Terror Infinity Book 4 Chapter 3 2

Vol 4 Chapter 3-2

Vol 4: Chapter 3-2.

Its the fifth wave. Everyone stop attacking, just dont attack. Leave the first round to me! Zheng shouted to everyone. He even repeated it to Zero and Yinkong through the communication device to make sure they heard it.

The shoji gradually opened up. Behind them were indeed a man and a woman having a quarrel. The scene in front of them was exactly the same as the one Xuan saw. Kayakos body was dismembered, and that man started walking toward Zheng while holding a knife No! Even Kayakos body was crawling toward Zheng in twisted motions.

Really no sense of danger, as if there was nothing around me Come on, unlock the constraint again. Hope my body can still take it!

Zhengs eyes became sharp. He experienced the sensations from unlocking the second stage again. His muscles and bones convulsed violently, but this pain quickly went away. The other people saw him spit out several gulps of blood then sprinted toward the ghosts.

Lans expression changed. She took out a little glass sphere and yelled, Wind wind spirit!

Zheng suddenly felt his body became lighter as he was running. His speed increased by about 30%. He had already reached the man by that time. That man raised his knife and slashed at Zheng. He felt a sense of danger the moment that knife was about to touch his chest and jumped sideways without any hesitation. Then he struck the mans head with his left hand while activating the rings energy field. The mans whole upper body was crushed instantly.

Great! Jie and the other people yelled excitedly after the mans upper body was crushed.

Zheng also felt relieved. Even though he didnt know why his speed suddenly increased, but it allowed him to evade the mans attack. The other ghost would be much easier to deal with now that he killed one.

Yet before he had the chance to turn to Kayako, fog began to gather around the mans upper body. A few seconds later, it recovered without any damage. At the same time, Kayako had crawled next to Zheng.

Whats wrong? Why wasnt the attack ineffective? Whats wrong with Xuans hint?

Zheng immediately jumped backwards and dodged the two ghosts attacks. Now he was presented with another problem, and that was the end of Xuans hints. He didnt know what will happen in the sixth wave. He didnt even know how to survive this fifth wave.

Zheng tried to approach Kayako, and sensed the same danger when she was about to touch him. He dodged to the side and sprayed at her with the submachine gun. Just like before, she was dispersed but quickly recovered.

What should I do? What should I do now? Attacks are only effective the moment they attack, and it seems like I have to kill both of them at the same time, otherwise they will recover What should I do? What would Xuan do in this situation? If its him

Jie and the other two people saw Zheng suddenly stop. He gave them a feeling of calmness or perhaps, apathy. He held out his right arm directly in the center of the two ghosts.

The two ghosts closed in on him. Zheng stepped forward the moment that knife and Kayako were going to touch his arm. He focused Qi on his left arm and punched through the mans waist and into Kayakos head. All of that happened in an instant. As Zheng went through their bodies, both his right arm and the two ghosts disappeared.

Uh so bloated, I still prefer to eat uh? Like to eat what?

Zhengs expression changed. He exited from his simulation of Xuan. Jie and the others ran over to him with surprise. Especially Lan, she jumped into his chest.

Jie patted his shoulder and said, Bravo, that made our hearts clench. When did you become so strong? You even sacrificed your whole right arm, youre not scared huh?

Zheng smiled bitterly and turned to Lan. Lan, what was that wind spirit? Why did I feel like my speed increased a lot?

Lan got away from him coyly then smiled. Its the enhancement path I am taking. I am going for enhancements in magic. But almost all enhancements from this category require ranked rewards so I only exchanged an acceleration magic for now. Surely you dont expect a girl to run around with a gun right?

Zheng suddenly sensed the same danger again. Though this sensation was not as strong as it was previously. It almost felt a little too faint. He was confused by the sensation. This didnt seem like an attack from inside like Xuan had said. If it was, the sense of danger should be much stronger than it currently was.

Everyone be careful, somethings not right. Do any of you feel Lan? Lan!

Zheng was about to warn them to beware of their body then he suddenly saw Lans face turned pale. Blood gushed out of her nose and mouth along with some fragmented pieces of internal organs

Lan! Trust me! None of us will die!

Zheng shouted as he pulled Lan toward him. Then he focused all his Qi on his left hand and struck at her stomach