said, I suspect Adam has laid a scheme that has tricked all those who knew about the situation, whether you, my clone or I. Although I dont know what he did, I have a fifty to sixty confidence in asserting this.

Wait wait. Does your so-called Its not that I dont want to say, its that I cant refers to saying something out would let us get wiped directly by God? Like the restrictions whenever we return to the real world? Zheng immediately understood what Xuan meant, and asked seriously.

Approximately that. But thats just what everyone thinks. Everyone, including my clone, firmly believes that if they say it, theyll disappear.

Xuan pushed up his spectacles. From what we know of Gods wipe for the real world, well be killed as soon as we say certain key words. Yet, based on the information I have and the flow of events, Neos died after leaving the information behind. This presents a contradiction. He didnt get wiped for leaving behind the information, but was instead killed by that member of team Devil. This is different from the wipe we know of. Thus, I have reason to believe that the wipe you all think exists doesn't actually exist.

Speak slower. We dont have a brain that works as well as yours. Zheng rubbed his temples. You mean that Gods wipe is a lie and we can actually return to the real world without any qualms and do anything we want?

Thats not what I said. If you want to die you can test out that different guess. What I mean is that the possibility of a wipe that they believe in does not exist. It may be false that theyll be wiped if they say something out.

Xuan looked at Luo Yinglong and said. I want to ask you a question. Have you personally witnessed Adam fighting with enemies before? I mean personally witnessing it. Any enemy would do, whether enemies from the movie world or other teams.

What a joke. Do you think team Celestial is weak? Although were few in number, every person was an ex-leader. Even the weakest are of the second stage. There are also various enhancements and self-created skills. Just take me for instance. Im the only true Cultivator of this realm, right? And my strength

Luo Yinglong had a disposition of not stopping once he started talking. Zheng, who was standing besides him, shook his head, The main point, the main point!

The main point is no. Team Celestials strength was enough to complete any of his taskings, assuming they were reasonable of course. So, I havent seen him need to take action himself yet No, wait. It seems that was one time.

Just as Luo Yinglong wanted to shake his head in denial, he was suddenly lost in thought, He spoke as he recalled, In the War of the Dragons movie, we followed his plan to bury nukes Cough, roughly something like that. He was staying with two of the rear service members outside the city. They unexpectedly ran into several monsters that attacked from underground. When we got the news from the psyche force user, they had already been attacked by the monsters. At that time, I, who had the greatest speed in the team, rushed over.

When I rushed over, those monsters had already died, while the three of them werent the slightest bit harmed. The three of them all claimed that one of the rear service members did it, but Im familiar with that person. He didnt have such powerful offensive skills, and he wouldnt be able to let the monster die seemingly without any wounds on its body. If you must know, this is the only time I found it strange. Luo Yinglong said seriously.

Is that so? Xuan frowned for a long time while Zheng stimulated Honglu to think. It was just that no matter how he thought about it, he couldnt understand what Xuan meant by that. What did that mean?

Zheng let me ask you a question. Xuan asked after thinking for a while. If you dont wants someone to know about your hidden depths, what would you do?

Er. hide it? Ill conceal everything I dont want people to know about. Zheng said without thinking about it.

If you want someone to believe some misinformation in order to guide him into doing wrong, what would you do? Xuan asked again.

...Lie. What do these questions have to do with this? This is all simple logic, right? Zheng asked with a frown as he looked seriously as Xuan. Although he didnt know how to explain it, he intuitively knew something was strange about Xuan.

"If there was a lie that could let people firmly believe it was real, it wouldnt be a lie You can take the lie as the truth to a certain extent. In other words, when everyone firmly believes the false is the truth, then it IS the truth in their hearts, even if it doesnt exist. Xuan looked at Luo Yinglong. I believe you all have been tricked by Adam. That restriction where youll be killed if you talk about the ruins or the movies does not exist. This, I assert with a fifty to sixty percent confidence.