Terror Infinity Book 7 Chapter 4 2

Vol 7: Chapter 4-2.

Vol 7: Chapter 4-2.

Inside Yinkong's room. The room was designed in such a way that it looked like a prison. There was no furniture or decorations of any sort, only a hardwood bed without mattress and gray sheets, and a little closet. It looked like a prison more than anything.

The room was pitch black at the moment. Yinkong sat on the rim of the bed with her legs crossed. She focused deep into her mind. She had merged with this darkness aside from her faint existence. After some time, she opened her eyes and stood up. She pulled a chain on the floor, revealing an entrance to the basement. Even this entrance looked so weird, nothing like a normal girl should know.

The basement was also pitch black. But if you turned on the light, you could see wooden pillars the height of a person. These pillars were not arranged in any order. In the center of them was a metal pillar that looked like a human. However, this metal one was filled with scratches.

Yinkong entered this basement without any light. She couldn't even make out anything beyond a meter herself. So she closed her eyes, held onto the dagger sheath with her right hand and slowly walked to the pillar in the center. Then she began to speed up until she was running.

Miraculously, she dodged every pillar when she came within a meter of one without slowing down. There was also barely any sound from her running. She was just like a cat. Looking closely, Yinkong wasn't wearing any shoes.

She was getting close to the center. Yinkong opened her eyes as if she could have felt it. As she was about to unsheathe her dagger, bang! She ran into a wooden pillar and knocked herself dizzy. It took some time before she got up from the ground.

As she sat there with her eyes staring into the blank, she looked like such a beautiful loli. One that would make any lolicon go crazy over her. She got up from the floor and put a bandage over her forehead then muttered. "I can't maintain my mind emotionless the moment I attack. I keep emitting killing intents. How did they do it? Or do they not think of themselves as humans?"

Yinkong walked to the stairs as she said. Those pillars were filled with blood stains. She had failed countless times already.

Jie was doing the same thing as Zheng. He took the woman he loved to a grass field in the basement. They were walking with their hands holding onto each other.

Jie felt burdened. They just walked without saying a word, until they reached a lake. Nana said tenderly. "Want to fish for a bit? I will get the rod."

He wanted to reject but saw a hint of begging in her eyes, so he smiled and accepted the suggestion. Then he sat on the edge of the lake, looking over this silvery calm water. Nana came back a little out of breath. She handed Jie a fishing rod.

"Something on your mind? Is it your team members?"

She helped him attach the bait carefully. Jie sighed then cast it into the lake.

She sat next to Jie elegantly, leaning against him and muttered. "Can't tell me? It's best to talk with people close to you when you are agitated or unhappy. Tell me, Jie, I want to know what makes you so unhappy."

Jie was silent for a bit then said. "Are you willing to disappear with me? Not death nor alive. We will hold onto each other's hands and leave this world. Are you willing?"

Nana placed her little hands into Jie's palm and smiled. "My hands are always in your palm. Jie, no matter where you go, even if you are to disappear, I will always follow you, until forever. As long as you don't let go of my hands, I will never let go of yours."

Jie stared into her eyes with love then felt the sand in his eyes. He turned around and continued. "I... Im just worried about you. What does this world have to do with me? I am just afraid of you feeling sad and cry. If one day I am gone, you will cry right?"

She smiled at him. Her voice was still tender but her tone was determined. "There won't be this day. When you disappear, I will follow you to anywhere. No matter if it is death or to disappear. I will never be alone."

Jie took a breath then laughed. "Is that so? Then I said the wrong thing. Let us face everything together. Let us finish the last journey holding onto our hands in the next movie. Stupid girl, I promised I will never let go of your hand and I will do it. We will hold onto each other even when death comes."

(We will face everything together, even death. From now on until then, we will never let go of each other's hands.)

As time passed by, the final day had come. Some people knew and some didn't that one thing would come to a conclusion in the next movie, whether they wanted it to or not. Many things were destined since the beginning. All they could do was just struggle.

Zheng began to organize his ring since the morning. Gold bars, bullets, knife, guns, air cannon, grenades, the Book of the Dead and some miscellaneous stuffs like food and water. Even though each item only took a space but they filled the whole 1.5 cubic meters. Zheng even thought about getting another ring but just thinking. It was not worth the reward to get another item with the same function.

"Packed everything? Did you get your rifle? I didn't see you put it in." Lori was more anxious than Zheng.

Zheng stroke her hair and smile. "Don't worry, everything's set. Weapons, gold, bullets, everything. Stupid, why are you so anxious? This isn't the first time."

Lori said in a serious tone. "Stop being so careless. No matter how many times this is, I won't allow you to be so careless! Any mistake can cause death, even two seemingly unrelated event..."

Zheng immediately stopped her. "I told you not to watch the Final Destination series and you still did. Don't worry, we are going to horror movies, not suspense or thriller. We won't enter that one. I will fulfill my promise. I won't die no matter what. Understand?" Then he kissed her.

The kiss made her blush and stopped everything she wanted to say. "Asshole, that's all you know to stop me from talking!"

Zheng laughed. He grabbed her hands and pushed open the door. Everyone else aside from Jie was already there. They were each carrying a backpack, though Heng had to carry an extra bag with his bow.

Soon, Jie also came out holding Nana's hand. He smiled at everyone. Especially when he looked at Zheng, the smile was so genuine.

As they chatted in the platform, the beam finally came. Everyone stepped inside but to Zheng's surprise, Jie went in with Nana. At the same time, they heard God's notification.

"Enter the beam in thirty seconds. Target locked. Final Destination 2. Beginning transportation."