Terror Infinity Book 5 Chapter 7 1

Vol 5 Chapter 7-1

Vol 5: Chapter 7-1.

Zheng and OConnells groups split up at the port. They then moved toward Cairo while discussing plans along the way.

Zheng said, Just like what we planned yesterday, leaving the newbies out, the six of us will be assigned the following responsibilities. Jie and Zero in a group. Zero will be responsible for sniping, and Jie protect him. Yinkong and Lan in a group. Yinkong responsible for the assassinations, Lan give her support through acceleration and endurance spells. Me and Tengyi together. I will be responsible for close combat. Tengyi help me with the incantations that I havent memorized Any objections? If not then this will be how we fight. We will be using the communication devices that we just exchanged. They can also show us the locations of everyone.

Immediately Honglu asked, Let me see the device If they can show the locations of our team, what happens if they get into the hands of the other team? Have you considered this?

Zheng laughed. Of course. Thats why I am going to set a passcode. If someone with the device closes-in on us but doesnt know the passcode, then its an opportunity to set a trap Uh. we cant let non-team members know this passcode. We will put the three of them in a group and we will monitor them in turns. If they do anything that may put our team in danger Kill them at once. Even if it means another 2000 points.

Liang, Heng, and Zhuiyu shivered as they heard this. Honglu nodded. Then let me stay with them. We dont need a communication device, but when we are not in battle you need to have a group protect us. Its best if no one dies but if the team is in a desperate situation, you can use the four of us as bait. This is what we agreed on in the beginning.

Zhuiyu immediately yelled, Wh-what are you joking? The six of them are so strong and have weapons and that communication device. Why do we normal people still have to act as bait? Thats just pushing us into hell. Hey! Why are you looking at me like this? Im just stating the facts.

Honglu didnt even glance at her. He sneered and said calmly, Because of the lack of power thats why we are the first ones to die. This isnt the real world, where the weak will get protected. Every action we take is for surviving. If all our major combatants die, our chance of dying is a hundred percent. Team India wont let the living points get away. Understand?

Zhuiyu was dazed, then her face turned red. But you still should to choose someone with good enough stamina as a bait. I wont be the bait no matter what. You will get penalized by 2000 points if I die right?

Honglu pulled a string of hair then taunted, Ladies first I think the other two are thinking the same thing. If you dont agree, the four of us can decide it by votes.

Zheng looked at them quietly as he sighed within his heart. This boys actions were too much like Xuan, except he still had a little bit of humanity. Xuan was so rational that he ignored everything else. They both like to place themselves on the side of the majority. Thus making what they were doing the right thing. This was probably what smart people like to do.

Zheng, Zero, Yinkong, and Jie suddenly looked beyond the crowd. There was a giant, muscular, dark skinned man and a man with a big beard standing outside the crowd. A very unique feeling attracted their attention.

Hes definitely from Team India. Very strong sensation of wanting to kill us Urgent situation. We may get sniped standing here. Not sure if there is anyone else from their team around us. Or we may have been surrounded Zero, lead everyone away Lan, give Yinkong and me buffs. Honglu, think of a way to get away from them Yinkong, keep Big Beard busy. Try to kill him but dont put yourself in danger. I will take on Muscular Man.

Zheng made the assignments immediately. Through several movies and guidance from Xuan, he had established himself as the leader. Even though he wasnt too qualified, he was developing the qualities of a leader.

Muscular Man laughed out loud and said to Big Beard, Joseph, their responses are quick. I wonder how strong they are. Have you chosen your target?

A red assault rifle suddenly appeared in his hand. There was also a dagger in the rifle, a dagger that Yinkong threw at it. Dont have to choose, they have chosen for us The usual rules, whoever kills their target first wins. Loser exchanges 1000 worth of stuff for the other. Seems like I have the advantage.

Haha, not so sure. Dont get castrated by accident

Muscular Man laughed then raised his fist and punched the ground, knocking the rocks away. The flying rocks were almost as powerful as bullets, instantly killing about ten civilians. The rocks also blocked Zhengs vision. Right as he was using the dagger to block these rocks, a black object blocked the sunlight above him. That muscular man was holding a boulder several cubic meters large and crushed it down at him.