Terror Infinity Book 23 Chapter 24 1

Vol 23 Chapter 24-1: The Incorruptible Xia!(I)

Everyone far away could feel clearly the two consecutive explosions from Yinglong and Gandos fight. Although they didnt know that Gando had become strong enough to change the final battles result, the distance from the explosion let them all know of Yinglongs power. He lived up to being the one true Cultivator of Gods Realm!

But that was what brought great pressure to Wangxia and the rest. Although they didnt know who Yinglong was fighting and their level, it still had to be an enemy of team China since Yinglong had joined team China. An enemy who could push Yinglong to go this far had to be of a certain level. If these two explosions hadnt finished him off and they had to face this enemy, could they fare as well as Yinglong? The answer was self-evident...

Although there were five people here, Wangxia, Cheng Xiao, Ming Yanwei, Liu Yu and Lin Juntian, none of them counted as a main combat force to be honest. In terms of combat, Wangxia could with great difficulty, use a burst that lasted for an instant and reached the level of Zhengs Destruction. However, it needed sufficient time to prepare. Cheng Xiaos melee combat was alright. That was it, it was just alright. Against powerhouses like Zhao Zhuikong, he could at most use one wind slash, or maybe two or three. Ming Yanwei hadnt had much enhancements, and was very weak. Liu Yu and Lin Juntian were rookies. One could summon Obelisk for a few dozen seconds with great difficulty, while the other could materialise a few weapons with great difficulty. That was all. Let alone influencing the situation, just surviving was already lucky enough.

Thus, it was impossible for the five not to be uneasy. They only let out a sigh of relief when Heng arrived. At some unknown point in time, this cowardly man had grown to a stage where he could bear responsibility. He was one of the first-rate combatants of team China, and was able to directly go the stone pillars top and affect the fight between Zheng and clone Zheng.

... Is that so? So much has happened. Heng fell into a contemplative silence when Wangxia gave him a brief account of what had happened. After a while, he asked, Whats your next step?

Wangxia and the rest exchanged looks, and it took a while before Cheng Xiao asked, Heng, you said you saw the Xuans fighting. Have they still not determined the victor?

Yeah, the two look pretty lively I didnt dare go any closer to look. But based on their aura, deciding a victor will take a while longer. Why not we go and help Zheng in this time? Heng gave a nod.

The rest were all quiet for a while, and only Yanwei suddenly spoke to clone Yanwei that Heng was carrying, Youre my clone? What happened to your arm?

Heng only remembered now that he was still carrying clone Yanwei, and immediately put her down. This woman was strong-willed, not panicking when she was let down. She got up and said, It was shot off by an arrow. My original, have you been with him this whole time?

Him naturally referred to Heng. Yanwei didnt deny it, silently nodding her head, before saying. Do you still want to kill him? Or are you already so deep in despair that you no longer even want to kill him?

...Soon. If I cant kill him this time, Ill end my own life. I already killed myself once when I first cloned into team Devil so that those Caucasians wouldnt touch me. Clone Zheng had just joined for one movie then. He executed them all when he got strong, then revived me How funny. I didnt want to return to this world, but I still did in the end, and with all my past memories. This kind of thing Clone Yanwei shook her head, her face filled with sadness.

I understand. These feelings, Ive had them too. The original Yanwei nodded. Neither woman said anything for a while. Heng stood there awkwardly, not daring to move, while the other men all looked around.

... Then why still live? Is your calibre just of wanting to die? If so, then bear that pain and misery and become stronger. Kill all the people who gave you this pain before you kill yourself. Dont waste my points and ranked rewards for nothing. If you do nothing, theres even more cowardly than the person you hate. Clone Yanwei suddenly said.    

Huh? The original Yanwei was slightly confused, and asked curiously.

Thats something clone Zheng said to me before. He was already incomparably strong when he revived me. I learnt of his past from the rest of the team later on. Thus, Ive always wanted to kill Zhang Heng How about you? My original, have you never wanted to kill him as well? Clone Yanwei stared at her original, asking coldly.

I do, and dont want to He and I have experienced so much. Ive watch him grow and mature, but that pain from the past remains... Yanwei looked at Heng without a change in her expression, before looking back to her clone, I want to try changing my method of revenge. Ill keep on watching him. Whether hes cowardly, brave, fleeing , shouldering responsibility, Ill always watch him with pain and hatred in my heart. Ill watch on until I forget my hate or we die old together A boring thinking, isnt it? But thats what Ill be doing.

... Is that so? No wonder hell grow until what he is today. Apart from the courage to die, he has the courage to live as well Clone Yanwei said with a face full of pain.

The two woman sunk into a silence again, until Cheng Xiao was no longer able to resist speaking, Two beautiful ladies, lets not say all that stuff. Leave settling accounts with Heng for next time. Heng, lets go help Zheng first. When he obtains victory, this final battle with be team Chinas win. What do you think?

Heng considered it briefly, before finally nodding his head. Alright! Lets go help Zheng! This final battle, we must huh? Heng had just finished speaking and taken out his Sky Stick before he felt pain in his chest. An arrow of light had pierced through his chest, while clone Yanwei stood behind him with a blank expression. One of her arms was missing, but her remaining arm was actually pulling from a bow of light stationary in the air. Every pull would send out another arrow, and with a few swishing sounds, four or five giant holes formed in Heng...