Terror Infinity Book 6 Chapter 5 1

Vol 6 Chapter 5-1

Vol 6: Chapter 5-1.

Zhengs group finally reached the marketplace. They split up into two groups according to plan. One group went to stock up the supplies while the other went to buy horses.

Yes, we only want horses, not camels. If you dont have enough horses, we will get the rest from other merchants, Jonathan said to the merchant as he pinched a gold nugget with his fingers.

One had to admit that the plus side to greed was the ability to take every advantage possible in bargaining. Despite the unwillingness when he handed away the gold nugget, he actually had a whole gold bar in his pocket, the money Zheng gave him for taking on the task.

The two groups finished their tasks within an hour. All the merchants showed great passion under the influence of gold and prepared everything they needed in such a short period of time. Without many more words, they took their supplies and left for a little warehouse on their horses.

Ardeth led them inside the warehouse, an empty warehouse. He pulled a chain on the group and

opened up an entrance to a tunnel. And at the same time, two guns pointed at them from the entrance.

Ardeth yelled something then two men in black climbed out. They showed him respect and Ardeth nodded to them, then said to Zheng. Follow me. The weapons are below.

The basement wasnt too big, but contained a large quantity of weapons. Aside from cannons, it basically had every weapon available in this era, including machine guns taken off a fighter jet. Just like how it was in the movie, Ardeth picked the machine gun and some explosives.

After everyone was ready, Honglu quickly said, Have the two of them come with us. After we leave the marketplace, one will take part of our communication devices to the big group, the other will take the rest of the devices and head toward Hamunaptra at half our speed. As to us, we will each rotate between three horses and get to Hamunaptra as fast as possible. We will give them a surprise whether they arrive before us or not.

Just like this, the group left the marketplace again. To avoid getting mind controlled, everyone including Honglu, who couldnt actually fightheaded toward Hamunaptra. Its the third time weve crossed this place. I hope there wont be a fourth, Zheng said as he sat on the saddle looking over this desert.

Evelyn laughed. Thats not worded right. If we cant see this a fourth time, doesnt it mean that we died in Hamunaptra? It should be we must see it a fourth time.

Zheng laughed at it. This was something only the players understood. They would go back to Gods dimension if they finished the mission, so theres no chance of seeing this scenery again. Otherwise it would mean they failed and were chasing them or running away. Both of which could end in a wipe. I am tired of running. Might as well bet it all and settle everything in Hamunaptra. All the issues started there and will end there! Zheng looked at the Na ring. It had several grenades that werent there before. The team decided to bury Tengyi on a hill outside the marketplace and found these grenades on his body. Let everything end there!

The hardships were unimaginable when traveling nonstop and rotating between three horses. They felt like their bodies were falling apart. Fortunately Lans stamina buff kept them going. They reduced the travel time from several days to just one day and night.

It was 4am, just one more hour before they reached Hamunaptra, right before sunrise. Then they felt the ground tremble and the intensity was gradually becoming more obvious.

Everyone turned around but it was pitch black. They couldnt see anything beyond a hundred meters. Zero rode to the top of a little hill and looked out. A large area of the sand is rolling toward us. Doesnt seem like a sandstorm, its only a meter or two in height. Its the mummies! So many of them and they are coming so fast!

These mummies had no stamina bar, nor could they feel pain or death. Several thousand mummies were running nonstop at a speed that could rival horses.

Right as Zero finished his words, another wave of rolling sand came into view along with clopping sounds. Ten thousand black cavalry guards were charging at the mummies. Though both parties were at quite some distance. If it wasnt for his Hawkeye, he wouldnt be able to see them. Zero immediately rode back to the group. Really? Everyone pick up your speed. We will give them a surprise! Zheng yelled and led the way to Hamunaptra.

The group finally reached Hamunaptra at sunrise. Hamunaptra looked magnificent under the golden sunlight, as if it had gone back through time to Egypts prosperous era. But no one had the time to appreciate this scenery as a dozen planes flew into Hamunaptra.

Everyone hid in the shadows between several stone pillars for the planes to pass. Then Zheng asked Zero, Can you snipe the planes down?

Zero sighed. Wont be able to get all of them. No problem if its only a few. The Gauss rifle is powerful but it takes too long to reload. I can only shoot three times before the planes land. I think this is the reason they brought so many planes, to avoid getting sniped.

Everyone sighed as this chance went to waste. Zheng exhaled and said, Then follow our original plan. Zero is responsible for sniping that Indian woman and Heng will protect you. Remember to run after one shot whether it hits or not. Everyone else come with me into the tomb. Then we will split up to search for the statue of Ra. Whoever finds it signals with a gunshot.

Zheng repeated their plan then walked to the entrance to the tomb. He turned around and looked at Zero and Heng again before entering. Zero was searching for a suitable spot whereas Heng was adjusting his bow. During this moment Zheng turned around, a hand grabbed his neck from behind and lifted him up.

By the entrance to the tomb, a hand formed by sand suddenly appeared. More sand gathered around it and formed Imhoteps figure. He threw Zheng into the tomb. Zheng collided with a wall but because the wall was rather fragile, he went through it and collided with something metallic.

Ardeth and Jie were nearest to the entrance. They both opened fire at Imhotep. Yet it was shown that even magical bullets were ineffective against him in Cairo, so these normal bullets they were now using were even more so. The bullets shot through him then the hole instantly recovered. OConnell fired with his rifle but to no avail. Imhotep stood there unharmed then transformed into a sandstorm.

Yinkong reacted immediately but she only got to pull out her dagger before that sandstorm went into the tomb and disappeared from their view.

At the same time.


The Gauss rifle made its shot at Zeros target.