Terror Infinity Book 7 Chapter 6 1

Vol 7: Chapter 6-1.

Vol 7: Chapter 6-1.

Zheng took a breath as he opened the door. Although he was desperate to get out of the bus before, but when he finally got the chance to do so, this door felt like the mouth of Death, waiting for him to step toward it.

Zheng shook his head then slowly walked out of the bus. He walked up to the crowd. Everyone was staring at the explosion on the highway. At least dozens of people died in this series of crashes. The whole place was on fire and within the crowd was a cop holding a crying girl.

"May I ask, what did you just see?" Zheng walked up to them and asked the girl politely.

The girl kept crying and couldn't speak. So the cop quickly said. "She's too emotional right now. Please don't ask her any questions for now. If you have any questions, please come with us to the station."

Zheng looked at his watched on purpose and said. "I'm sorry. I have a contract to sign. If possible, I just want to know what this lady saw. Otherwise I wouldn't dare to drive on the highway again."

The cop looked at her helplessly. She was crying her heart out and was probably terrified. Suddenly saw her own death then when she was almost killed when she came back to reality. This feeling of being so close to death was unimaginable to outsiders. Only Zheng, who had been struggling on the edge of hell, could feel it. So he patted her shoulder to comfort her.

This girl was the main character Kimberly. Her mental condition was getting stable. She sobbed then said. "I had a premonition of death. I don't know why. It was like I saw myself driving on the highway, then truck carrying logs suddenly had an accident. The chains holding the logs in place broke, then the logs rolled off and caused the car behind it to explode. The other cars got in a series of crashes from evading the logs. The car I was driving flipped over then..."

Her body began to tremble and she couldn't continue to speak.

Zheng let out a sigh of relief on purpose. "If this premonition is true, then we will be grateful of you saving our lives. Can I ask if our cars were also involved in the pile up?" He pointed at the cars from pretty far off intentionally.

Kimberly shook her head. "No. From what I remember, only people from this car to that bus died. Let me think. This car exploded first, then this one caught in fire. The one on motorcycle died from collision. This mother and her child died first. The child was thrown out of the car. The mother died in a crash. Then the whole bus exploded and killed the child. Then that car..."

As she explained the deaths car by car, Zheng knew that God had changed the plot to include them. In the original plot, the mother and child died at the same time. However, her premonition was the mother died first then the bus exploded. That meant their deaths were inserted in between the mother and child's deaths. Unfortunately, their deaths were all in one explosion so it was impossible to determine the order of deaths.

Zheng said politely. "Hoho. Then were and the cars behind were lucky to escape this pile up. Please have my condolences." He walked to the bus with a smile.

The other people had come down from the bus. Panda girl and dyed hair man were yelling in a low voice. They were now certain that they had came to a movie world or at least in a western country as they saw these westerners. Either one was enough to make them excited. When they saw that this was America, the two began to chat excitedly. After all, they had got the gold bars and there was no imminent threat of any kind. In contrast, the other group was also looking around but with much more natural expressions. They showed signs of worry and fear.

Zheng walked up to them. "Then we will part here. If you can go back to God's dimension alive, we will have a chat about fighting together." That said, Zheng walked away alone.

The group of two followed after Zheng and left. WangXia discussed with the others and also decided to leave this place first. They had no forms of identity after all, so if the cops found out, they would have to visit the police station and might not be able to come out. Staying in a room alone in this movie wasn't the best idea.

Zheng walked along the highway and soon reached barrier. The place was crowded with people. Some police walked through the barrier along with ambulances, fire trucks. Outside of the barrier were numerous news reporters. Zheng easily got through it during this chaos and walked to the city. He bought a guidebook from the newsstand. He was finally able to see the structure of this city.

"F*ck. Jie, I won't go find you. You will have to go back to God's dimension after five days anyway. I know you have things to say to me, then come find me. I don't care who you send. I will welcome you any time."

Zheng thought to himself. He didn't know if Jie could scan his thoughts but he had decided. If Jie did, then that would be the best. He could just wait for them. Otherwise, everything would be solved when they go back to God's dimension after five days.

But why did he have to do this? Why? Was the cause difficult to deal with? He had such a strong psyche power but he didn't use it and let team India attacked them. It wasn't until the last moment when the team was going to wipe before he killed the mind controller. If this was true, then he was probably the one that tried to kill Lan.

If the problem was difficult to deal with, then what he did was wrong. A team could only survive by supporting each other. This was evident in the fight with team India. Even with enhancements and abilities, any single role wasn't perfect on its own and needs to cooperate with your comrades. Then what is his reason?

"And he was able to leave the bus on his will. Doesn't he have to follow God's rules? If he's strong enough to do so then we wouldn't have been in so much danger. Then that means what he did was within the rules. He also said he can protect the other four people's lives. Is Death not going to kill them?"

Zheng thought this was a possibility. Since they were able to leave the bus when he and the others couldn't do so. They left before they became part of the premonition so they might have escaped the rule of Death in this movie and wouldn't be attacked.

As Zheng thought about all these, he walked into a Caucasian and knocked him to the ground. The began immediately yelled at him. He was dressed in clothes with metals and piercings all over his face. This was probably a hipster. Zheng was about to respond or just punch him away but the real trouble had come. A cop was walking toward the two of them.

Zheng took a breath. He didn't want to enter the police station. Since he was under Death's attack at any moment and also his comrades attacks. So he punched the man lightly, at least what he thought was lightly. It still struck the man to the ground. Then he ran into the crowd. He entered a valley a few minutes later. The Caucasian and cop ran straight past him as they chased.

"This is difficult. Even though I don't have to live in a hotel and can do with staying in a park for five days, but to avoid getting in conflict with the police, it's best to get a fake ID. Wave Bar? Opens at 6pm and throughout the night. I think this is the place Zero mentioned last time. Just have to ask the owner and give him some tips."

Zheng walked along the valley as he continued to flipped through the guidebook.