Terror Infinity Book 23 Chapter 6 1

Vol 23 Chapter 6-1: The Limitless War of Wits(I)

Xuan, err, the Xuans, Adam, me and maybe Neos. Of course, this is assuming hes still alive. The scheming and calculations between us five brains really does make the mind go crazy. Honglu mumbled. He fiddled with his hair nonstop as he looked askance at Xuan.

That fellow really was leisurely, as compared to Honglus state that was completely devoted to contemplation. There wasnt any bloodshot eyes or signs of exhaustion. As always, he was leisurely eating an apple while continuously fiddling with some small devices. It wasn't even possible to infer his mental state from his expression or actions. Was this the advantage of having no feelings or senses? Or was it because he lacked so much, that the heavens made it up to him with that intelligence?

(Is he a favoured of the heavens? Or is he a tragedy born in the name of destiny?) Honglu laughed self-mockingly, before focusing his attention on the current situation. This situation analysis had already taken up two days and two nights.

It wasnt that Honglus intelligence was bad. No matter from what angle, he had no qualms about Xuan being at the peak of intelligence. In intelligence, he definitely wouldnt lose to Neos. It was because team Chinas Chu Xuan had too much brilliance that his own radiance was outshone. That was why his intelligence didnt seem exceptional. If he was in any other team, he could have an important role that only the team leader was equal to.

From a certain perspective, the majority of team China was the same. They were all outshone by Zhengs might, making them seem very weak...

Meanwhile, as Honglu considered the current situation incessantly, the current situation was simple. Team China had met three teams along the way and said the same thing, to pass on to team Celestial and team Devil about the clue and the direction team China was taking. As for whether all this would be disseminated, they didnt know. Man proposes, god disposes. Many a time, luck was a part of strength.

Superficially, the situation wasnt complicated. It was just team China disseminating information, obviously to lay a trap in that city. However, if you took into account the two Xuans, as well as Adam and Honglu, and a possibly still alive Neos, the situation was radically different.

Based on our current information, team Devil has an enhancement, ability or item that defies common sense. Its exact details arent important. The crux is that its omniscient. No, rather, it should belong to the domain of augury. Thats the only thing that can explain clone Zheng appearing in The Perfect Storm. Since theres such a great ability, there must be an equally great price. What is it? Energy? Life force? Or points or ranked rewards? Whatever the case, this augury cant be perpetually used.

Honglu muttered to himself. He used strength to pluck off a hair. But if its Xuan with this omniscience, that really is a horrible situation to the utmost. Someone like him, no. Something like him cant be termed as a human anymore, but as a god, a god in the form of a human...

Logically speaking, such a Xuan should be peerless. However, he still revealed information to our Xuan. He also proposed the plan for team Devil and team China to surround team Celestial. This doesnt fit Xuans personality. If he was peerless, he would definitely scheme to kill everyone and obtain a complete victory. Why would he play so many tricks? Either that omniscience is limited, or there was some restriction stopping him a deterrence from clone Zhengs power? Or does that omniscience have limited uses?

Anyways, clone Xuan holds the situational advantage this time round. So, hidden plots are useless, and may instead be used against us. No, its a guarantee. With this situation, the response of the other two was our teams Xuan agreed to work together against team Celestial, but his reaction was likely one that took into account clone Xuan and Adam. Although Adam is in the weakest position situationally this time, neither knowing of team Devils omniscience nor team China and team Devils cooperation against him, this may become his advantage instead. He will likely become an important chess piece the other two teams use to weaken the other. The main issue is that this chess piece is very strong, and could use some methods to instead become a chess player.

Next is Neos and I. Our stance and the schemes we can do will add to the variables of this plan.

Honglu looked on at Xuan with a complicated expression. This thinking only remained in his mind. He wouldnt be stupid enough to discuss with Xuan the plans, as team Devils omniscience was a sharp sword always hanging over their heads. He could only assist Xuans scheme based on his own intelligence and understanding of Xuan. And all this thinking was built upon the basis that Xuan wanted to scheme against team Devil and team Celestial at the same time.

In other words, the most important factor for victory over team Celestial is me? Honglu went blank after letting a breath out. He only stopped thinking after a long while. He had already wasted two days. He couldnt continue on. No matter if his guess was right, it had to be realised, such as exterminating team Celestial and dragging team Devil into this battle.

Team Devil. Team Celestial. Theyre like two giant mountain-like existences. What are their powerhouses doing now?

The other two teams were different in style from team China. Rather, team China was different in style from all other teams. Every team had their own unique style. The most common was where a powerhouse controlled the team, or a team like team Southern Flame where the leader who controlled the team was the strategist. Of course, powerhouses would never like to be fettered. In this final battle, all the teams powerhouses, or those whose strength reached a certain stage, would naturally take their own actions. They wouldnt suffer the restrictions of others


For example, team Celestials Luo Yinglong had already entered this world for three days. He had been very silent these three days, not even speaking a word. Even that blonde girlfriend of him continuously teasing him was the same. Towards these actions, the people in the team didnt have much of a reaction. After all, he had already been like this since a few movies ago. Disregarding the old-timers, the newer ones werent familiar with him. Thus, they wouldnt say anything even more so.

Instead, two of the white men were very interested in his blonde girlfriend. They would provoke Luo Yinglong from time to time. Of course, they didnt dare go too far. Song Tian and Luo Yinglong were both Chinese. Who knew if this exceedingly strong person wielding a sword would come forward on behalf of Luo Yinglong.

This was because they didnt know Luo Yinglongs true power.

Is that so? Team China told you that?

Adam listened to another team leaders report, as they told him what team China said in detail. Adam entered a state of contemplation, only saying this apparently normal but actually off reply after a long while.

Of course. I remember it clearly. Team China leader Zheng Zha said it this way, not a single word differently He really was strong. Standing before him was like facing the lofty mountains and vast seas. I was suppressed to the point I didnt even have the courage to resist. Fortunately, he didnt make a move against us, but instead just said that. Thats why I have such a deep impression!

Is that so team China told you that. Adam didnt reply to the man, instead mumbling to himself in a daze. Everyone around all went quiet, all looking at Adam. They wanted to see how Adam, this man with intelligence surpassing the norm, would deal with team Chinas provocation.