Terror Infinity Book 5 Chapter 8 3

Vol 5 Chapter 8-3

Vol 5: Chapter 8-3.

Everyone looked strangely awkward after hearing that. Joseph also noticed this. His eyes turned to Zheng like the others. When Zheng was about to come into his view, Yinkong suddenly stabbed the dagger into his head. The flames burst out of his mouth, nose, ears, and eyes. He only got a chance for a short scream before his head was burnt down to the skull.

Everyone was shocked. Zhuiyus scream brought everyones attention back. She yelled with a sharp voice, God! What did you just do? How could you just kill their member? You havent even given them a reply. God, what if they misunderstand and attack us?

Yinkong gave her a cold smile. Dont be naive. Do you think this will end peacefully if we accept their suggestion? No, because weve already used the Book of the Dead. Even if you give them the book, you will not get their mercy. They will definitely attack us right afterwards

Zhuiyu continued yelling, But only one of us used the book. Just trade him for someone in the other team. It seemed like they dont want to start a war with us either. If you start a war with them, what happens to us newbies? Just wait here and die?

Yinkong looked at her like shes retarded. Zheng said coldly, Im sorry. The one that you believe should be given up the one that used the book is me! Even though I wont abandon my comrades, but when I am faced with the situation, I will kill anyone that threatens me!

Zhuiyu immediately turned around and saw Zheng holding a knife with an ice cold expression. She could feel his killing intent through his eyes. As if he would attack the moment she moves. Her whole body froze there until Zheng moved his eyes away from her, then she breathed heavily.

Honglu pulled a hair and said to Zhuiyu in a sarcastic tone, Of course. We cant abandon you. In fact, we are in the same boat. Why do you think they want to make peace with us? Is it because of mercy? Stop joking. The only reason is because theyre also afraid of our power. Aside from being the leader of our team, you are also our crucial combatant. If you die, will Team India still want to continue with the peace? Thats not possible. Why would they when its a bunch of free points?

Zhuiyus face turned red but she couldnt utter a word. Liang patted her shoulders and smiled. Then can we pretend to accept their terms and go get the Book of Amun-Ra from the tomb in the meantime? There shouldnt be any danger in the tomb right now. The mummy is in Cairo, and we also know Evelyn who knows the location of the book. Isnt this a great chance to finish the mission as soon as possible? We are at zero points so it doesnt matter if we finish the movie immediately.

Zhuiyu looked at him thankfully but before she could say anything, Lan shook her head and said, Thats not possible. The Book of the Dead is a critical item in reviving Anck-Su-Namun. Not only does Imhotep wants to get it, Team India also needs it to finish their mission. Furthermore, once they learn that the Book of the Dead isnt in the movie characters hands, they will think of us In the movie, Imhotep moves as fast as an airplane after he recovered his powers and can summon sandstorms. His powers arent something we can rival. Even if we get our hands on the Book of Amun-Ra, we will have to fight Team India.

Zheng took a deep breath and organized this information. Then our goal is clear. Since were not at a negative score anymore, we should focus on obtaining the Book of Amun-Ra as soon as possible and avoid fighting Team India Hoho, looks like we have are going on an adventure with OConnell and the other two characters again. They are the only ones that can find the book easily. We dont have the skills to navigate through the traps and maze of the tomb.

Honglu pulled several hairs, as he played with them he said, Then we have to hurry. People who watched the movie should know that the Book of the Dead is on the hands of the Americans right now. And the main characters will be the ones that can find the Book of Amun-Ra. If I want to resurrect Anck-Su-Namun, then I will definitely do one thing Aside from seizing the Book of the Dead, I will kill the main characters to prevent the Book of Amun-Ra from being discovered In other words, Team India is probably on the way to the museum. If they kill the main characters before we get there and find that the Book of the Dead isnt on the Americans, then we will be attacked by both Team India and Imhotep. That would be a checkmate on us!

Zheng was shocked. He could not find a reason to reject Honglus deduction because thats what he would do if his mission was to resurrect Anck-Su-Namun. He immediately said, Zero and Jie, go find a high point around the museum. Me and Tengyi, Lan and Yinkong will enter the museum in pairs. As for the rest of you Honglu come with us, let the three of them stay here.

Zheng made it clear that he didnt trust the three of them. If they want to die, they could go do what they want. But he wanted to protect Honglu.

Honglu shook his head with a smile. No need. Give me and Heng each a gun The four of us stay here. If you fail to save the characters then we will just suicide. We cant give them free points right? Of course it would be best if you can live. I want to see what you can exchange for in Gods dimension.

Zheng took a long look at Honglu, and pulled out two guns plus some magazines from his ring. Then said to everyone, Then lets go! Go save our hope!