Terror Infinity Book 23 Chapter 22 1

Vol 23 Chapter 22-1: Kong(I)

No important changes could be seen once the Omnidirectional Samsara Formation was deployed. But when the two began their fight again as Yinglong left, the earth for dozens of kilometers around began to rise. What followed was exactly as Yinglong described. The black flames didn't burn the ground as effectively as before, while the destruction wreaked by Zheng's power fell as well, slashes that previously caused damage for dozens of meters now reduced to a mere ten meters. The amount of mitigation was slowly further increasing as well.

The Omnidirectional Samsara Formation wasn't some grand formation. It was just a formation for preparing for Cultivator battles. It wasnt even for life and death battles. It was used for sparring in the movie world Yinglong had learnt Cultivation in. Its unique characteristic was that it was able to absorb the energy that spilled out from combatants within and using it to strengthen the battlefield. The formation itself would also strengthen in the process, allowing those inside to easily exit while making it difficult for those outside to enter, achieving the effect of guarding against interference in the spar. At the same time, in order not to waste the excess energy that spilled out, it would usually be released in the surroundings as spiritual qi. Yinglong was currently directly commandeering the spiritual qi as his own. In summary, as the Zhengs battle got more heated up, the defence against external interference and Yinglongs reserve energy would increase. It did seem like a mutually beneficial result.

When he had finished laying the formation, Yinglong stood silently on his flying sword as he levitated in the air. He continuously used his divine will to sense the surroundings. It may not have been as comprehensive as a psyche force scan, but he could scan the things within several hundred kilometers, since it was one of the immortal techniques of the Cultivators after all.

(No, I still can't find him. Is he really the type to get lost easily? That shouldn't be possible. Light of the Soul isnt just for show, and its a high level A.T. Field. Even if it's weaker than clone Zhengs black flames, its still stronger than Zhengs Dragon Transformation. How could he be unable to sense the fluctuations from a battle between powerhouses? Very, very strange. Could it be he is playing tricks again? That might be possible. The other powerhouses haven't determined victory yet, after all. The Xuans as well. It looks like the time needs to be delayed some. If Gando, someone capable of killing many, appears too early, the conclusion will be filled with variables.)


In truth, Gandos disappearance really did have to do with the A.T. Field. Suddenly obtaining such a powerful A.T. Field was like if an early fourth stager had suddenly obtained the power of the fifth stage. A critical issue, the lack of control, would appear. Although it wasn't enough to cause a backlash effect on the abnormally powerful body of an Eva, it would still affect his usage of the A.T. Field, including even his most fundamental sensitivity towards power.

Thus, he had ended up veering off course by over a thousand kilometers, before changing direction and flying off even further. He then flew another stretch not shorter to the one before when he changed direction again upon seeing the sea Compared to Earth, an Eva was simply microscopic, the scale even more tiny than a human holding an ant...

Time continued to march on as Gando slowly familiarised himself with his A.T. Field while Yinglong unhappily continued to search. Wangxias group was discussing whether to help Xuan, or to head to Zhengs battlefield


CLANG! There was a loud and crisp sound as two shadows in the air separated, before vanishing. As their speeds were too fast and had already surpassed a humans dynamic vision, all that was seen were two black blurs passing by.

There comes a day when an unripe little apple becomes ripe. This expectation for harvesting and the feeling that it's about to end is really just so complex that it makes me want to kill someone

Zhao Zhuikong suddenly appeared on the ground. The dagger in his hands tiny and rosy red design gave it quite the cute appearance like it was an ornament. However, in the hands of this evil demon, it was scarier than any modern weapon. The dagger vibrated minutely, turning blurry and indistinct, before the space in front of Zhao Zhuikong followed as well. In a moment, the ground and everything else a hundred meters in front of him was reduced to dust. At the same time, he waved his hand lightly in another direction, and a bloody mist sprang out there as Yingkong appeared there.

Little apple, you only matured this much? Its rather like a rotten fruit Zhao Zhuikong stuck his tongue out to lick the red edge of his dagger, before giving a slight smile.

Yingkong returned the slight smile wordlessly. Her arms and hands were covered in many obvious wounds, although they weren't fatal. Still, the many wounds had stained her upper outer garments red. Fortunately she had unlocked the genetic constraint and had a superhuman constitution. An ordinary person who hadn't received timely treatment would have long since bled to death.

(This is troublesome. Hes fast, unimaginably so. Mach 3? Mach 5? Or even mach 10 and above. This isnt a speed a human should possess.)

Yingkong continued to contemplate how to continue fighting. As the main personality and the true greatest genius in a hundred years within the assassin clan, combat was like breathing to her, and even the most unfavourable of situations wouldn't be able to break her fighting spirit.

(Big brother, youre lying. Your Light of the Soul isnt telekinesis, but a form of speed, right? This is even faster than Zhengs Destruction, though it still doesn't match up to Chaos, Genesis Splitter. Its not the normal speed a human should possess. From another angle, Zhengs extraordinary speed is the result of using energy. Youre so fast, yet there are no repercussions, so it can only be due to the Light of the Soul that the human body innately possesses)

What now? Should I use my special skill? Yingkong inclined her head slightly, making her look very bewitching. The main personality was obviously unlike the secondary personality. Although her eyes were cold, her expression contained a girls unique adorableness and charm.

Oh, I heard that! Little apple, my ears are rather sharp. What special skill? It may be too late soon if you don't use it now. Zhao Zhuikong smiled warmly as he slowly walked towards her. The atmosphere between the two turned solemn again, despite no attack being initiated yet.

Yingkong didn't move, and suddenly said, This is outrageous! Its unfair! Big brother, do you know so much about me because clone Xuan gave you my information? Seriously, our sides Xuan is so irresponsible and even regularly uses us as bait. So, how about this. Answer three questions of mine so I have information myself and can use my full strength. How does big brother feel?

She was gambling Gambling on that guess in her heart...

Hoh. Seems not bad. Sure, ask away.

(I won the gamble. So, big brothers intention is to)

Yingkong giggled, not thinking it over anymore but directly asking, If you fought with clone Zheng, can you hurt him? Could you give him a fatal blow?

... Yes.

Second question. If carrying someone, can big brother run as fast as now? Yingkong continued her questioning.

... I can't.

Thanks, big brother. Then, Ill use my special skill, as repayment for big brother answering me. Yingkong smiled.

The third question, my little apple? Zhao Zhuikong smiled as well while raising his dagger slightly. Yingkong who was far away from him abruptly moved several meters away, as a scar that wasnt too wide, but was very deep, appeared where she had been standing.

Haven't thought one up yet, big brother. My Light of the Soul, my ultimate killing move Watch closely!