Terror Infinity Book 7 Chapter 4 1

Vol 7: Chapter 4-1.

Vol 7: Chapter 4-1.

Two days left until the next movie. All preparations were set, including weapons and supportive items such as bandages, hemostasis sprays, packaged food, solidified water. After the training, they also needed a bit of time to relax. Since learning of what they could do with their basements, everyone went back and created their own resort. Aside from the lack of humans, these places looked exactly the same as Earth.

"When we go back, we will find somewhere quiet and beautiful like this place to live. We will probably be very rich by then. Haha. If I feel like it, I will wear my briefs on the outside and go save the world. Then go shopping with you on my free time. Stop laughing like this, not like it's impossible." Zheng sat on the grass with Lori in his arms. The weather and atmosphere seemed so real except that there was no sun.

Lori never watched Superman before her death. However, they had been watching a lot of movies here. Mostly horror movies with Zheng but also some recent movies by herself. So she learned about Superman and laughed when Zheng said it. A wave of gentle wind blew past them and rippled the grass field.

The two of them snuggled quietly without saying anything, feeling this tranquility. Until Zheng slipped his hand into her collar.

Heng was aiming at a tree a thousand meters away. The elf bloodline increased his dexterity, eyesight and his control over bows by a lot. Plus he was naturally talented at using bows. He had gotten used to using Sirius within these few days and also improved his archery skill.

Ricochet and explosive shot were two skills he saw from an ancient book passed down in his family. Even with his hard working, he only learned to use ricochet. There were other archery skills but those seemed so unreal. It wasn't when he saw these skills in the exchange system that he realized these were real. That was why he started to train explosive shot.

Explosive shot, shoot two arrows continuously, place more strength on the later arrows such that the back arrow would hit the one in front and double its speed and power. Legend was that the strongest archer could connect nine arrows.

Heng knew he had a bit of talent with bows, but not enough to be regarded as a genius. The most crucial part was he didn't have the courage to shoot a second time. So he could only make up for his weakness by putting in more effort. He had to place all his hope in the first shot.

Unfortunately, he had reached his limit of two arrows with the explosive shot. It seemed like he had to enhance the elf bloodline further. But he had to at least get proficient with two arrows.

Blood dripped from the bow. His hand was covered with cuts and the string stained with blood. Heng frowned as he walked toward the stairs. "Only 800 points left. Should be enough for eighty more recoveries."

Lan sat in her room with her eyes closed. After quite a while, she lay down on her bed lazily. Her eyes looked lost. She picked up a pillow and kept hitting it, muttering baka at the same time. After a while, she held onto the pillow and continued looking lost.

"Am I a baka? They are obviously not the same person. Why won't I create him? Do I really love two people at the same time? No, that's because..."

Lan muttered the words as if she was talking in her sleep. In fact, she didn't realize what she was saying. The two figures were flashing in her mind. In the end, these two figures superimposed as one then she felt even more troubled.

Lan sat up from her bed and took out a locked journal from the nightstand. She opened it and began to read.

"Such a miraculous place. Perhaps we can't go back like Jie said and this is hell. Then can I see you again here? I am about to forget your face."

"I've been here for several days already. Jie said we will be entering the next movie in ten days. I hope we can be as lucky as the last one. I almost died to that monster. That was when I realized I am actually afraid to die. No, not just dying. I am afraid that I will forget everything. Forget about myself, about you, about love, and about hate."

"We will be entering tomorrow. That Zheng is so lucky. But people always said happiness is inversely related to luck. Yet, he was laughing with such happiness. Should I also create you? I don't know. Really. Death is death. Even if I create you, it won't be the same person. When I think that someone that looks the same as you and has the same memories as you touch me, I get so scared. Am I scared to see you again? Or is it because I hate you too much that I don't want to see you again? I am going. I hope I can come back."

Lan laughed as she read it. Yet tears dripped on the diary like pearl.

"He's actually a nice guy, just too stubborn and kind hearted. He should have left me and ran away by himself under that circumstance. He's just like you, stubborn and kind hearted. Such a baka."

"When I was dragged away by the Alien, I suddenly realized how that girl must have felt. She was probably in despair yet attached to this world. No matter how much one wants to die, she will still feel attached to this world. I took him as you at that moment."

"I suddenly feel sympathy toward the outsiders in a relationship. Aversion and sympathy. Not toward what they did but pity how they felt."

"I feel so upset, because I saw him embraced Lori."

Lan was sobbing by now. She cried and cried until she took out a pen and wrote. "I really give up. Sorry, will you forgive me? I won't love anyone anymore from now on. Staying with you until we meet in hell. Then I will apologize."

Honglu was assembling mechanical parts fanatically. Electricity flared from a part and bang, the whole thing exploded. When the smoke went away, Honglu was sitting there with a face covered in black ashes. He touched his face then laughed out loud.

"Little master, this made people worry. Can you use some protection?"

A gorgeous woman about twenty eight or nine dressed in cheongsam stood behind Honglu. She looked mature and had a great body that could provoke every man's fantasies.

Honglu shook his head. "I told you not to come down with me and you just won't listen? Ran nee-san, didn't I tell you to call me younger brother? It's fine. These are low power none explosive machines. They are not destructive even if they explode. I know how to avoid danger. Hehe, don't worry."

She wanted to say something but in the end she sighed and kept it to herself. She took out a handkerchief to clean his face and said. "Master Young, these clothes are too... at least let me wear underwear."

Honglu laughed pervertedly. He slapped her butt and said. "That's not possible. You are not going out to the platform anyway. There are no other people here. Or do you not want me to see?"

She blushed and muttered. "No. It's just that this is not right."

Honglu turned back to assembling the mechanical parts. "That's not possible. I like to see you dressed like this. You have to wear those pajamas too when we sleep, and you have to snuggle me. Then let's continue. I will assemble this by the end of today."

The parts exploded again and his face was covered in ashes once again, and also that handkerchief.