Terror Infinity Book 6 Chapter 7 3

Vol 6 Chapter 7-3

Vol 6: Chapter 7-3.

"If you must fight, then you have to promise not to attack the monk and werewolf, you can't go look for team India intentionally, and you can only sneak attack them."

"These three conditions aren't hard to understand. Based on my information, those two people aren't afraid of firearms. Perhaps your bow can reach a gun's power in close distance but they won't care about just a normal arrow. The only time you are allowed to attack them is when the situation is desperate."

"As to the second condition. Our mission isn't to kill them but rather to stay alive. Even though our team may not take the victory but if the two of us died before the end, then the victory will be meaningless."

"The third condition isn't really a condition. But if you do encounter the other two members of team India then you better hide in the shadows and sneak attack them. Wait for your prey like a hunter and not drown yourself in a difficult fight. This is my advice. Your technique is amazing. Being able to change the direction of an arrow can catch your enemy off guard. This point is better than some firearms."

"Let me also analyze your enemies. The monk and werewolf aside, there's the skinny man who used two curved blades. He isn't weak in close combat but you should be able to kill him with one shot. He's not that strong. The man who attacks with a needle seems to be able to control the needle with his mind and attack even when he can't see with his eyes. But simple deduction lets you know that he's not as strong as he had shown. In fact, his strength is dependent upon the Indian woman who can lock onto targets with her mind. His attacks are confined to where he can see without the aiming assistance. Which is actually weaker than a gun because he can't throw the needle into darkness."

"The last woman can use a defensive skill, or magnetic field, or something else. This skill can block gunshots and in some sense, she counters you."

Heng asked with curiosity. "You left out one. What about the mind control woman? She should be able to find my location when I hide in the darkness."

Honglu laughed. "Didn't Zero made a shot before he died? Perhaps that shot didn't kill anyone, since we didn't receive any points. But it definitely hit someone. Maybe it was that woman. And it was an injury that can't be healed. So she was killed by her own team in order to not give us the point! Otherwise we should be under her mind control or she had found our location by now. We can't escape the fate of being wipe as long as she's there. However we are still alive and this is evident enough."

The two of them were retracing their steps back to the entrance. Heng walked in front as he carried Jie. This tomb was complex and dark. They would have been lost already if it wasn't for the torches on the walls. Honglu was also invaluable as he memorized the path they walked.

Heng said. "Does it mean that anyone who entered this world hated the real world, or was in despair? Are you also such?"

Honglu laughed. "That's what Lan told me but I had indeed lost all hope in the real world or maybe I was tired of staying in that cage. Instead of staying in that cage, I might as well escape no matter how slim this chance is. This world doesn't disappoint me at least for now, just a bit annoying."

Heng laughed along with him. "It's surprising, sometimes I just forgot about your age as we talked. Like you were the same age as me and had lost hope with the real world. That time, I actually ran away because I recognized the person in front of me was a wanted criminal. When he looked at me I can't help myself but ran, and left her behind alone."

"Hoho, know why I must fight? Because I want to prove that I am not scared of dying. I have always been scared of blood since I was a kid. No, not just blood but rather scared of fighting and anything that can cause injuries or bleeding. I can't help but tremble and run whenever I think of such situations. Even when my heart doesn't want to but my body will still run away."

Heng's body began trembling but he continued. "I've been to psychiatrists. And the cause after diagnosis was due to physical abuse by my step father as a kid. He would beat me for every little thing. Ever since I was six, it became an instinct for me to avoid any possible harm. But! I ran away that time! Even though I forced myself to go back after one minute but those gangsters and that criminal took Ming Yanwei on a car and left! I can't forgive myself for abandoning her!"

"Then she disappeared. She had probably given up on life with her personality. I couldn't bring myself to see her again. I was afraid to see those apathetic eyes of hers. Afraid she wouldn't even say a word of blame. I was a coward! I was really afraid!"

"So I killed them, using the composite bow I used for training. I killed those gangsters one by one. I had to close my eyes halfway every time I shot. Then I would vomit and experience pain afterward. When I finally killed that criminal at last, I was also shot in the stomach. I thought I should just die like this. So I went back home, turned on the computer and took one last look at photo. Then..."

Then he entered this world. Honglu understood that unfinished sentence. Even though he was just over ten years old but he knew these adult emotions. So he didn't say anything and just walked behind Heng quietly.

"Wait! Listen carefully." Honglu suddenly stopped and said in a low voice.

Heng paused for a moment then listened carefully. There were very faint sounds of footsteps coming toward them. Heng and Honglu looked at each other then knocked the torches on the sides to the ground. Heng handed Jie over to Honglu and said. "Go stand in that corner. Don't move. Not even one bit. So even if I fail, they won't be able to find you. Don't worry."

Honglu suddenly said. "Stand on the opposite side of me! Listen to my order. When the light comes up, if I shout 'Go' then act as if you are going to shoot the woman but shoot the man instead. If I shout 'Come' then vice versa. If I don't say anything then shoot either one of them and run away deeper into the tomb to attract their attention and protect Jie and me. Can you do it?"

Heng nodded then stood on a corner in the opposite side. The fire on the torches had went out. Then two of them and Jie also hid in the darkness.

It wasn't long before two sets of footsteps and the voice of a man and woman came through the darkness. The man said. "She's almost dead. Even though we have hemostasis sprays but we kept dragging her on the ground when we move. Her blood is almost bled dry."

The woman said. "Then let me kill her. I don't know how many points we are going to get deducted in this movie. You can't let me just get erased."

The man said with dissatisfaction. "Who knows how many points you are hiding from us. She's going to... Wait, somethings not right in front of us."

The woman opened her arms immediately and a translucent defensive field appeared around her. The man immediately said. "The leader's order is for you to protect me! Not just yourself!"

The woman said. "I will when we fight in a bit. I can only cast a defensive field enough to cover one person right now. It's so dark in front. Why don't we go back and find another path?"

The man looked at it cautiously. "I won't go back. The fight between leader and team China's leader may have ended already. I just hope we can find Imhotep as soon as possible. Would it be that the scarabs knocked the torches off?"

The woman took a torch from the wall and handed it to the man. "Go take a look and yell if there's danger. Don't worry, I will put the defensive field on you in a bit. Ok?"

He gritted his teeth then looked at the bag on his hand. He thought about handing the bag to the woman but he was worried. So the only way was to carry the bag along under his arm and held onto the torch with his hand. His greed wouldn't let him give up the points.

The man said as he walked cautiously. "Nothing. How can there be enemies here. It's..."

He saw a young man aiming an arrow at him before he finished the sentence.


Honglu shouted. The two arrows left the bow and shot at the man. The woman immediately cast the defensive field on him. Then they stared as the arrows close in on him. Before the arrows hit the defensive field, one of them hit the tail of the other and changed its direction. The arrow flew past the man. When he turned his head around, the arrow had hit the woman on her forehead, with its arrowhead penetrated deep into her brain!