Terror Infinity Book 8 Chapter 1 1

Vol 8: Chapter 1-1.

Vol 8: Chapter 1-1.

The two newbies were confirmed to be dead. From what the thugs gathered, an Asian woman was hit by a car around the corner of a street a few hours ago. It was discovered that she had no form of identification and the police couldn't find her photo in any database. It could be induced that she was an illegal immigrant. Through words of witness, an Asian man was with her at the time.

A few hours later, this Asian man was found beheaded. The cause of death seemed absurd. Behind his body hung a barely visible fishing line. It was said that the fishing equipment of a second floor tenant somehow fell off and coincidentally the fishing line hung across both sides of the street. The Asian man was riding through this street with a seized motorcycle. His head and the phone he was talking on got cut off. The police and medical examiners both felt that his death was too much of a coincidence.

"This isn't a coincidence. In the Final Destination series, some people had a strong premonition of death so they were able to escape. However, they merely escaped from dying at that instant and not from Death's list. There is no such monster as Death. It's a rule. Even if you can escape temporarily, what follows will be traps that are seemingly coincidences. This rule will take your life before you can realize it!"

Zheng muttered to himself. He finally knew the order of death in this movie after hearing the outcomes. That there was no order!

"The order in Final Destination 2 was the reverse of the premonition. However, since our entrance, or perhaps due to God's intervention, our order of death becomes unordered. I was attacked right before the two newbies' deaths. I think both the mother and child are still alive currently. Yet, the attacks on us should come in between their deaths originally."

Lilin then said. "I've seen all three movies in the series. Isn't there a safe place in the second movie? That psychiatric hospital. If we can stay inside that hospital, then we shouldn't die to any accident. What can Death do? Earthquakes? Fires? Get lots of people involved?"

Zheng nodded. "The psychiatric hospital can become one of our shelter but this is not absolute. Everything can happen, especially to us players. I haven't mentioned God to you right? It's a giant sphere of light. It controls our entrance to these movies. We've also been through a few similar situations and that is God won't leave any loopholes. It will perhaps leave some items to counter the monsters in the movies but those items require you to solve puzzles. In contrast, if you try to survive without putting any efforts through loopholes, then it will increase the difficulty."

"I can imagine you getting killed on the way to the hospital. Want to take this risk?"

Everyone's expression changed and looked worried. WangXia immediately said. "We will discuss about hiding later. What did you mean that you were fighting against several people as strong as you?"

Zheng sighed. He looked at WangXia then at the others. "I and five other people survived one or more movies in this God's world. We formed a team, supplementing each other's abilities. You can't imagine how cruel this world is. A single person's power is so small. Only when you combine the powers of multiple people can you survive."

"Like me, my close combat ability is the strongest as the leader. I've unlocked up to the second stage of the genetic constraint, enhanced with intermediate Qi and Vampire Count bloodline, and have the abilities Red Flame and movement technique. Our team has people who are specialized in assassination, in long range attacks with bow, a person with psyche scan, a strategist, and lastly someone that I don't know his abilities. This accident is caused by that last person. He took control over the other four and said that he will tell me the reasons after I beat him. That's why I was the only one you saw when you woke up."

WangXia's face turned pale. "That means we are fighting with the original members of your team?"

Zheng nodded. "Yes. That's why I don't allow you to use mines or traps. I will fight by your side to capture them. Of course, it's ok if you can't avoid breaking a few arms and legs. We can repair them after returning. Don't worry about injuring them. Just don't kill them."

The lawyer, Xue asked with interest. "So you are the leader? What decides who becomes the leader? Election or is it the strongest person? I am interested if humans still choose leaders similar to our civilization or through the law of the jungle."

Zheng laughed. "You will become a comrade who can depend on each other as long as you obtained acknowledgement from everyone in the team. I was elected." He suddenly came up with a thought and stopped talking.

When did Zheng become a leader? It seemed like he naturally took over the role after Alien. The reasons were Jie didn't disagree, Lan felt grateful with a bit of love toward him, Xuan didn't care about the leader of this team, and Zero wouldn't disagree due to his personality. So he became the leader. Yet, was it really so easy to become one? What did Jie mean by his words that he will become the leader of team China after defeating him? In other words, he was still not a leader.

Zheng felt a headache. Things were still misty at the current state. The information was not enough to deduce the cause of Jie's sudden change. But Judging from his words, it seemed to revolve around "the leader".

Zheng finally gave up guessing. Everything would become clear the next time he meets with Jie. He only hoped his comrades wouldn't take too much injuries.

"Why don't you go find a room to take a rest? You've been tired for a whole day. Hoho. The time is still early. We will go out for some food at noon and I will also tell you what to do." Zheng remembered that these were just normal people when he saw the yawning.

They didn't disagree and accepted delightfully. Then they began to leave the suit.

Zheng suddenly said with a laugh. "Right, don't find a room too close to the front. This is a love hotel so the noise will keep you awake."

The men laughed understandably, while the women blushed. The two men then found a room close to Zheng's suite and locked the door as soon as they entered.

Zheng walked back into his suite after sending everyone away. He took a pen from the nightstand and tore off a piece of paper. Then wrote down the five names of the people in his team and listed the abilities he knew of.

After that, he circled Jie's name then connected him to the other four with a line. Under Jie was the word hypnosis. He hesitated for a moment before writing down psyche attack. It was the only thing he could think of from the death of team India's psyche force user. If that was true, then why didn't Jie kill him the same way?

"Jie, I really really want to know what is the truth you want to tell me. The truth that pushed you to the current state. Are you looking to die?"

Time passed neither fast nor slow. The two women stayed in a room whereas the four men each got their own. That skinny teen intentionally found one near the front and could hear groans as soon as he entered.

A gust of wind closed the window without anyone noticing. However, this wind didn't stop in the supposedly sealed room.