Terror Infinity Book 5 Chapter 6 3

Vol 5 Chapter 6-3

Vol 5: Chapter 6-3.

The group finally reached the downstream port. It was a commercial port. Most ships were cargo ships but there were the occasional tourist seen leaving on sightseeing cruises. It was difficult to board a cruise from this port. Of course, difficult was relative.

Zheng still had two gold bars and many more gold nuggets. Just a few of those gold nuggets got them on the sightseeing cruise and even several VIP cabins. Money makes the mare go, and if you have more money you can make the mare fly.

Following the stream, they would reach Cairo by tomorrow evening. Fate and unknown enemies awaited them there Would they live, die or struggle with their lives for that last bit of light?

Zheng brought a bottle of tequila to the deck. He barely had the chance for such tranquility since hed entered this world. In order to prevent what happened last time, he held onto the Book of the Dead himself. Even if someone wanted to see it or if Tengyi needed to do translations for him, he would not let the book leave his reach. No one could win a fight and take the book from him at such close quarters, not even if Zero and Yinkong teamed up.

You drinking? It was Jies voice from the other side of the deck.

Without turning his head, Zheng took out another bottle of tequila from the ring. Jie sat down and opened the bottle then took a gulp.

Are you feeling tired already? Jie drank half the bottle in one go then lay down on the deck.

Uh? Yeah, tired. Zheng sighed and also took a big gulp. The alcohol quickly made him feel hot.

Because death may come at any moment? Jie asked after a moment of silence.

Zheng finished the bottle in one go then threw it off the cruise. Everyone can die at any moment. After being on the brink of death for so long, aside from the bonds with people I love making me live on, life and death dont matter that much anymore. Like the me before couldnt disregard someones life so lightly, or just take it away so easily What really makes me tired is having to fight with one hand and guard against my comrades with the other hand. If I cant even leave my back to my comrades without worrying, thats the real reason I am tired.

If if Jie finished his bottle also, then muttered the words. Bro. Have you ever wondered why Team India is stronger than us? The team names are assigned based on their regions in ancient times. Team India includes India, West Indies, and all the lands west extending to the Dead Sea and Saudi Arabia. Whereas Team China includes all the land from China. We have the most land and population among all the teams in Gods World. Then why are we weaker than Team India? Arent you curious?

Zheng took out another bottle of alcohol then said calmly, Thats why I have been waiting for you

If give me some time. If you can survive against Team India.this time, I will tell you everything. Afterward no, theres no afterward. Want to have a smoke?

Jie finished his sentence then took out a pack of cigarettes. He threw one over to Zheng then lit his cigarette and began to smoke. Zheng caught the cigarette and felt as if he was back to Resident Evil when he just met Jie. The cold man and the cigarette

In Cairo.

Everyones mind had changed since the first time they were in Cairo. Knowing that Team India had come, knowing that they were the stronger team, and they still had to kill one of their team members But the existence of the Book of the Dead had given them hope. Describing how they felt in one word: complicated.

After they got off the cruise, OConnell told Zheng, According to our deal, we will go get the mummies and you will kill that monster. Of course, we will also be responsible for the Book of Amun-Ra but you must protect us in the meantime. Okay?

Zheng nodded. Okay, we will protect you from afar. After you bring the mummies out, we will contact you. Oh, you should bring a cat. It can help you avoid getting attacked by that mummy.

As Zhengs group was walking away, OConnell shouted, Where are you going? How do we contact you? Hey

We will come find you. Dont get too close to us, you may die And OConnell, thanks for your help all this time. See you.

Several people were sitting in a room quietly in some inn in Cairo. A girl who had her eyes closed the whole time said, Team China came back to Cairo. They are by the port.

These people were sitting around a monk with their legs crossed. The monk said, Whos close by?

A tall, slender man with pale skin took out a hand-sized device and took a look. Minima and Muhammad Joseph.

The monk frowned. Minimas burst strength is too powerful and may cause a disturbance. Muhammads weapon is also not suitable for fighting in a city Just have them test Team Chinas power. Also get Arot over there as soon as possible. If those two get injured, Arot can keep them alive. It shouldnt be a problem with his medical abilities Test Team Chinas power, let's see whether theyre prey or enemies on equal ground.