Terror Infinity Book 8 Chapter 4 2

Vol 8: Chapter 4-2.

Vol 8: Chapter 4-2.

Banks usually transport money at 9 in the morning. Zheng walked toward a bank.

"Yinkong left the television building. Strangely though Heng didn't leave. She's about ten minutes away from us." Lan said through the device.

Zheng replied. "Then the plan remains unchanged. Go take a taxi and run across the bridge. You aren't on Death's list so just keep running away. I will drive around Yinkong and go straight into the building. Go attract their attention like how we did in the training. I will flank them from behind. Believe in me, I will defeat Jie before Yinkong get to you!"

The device was silent for a moment then Lan muttered. "Be careful."

Zheng put down the device. He took a deep breath then walked over to the bank casually. He was going to pass by the armored car.

A security guard stopped him. "Please wait. The bank is not open yet."

Zheng punched him in the chest without saying anything. The punch sent him flying several meters even with the bulletproof vest and collided with another security guard. Zheng's eyes went out of focus as he entered the second stage of the unlocked mode. He needed to end the fight in as little time as possible. Plus, he must not get hit by any gunshot. He had to be in perfect condition for the fight with Jie!

The security guards' were in slow motion through his eyes. Zheng charged at one of them and bent the gun before the guard could fire. He kicked the guard down then punched the his chest. Everything happened in just a second. The other guards hadn't even raised their guns when this one was knocked unconscious.

The two guards that were knocked down in the beginning looked in shock. Zheng slashed at them with the knife as soon as they raised their guns. Two arms fell off like tofu. Zheng then grabbed their heads and smashed them together. These two guards also fell unconscious.

The remaining three guards on the other side of the car heard something was going wrong. They ran over with their guns loaded but to their surprise, they found no one other than the three guards on the ground. They didn't see Zheng who was standing on top of the car looking down at them. As they walked closer to the car, Zheng jumped behind them and easily knocked them out.

Zheng let out a sigh of relief. He stared at his hands in a daze. He had obtained powers that normal people could not reach before he realized it. This power would become even stronger as long as he stays alive. Was this the evolution in God's world? A person's power grows as he goes through trials of life and death and horror movies, until he reaches a unimaginable height.

Zheng came back to his senses after several seconds. He got in the driver's seat and started the car without even closing the back door of the car, leaving six unconscious guards on the ground.

Many people had gathered around, pedestrians and employees of the bank. They all watched that fight in shock, as if their eyes lied to them. Because Zheng's moves looked impossible. No one would think that a human could do them. Just then, someone ran toward the money that fell out from the back of the car. Then all the others followed fighting for the cash scattered on the ground. Even the bank employees joined in. As for the security guards, they were stepped all over by the crowd.

Zheng said to the device as he drove. "Where is she? How far away from me? Is she chasing after me or you?"

Lan paused for a moment. "She seemed to be stopped and deciding whether to chase you or me. It's already too late to chase up to you from her location. Just keep going. She's still five minutes away from you. She starts moving toward me. Zheng, I'll leave everything to you."

Zheng took a breath and said in a serious tone. "Rest assured. I will do what I said! I will defeat Jie before she can attack you! I won't let you get hurt."

Lan was silent for a while then said in a light voice. "You must do it."

"I will."

It was only a ten minute drive from the bank to the television building. Police sirens rang behind Zheng's car in just a few minutes. It was a straight road to the building. Zheng could already see the top of the building. He stepped on the gas pedal al the way, ignoring everything else. All that was left in his eyes was the building.

As he was getting closer and closer, an unusual wind blew into the car despite the windows were all closed. Zheng suddenly had a bad feeling. Just as expected, as he drove past an intersection in front of him, a truck ran out from the side and collided with the car. The truck then pushed the armored car toward a building. Even if Zheng were to get out of the car now, he would have to run over instead and be under Heng's attack. He was feeling anxious and angry.

"F*ck! Go to hell, Death!" Zheng shouted. He stepped on the gas pedal as he took out the air cannon. He pointed the cannon at the truck. There was no driver in the truck. Perhaps he already jumped off the truck.



The cannon finally fired when the armored car was about to hit the building. The shot shattered armored door and the front of the truck into metallic sand. The car finally got free from being pushed. It drove past the building, scratching the side and breaking the head light.

Zheng wasn't sure if Heng could shoot through the bulletproof window. He steered the car straight at the building then smashed the windshield. Due to being bulletproof, the windshield cracked but didn't shatter. So now that no one could see into the car clearly from outside. Zheng lowered his body and sat to the side. He kept his foot on the pedal without looking in front of the road. The car was getting closer and closer to the television building.

(5000m, 3000m, 1500m)

By a time it approached 1000 meters, an arrow hit the windshield. It was powerful enough to pierce into the bulletproof glass by several inches, more powerful than regular guns. When Zheng was grateful about the car's toughness, another arrow shot over and hit the end of the previous one. These two arrows were less than one second apart. The windshield finally could not sustain the strength of both arrows and shattered. However, the car also drove into the building at the same time!

The car was driving at such a high speed that it scared the people on the way. People were already running away when they saw the car coming. So it hit the receptionist desk but didn't actually injure anyone. Furthermore, the wooden furnitures on the way reduced the impact. Otherwise, even Zheng couldn't leave the car unharmed from the collision.

Zheng still felt a little dizzy and took several seconds to recover. He immediately said to the device. "Lan! Can you sense Jie's location?"

"I can't. It's a blank space over there, like something's blocking the area. Be careful. Jie is not going to be easy to take down."

Zheng took a deep breath. "I know. What about you? How far is Yinkong from you?"

She paused for a moment. "She should reach me in ten minutes."

"Ten minutes. Ten minutes! I know! I will finish him within ten minutes! I promise!"