Terror Infinity Book 7 Chapter 3 2

Vol 7: Chapter 3-2.

Vol 7: Chapter 3-2.

Zheng stepped on air and jumped up twenty centimeters further, dodging the dagger by a split second. But its flame still burned the bottom of his shoes. Then Yinkong's body began to fall at increasing speed.

Everything happened in an instant. By the time Zheng landed on the ground, he had entered the unlocked mode. Yinkong was dashing at him with her dagger, so Zheng had no choice but to jump forward again to dodge, then immediately jump back at her.

Zheng charged her to a tree before she could react. His left hand was pressing on her neck and the other hand on her body against the tree. Although neither of them were injured, they both knew Zheng won the fight.

Yinkong blushed. Zheng was surprised that she would show such expression. "I lost. I will withdraw from this battle. Can you move your hand now?"

Zheng moved his eyesight toward his hand and noticed he was pressing on her breast. Although she wrapped her chest with cloth but he could still feel that softness. Zheng subconsciously squeezed it. It wasn't until he heard her moan before he moved his hand away panicking. Yinkong's face was totally red by then.

She quickly returned to her normal expressionless face, although still a little red. Yinkong said calmly. "Then this is it. I will withdraw from the battle. You're great. Your way of fighting is not confined to any style. I cannot predict your next attack when you entered the unlocked mode."

Zheng couldn't get himself to look straight at her. He jumped up to a branch and scouted around. Just then, the communication device rang. "Zheng, they found my location. They are coming over. Heng is behind you to the left. He's taking aim at you. Be careful and you must win."

This place was the basement of Jie's room. After testing, they found out that the basement could be expanded to up to a hundred kilometers. They could also create natural sceneries like forests and lakes. Zheng and Lan decided on the plan soon after choosing the teams. Lan would hide somewhere and tell him the location of everyone through the device while Zheng go and fight alone.

Shortly after Zheng's group left, Jie and Honglu split up with their team. Honglu was the only one allowed to use firearms. The two of them stayed in the open plains so it was difficult for Zheng to attack them. Even though bullets couldn't deal much damage to his body but he also couldn't evade them all. So he had to go for Yinkong and Heng. These two posed the most threat. He would find a way to deal with Jie and Honglu once he got the two threats out of the battle.

Zheng immediately turned his head around. Two arrows were coming at him from 1.5 kilometers away. It was Heng's special attack. The team had seemed his performance with the bow Sirius. He could reach up to two kilometers using the bow. If he used the charged shot, he could extend the range further to up to ten kilometers! Though that would be difficult to Heng due to his current aim and skill. Two kilometers was where he was most powerful at.

As Zheng jumped to the side, one of the arrows hit the tail of the other, giving it a burst of speed. The arrow then went through the bottom of his trousers and missed his leg by just a centimeter.

Zheng was also shocked by Heng's technique. He couldn't have imagined this was something Heng originally knew and not an exchanged ability.

Without hesitation, Zheng jumped from one tree to another using the movement technique. He reached Heng in just a few minutes. To his surprise, Heng got on the ground and immediately said. "I lost! I lost!"

Zheng asked. "Why? You sprained your ankle?"

Heng said bitterly. "No. After I shot the arrows and saw you coming at me with an angry look, I got so scared I couldn't move."


Zheng helped him up with a laugh and said. "Not so exaggerating right? This is only a training. I won't hurt you."

Heng replied with shame. "I am really scared. When I think that you might hit me, I couldn't move my body. It seems like I am just not fit to survive in this world."

Zheng looked at his trousers and shook his head. "Your ability is strong. The team can't go without a sniper. You are the important member that take Zero's position. Don't look down upon yourself. Overcome your fear and you will definitely become a strong member of our team. Trust me!"

Heng sighed but Zheng said before he could do so. "I lost this battle. You are really strong. This isn't to flatter you. The strong doesn't need such words. Remember, you have to become strong, not only in your ability but also your heart, to survive, for yourself and for the people you love. When you have this determination, you will be able to aim your bow at anyone. Trust me!"

Heng followed Zheng's eyes and looked at his trousers. There was a blood line on his leg. Although the arrow missed, the air pressure it generated scratched Zheng's skin.

Zheng's team lost the training at the end. Heng's archery was a surprise and most importantly their teamwork.

"Yes, teamwork. We can see that during the battle with team India, we were at a disadvantage the whole time. However, aside from luck and our team composition, the most important part is everyone of us were working together. I don't know what's the issue with team India but their team seemed like it was forced together. It's difficult to lead a team when you lose your momentum. That's why we obtain the final victory."

It was late into the day by the time the training was over. Under Honglu's suggestion, they had a bonfire party in the plains. Aside from having a barbecue, Honglu convinced Zheng to make team rules.

Zheng also thought about this before. Rules make or break a team. After discussing with Honglu and obtaining opinions from everyone, he finalized five rules for now.

"One, our team currently has six members. When we receive newbies in a movie, we will first get to know their profession and fitness level. Then we will vote if anyone can become a temporary member. We can save temporary members if it doesn't put us in danger."

"Two, anyone who doesn't pass our vote will be given a weapon and gold. If it's a movie that takes place away from the civilization, then we will give them food and water instead. If these people cause conflicts with veterans or temporary members, or if they put the team in danger, we can kill them or impair their movement."

"Three, everyone's points and rewards will be recorded at the end of a movie. Then we will exchange enhancements based on what you are good at. You can't get enhancements solely for your own survival. This isn't efficient for the team. After three warnings, the other members will hunt you down."

"Four, the leader will be in charge of quest items. We will vote if you have objections. If over seventy percent of members agree, then the leader will share control of the control to everyone. If the vote fails, there will not be a second vote."

"Five, the team's first priority is to protect the psyche force user, mastermind/strategist, and members with unique abilities. If combat members have enough points and rewards, then they will buy enhancements for these three types of members. However, it won't exceed a quarter of your total points."

Zheng was holding a golden plate that was carved with these five rules. He muttered. "These are the temporary rules of team China. We will amend them if the situation calls for it. I hope that when we are to leave this world, the six of us, or even more people can still be looking at these rules!"