Terror Infinity Book 6 Chapter 8 2

Vol 6 Chapter 8-2

Vol 6: Chapter 8-2.

Jonathan was definitely a clever guy. He sticked onto the wall with all fours like a lizard and said. "Haha, Zheng! I knew you would come to save me. You're a good guy. I will reduce those seven gold bars to six."

Zheng thought it was funny. "It is six to begin with, when did it become seven? Stop moving. O'Connell, go find a rope."

O'Connell's voice came from above the cliff. "How can I find a rope here. Want me to go back out and ask those cavalries?"

Zheng shouted in response. "Just make one with your clothes. Make sure it's sturdy. I can't hold on much longer."

He heard the ripping of clothes from above the next moment. Before long, a strip of cloth lowered from above. Zheng pulled it and said. "Tie it around something. We will climb up ourselves. You don't have to pull."

O'Connell shouted again after a while to notify him. Zheng pulled the strip again to test and it was indeed tied to something firmly.

Zheng picked Jonathan up with one hand and let him climb up first. Then he followed afterward. Once he got up the cliff, he laughed at the sight of three naked men. Luckily they still had their underwear.

O'Connell looked at the rope but there were already some tears on it. "Shit, I will just fight the mummy naked. Though at least he's wrapped in linen. We actually look worse than he is."

Zheng laughed. "You still have your underwear. How's the Book of Amun-Ra?"

Jonathan immediately said. "It's definitely under this statue. Look, the base is made of gold. How can it not be there. I won't believe anything else."

"Is there only gold in your eyes?" Zheng shook his head. Then he exited from the unlocked mode. The after effect of the unlocked mode was much less intense than when he first discovered it. He could endure this pain to some extend now. After the pain subsided, he was soaked in sweat but the others didn't notice this abnormality.

The curator said. "The Book of Amun-Ra is indeed under the statue but there's a little problem. It seems to need a password to take it out. You have to pull it out from the correct position. You might destroy it if you use force. I've already gotten two third of it so just give me three more minutes."

Zheng thought for a moment and said to them. "You guys continue taking it out. I will go chase the person from before. Be careful though. I don't think Imhotep will let you obtain the Book of Amun-Ra so easily. I am worried since we haven't heard any sound coming him for so long."

Jonathan replied casually as he looked at the golden base. "What sound?"

Suddenly they heard a roar coming from deep within the tomb. It sounded like the roar of a lion or tiger, not the sound of Imhotep. Zheng looked at the characters then took the rope and jumped over to the other side of the cliff.

Shiva was laughing loudly as he advanced deeper into the tomb. Then his eyes brighten up because he had reached the altar. Imhotep was place a mummified corpse in between Lan and Evelyn carefully, just like how he would to his lover.

Shiva let out a sigh of relief but before he could speak, a gust of wind swept pass him followed by a monstrous force knocked him to the ground. A set of huge teeth appeared before his eyes.

The Sphinx! Its human head has a set of sharp teeth and its lion body was over five meters long. Saliva dripped from its mouth onto Shiva's face.

Shiva was not someone without power. He moved his hand and the two serpents heads immediately bit at the Sphinx, easily crushed it. The serpent's huge force also splatter the Sphinx's body parts all over the altar.

Shiva jumped up from the ground and spit out some sand in a cold tone. "Imhotep! You planning to attack your ally? Your lover is still yet to be revived."

Imhotep looked at the serpent with interest and replied with a sneer. "You don't look well, my ally. Don't worry, I still need your power to deal with that team China. What do you think of my guards?"

Shiva heard the sound of sands moving from behind him. He turned around to see that Sphinx had recovered to its whole. It was made of sand after all.

Then he looked around the altar with a surprise. There were seven or eight of these Sphinx, all with a body of five meters long. These monsters didn't appear in the movies. Their power and especially their ability to recover automatically made him pleasantly surprised. He said immediately. "They are digging for the Book of Amun-Ra. You have to go stop them, otherwise the book will take away your powers if they get it."

Imhotep laughed. "Don't worry. I've already sent the guards after them. I am just waiting for that man, Zheng Zha, to come over so I can get the Book of the Dead to revive my lover." He looked at the mummified corpse tenderly as he said this.

Shiva was thinking of persuading Imhotep to send this Sphinx over along. Suddenly, a man soaked in blood entered the room. It was Lamu. "Save me, leader. Save me, I can't hold on any longer. Leader, please use your dharmacakra to save me."

Shiva's dharmacakra could be used as both as a defense and to heal injuries. It cost a rank B reward and a huge amount of points but there was a limit to how many times it could be used, the amount of energy it contained was limited. Although this energy would recovery by itself but once it depletes completely, it would no longer had the defense property.

Shiva only had one arm left. He held Lamu up and said. "You got shot? Is it from team China? Seems like it got your lung."

Lamu said. "Yes, leader. I don't have any more energy. I relied on stimulant to get here. Please save me."

Yet Shiva's expression turned hideous. "My dharmacakra doesn't have much energy left! I still have to fight them in a bit. I can't go without its protection. We can't let team China get any more points. Rest in peace!" He grabbed Lamu and threw him upward. The serpent caught him and crushed his body. Even Imhotep frowned at the sight of this.

Shiva laughed in madness. "No problem. It's just one point. As long as I kill their leader and every one of them, I will get lots of rewards and points! Haha!" Then he looked at the bloody bag on the ground and Lan who was lying on the altar with greed and killing intent.

"What if you died?"

A cold voice came from Lamu came in. Yinkong was standing there with a flaming dagger and an emotionless face, with her eyes fixed on Shiva's heart.

Imhotep seemed alarmed at the dagger. He was planning to order the Sphinx to attack Yinkong when another voice came into the voice. "Yes. What if the one who dies is you? The leader of team India."

Zheng said in a cold tone as he entered the room. He was relieved to see Yinkong but he exerted such a strong killing intent when he turned to Shiva. The emotion gave Shiva a chill despite being so far away from Zheng. Fear emerged from within him when he recalled how Zheng had chased after him.

Zheng and Yinkong both entered the unlocked mode then jumped at the Sphinx nearest to each of them. Zheng's fist and Yinkong's dagger both penetrated the Sphinxes.

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