Terror Infinity Book 6 Chapter 9 1

Vol 6 Chapter 9-1

Vol 6: Chapter 9-1.

Zheng walked out of the tunnel soaked in blood, not only blood but also pieces of flesh and organs. He looked more like a demon than ghost at this point, especially the little pieces of flesh on the corner of his mouth.

The two women that were tied up couldn't see him due to their line of sight. The other two were an assassin and a monster, so they remained rather calm after seeing him. Though Imhotep's face twitched a little.

Zheng looked at Imhotep. Imhotep turned into a sandstorm and swept at the three women. Zheng was almost a hundred meters away from them so he couldn't make it to them in time. The sandstorm wrapped around the necks of the three women and Imhotep shouted. "Don't force me! I only want to revive Anck-su-Namun! Give me the Book of the Dead and I will let them go. I will go find other sacrificial offerings! How about we settle this in peace?"

Yet the players knew there was no way to make peace. Their mission was to eliminate Imhotep, not to mention Zheng couldn't give the book away.

Zheng took a deep breath and suppressed his killing intent. He took out the book and said. "Imhotep, I will place the book here. Release them and let them walk toward me. You can come take the book. Release them from the chains if you agree with me."

Imhotep was delighted to see the book. He quickly pulled the chains apart then turned back into human form.

Evelyn and Lan immediately massaged their arms and legs that were numbed from the bondage. They almost fell to the ground once they left the alter. Fortunately Yinkong was there to help them up. Then they walked toward Zheng.

Zheng stared at Imhotep coldly. Imhotep also stared at the women with caution. He placed that dagger on the altar, next to Anck-su-Namun's mummy. After the women walked ten meters away from him, he summoned a sandstorm that swept at the book and grabbed it. The book was on his hand before Zheng could react.

The three women also got to Zheng. Yinkong said to him in a low voice. "I can't damage him without the dagger. You have any plan?"

Zheng smiled bitterly and replied in a low voice. "Nothing good. I've exhausted my blood energy from the fight before. As for the Na ring, I don't think it's reliable enough. We need to get the Book of Amun-Ra. The Sphinxes had left for a while, I am worried about O'Connell and the others."

Evelyn was shocked and screamed. "What about O'Connell? What happened to them? Didn't you protect them?"

Imhotep looked at them coldly from afar and sneered. "Not only them, you will also die! Come out, guards of the tomb. Destroy these who had disrespected the dead!"

The footsteps of an army came through a tunnel. A group of mummies walked out. They were all carrying metallic shields and weapons. The quality of these weapons were higher than those they saw from the mummies in Cairo.

Zheng charged at Imhotep without thinking but a force swept from above. A Sphinx dropped down from the ceiling, right between him and Imhotep.

Imhotep sneered as he touched the book. "It's so much trouble to find sacrificial offerings. Aren't there already three here? Three virgins. The blood of a virgin is the best offering for the god of death. All of you die here! Arise, my servants!"

Sand gathered into piles around the edge of the room as Imhotep chanted. The piles grew bigger and bigger then transformed into Sphinxes several meters tall in front of their eyes. These Sphinxes shouted at Zheng as soon as they came into form.

Evelyn said in a low voice. "Think of something, Zheng! Quickly!"

Zheng was also anxious. He was the only one who could do damage. Even though Yinkong could fight but without a weapon, it was extremely disadvantageous for her. The worst part is the two women who couldn't fight.

"Get on the ground!"

Zheng suddenly took out several grenades. He pulled the rings without hesitation and threw them at the Sphinxes. Then he charged at the Sphinx standing between him and Imhotep.

It was as though the whole tomb trembled under the explosions. Bits of sand fell from the crevices, but the Sphinxes also turned into powder and couldn't recover for a while.

The shockwave also impacted Imhotep. He lost track of Zheng's whereabout when he recovered. The Sphinx in front of him was still intact. As he was searching around, a wind swept from above. Imhotep instantly turned into a sandstorm and dodged to the side. However he was enraged when he came to a stop.

Zheng used the Sphinx's claw as a support and jumped up during the explosion. He crossed over Imhotep and went directly to the alter behind. Imhotep's instinct made him dodge aside, so Zheng could get to the altar, where Anck-su-Namun's mummy was at!

Zheng picked up the dagger with his right hand as soon as he landed. Then he pointed his left fist at Anck-su-Namun and shouted. "Make them stop! Or I will crush her! I am using a spiritual attack!"

The mummies were only several meters away from Yinkong and the Sphinxes had just recovered, the grenades were just normal attacks after all. The three women's deaths were imminent if Zheng didn't make the move.

Imhotep immediately shouted for the mummies and Sphinxes to stop. These monsters surrounded the three women.

Zheng took a deep breath and said coldly. "Let them leave the tomb. Us two men will settle this fight. Don't f*cking drag women into this. Even though I am not much better off but it's at least better than you surrounding three women."

Imhotep replied. "Fine, I will let them leave. Let go of Anck-su-Namun now! I promise I will let them leave the tomb."

Zheng sneered. "Trust you? What did you just say about the sacrificial offerings already here? I will make it so you don't need any offerings! Listen to my order! Yinkong, the three of you come over to me!"

Imhotep's face twitched. The mummies looked ready to attack but Imhotep stared coldly as the three women walked through the monsters. He sighed when Yinkong took the dagger from Zheng. "Is that enough? Can you let go of Anck-su-Namun now?"

Zheng said. "I won't trust you. Let us leave the tomb like this. I promise I will let go of this mummy once we leave the tomb. I won't eat my words like you did!"

Imhotep was silent. He stared as Zheng picked up the mummy and walked to the tunnel while looking back at him.

The four of them had their backs at the tunnel. But since Zheng's fist was pointing at the mummy, they weren't worried that Imhotep would do anything. As they were about to back into the tunnel, a figure ran into them. Zheng and the other three people stumbled and the mummy moved away from Zheng's fist.

It was O'Connell holding onto a book glowing in a golden light. "Ah, everyone, this is the Book of Amun-Ra!"

Imhotep had already swept at Zheng. His hands held onto Zheng's left fist tightly. The two hands were fuming with smoke but that also protected Anck-su-Namun.