Terror Infinity Book 8 Chapter 5 1

Vol 8: Chapter 5-1.

Vol 8: Chapter 5-1.

Zheng jumped off the car. He tensed up his body during the jump. He wouldn't underestimate the power of Heng's shots after getting hit the last time. They were on par with normal sniper rifles in power and speed. Zheng didn't have the strength to block them currently.

The good thing was Heng didn't keep his aim on him afterward. There was no feeling of danger when he jumped out of the car. Zheng looked around and only saw some employees stood in shock and women screaming over the phone. The whole place was in a chaos. These people either stared at him or was running without any direction.

Zheng took a deep breath. He brought out the gun from his ring, submachine gun on his left hand and progressive knife on his right. Then he ran toward the safety exit.

Elevators were out of the question because that would be asking for Death's coincidences. In contrast, stairs were a much better choice since he had higher stamina than normal people and the movement technique. Plus he believed Death couldn't do much in this place with barely any other people.

Zheng's total amount of Qi wasn't that high compared to the amount of blood energy since his Qi was still at an intermediate level. It was enough to sustain usage of the Na ring but he felt lacking ever since he learned the movement technique. He would run out of Qi within a few minutes of activation which could lead to mistakes in a fight. His opponents wouldn't give him any chance during fights of life and death.

Zheng climbed the stairs with the movement technique. His feet barely even touch the ground due to the speed. He was basically running on the walls. His body felt as light as a feather in this state. He climbed a set of stairs in just under a second. This twenty floor building would take less than a minute.

Zheng felt uncomfortable as he ran, like he was being aimed at. This feeling of danger followed him no matter how he moved. As he looked ahead, the stairs at this floor were covered with a series of glasses. He followed the glasses and saw Heng drew his bow from the stairs of the floor above. However, Heng wasn't aiming at him.

He put himself in Heng's shoes. The feeling of knowing everything Heng was thinking appeared again. The technique that would use reflections from these mirrors and aiming at a different direction from the target. Ricochet, Heng's unique archery technique. The final direction of the arrow was aimed at Zheng.

He had no confidence at blocking the arrow at such a close distance. Perhaps the arrow had already pierced his heart or head by the time he began to dodge.

Zheng stared at Heng's image in the reflection. For a moment, he could faintly see Heng's hands trembled. It wasn't obvious yet so clear to his eyes during this moment. Zheng had entered the unlocked mode. He had made up his mind when he noticed this trembling.

All these happened in the blink of an eye. Zheng jumped over the stairs to the next floor and Heng also released his arrow. To Heng's surprise, Zheng didn't accelerate. He suddenly threw the knife at the ground then clamped onto the knife with his feet, halting his jump. The arrow missed him barely touching his scalp over his head. This gave Zheng a cold sweat.

When he saw the shaking hands, he remembered that the vibrating knife was the sharpest weapon. However, once this vibration stopped, its sharpness was even slightly worse than a regular knife. He could make use of it to halt in this situation. And he won the bet.

Heng had already ran away by the time Zheng kicked the knife up. However, he was only two floors away from the top. It didn't matter where Heng went anymore. Jie was not getting away!

Zheng continued running up the stairs. When he reached last set of stairs, he saw Heng and Honglu standing before the stairs. Heng had drew his bow with two arrows in hand.

Honglu took a bite of his apple and said. "Zheng, we are hypnotized right? Even though we want to kill you but I still have my memories. It feels horrible. How about this, we will give up if you can beat Heng."

Zheng looked at this smiling boy and wanted to punch him. If he can't beat Heng, then how are him going to knock them out and go meet Jie? Though looking at Heng's stance, it was too late to stop this shot.

He took a deep breath. "Heng, Honglu, come at me. I don't have much time left. I promised Lan to defeat Jie in ten minutes. A man's promise cannot be broken! Hurry up and shoot this arrow!"

Heng's hand trembled again. He looked even more nervous than Zheng and Honglu. His legs were shaking like he was the person going to get shot. Sweat streamed down his face as if this was his last shot, and almost blurred his vision.

The two were fifty meters apart and in this straight corridor. Zheng had to get past them to see Jie. Several minutes had passed. Yinkong was catching up to Lan by now.

Zheng clenched his teeth then charged at Heng. Heng finally released the string. Two arrows shot at Zheng one after the the other. He already expected this. His legs expanded as he gave a shout and increased his speed by a bit. He ran up to the first arrow before the second arrow could hit its tail then let the arrow pierce through his chest. The second arrow also went through the same wound. The arrows almost touched his heart and definitely injured his lung. Fortunately, his reaction speed enabled him to avoid a critical hit in the heart.

Zheng spitted out a mouthful of blood. The sensation of air leaking as he breathed in was extremely painful. However, he had reached within ten meters of Heng. He could knock Heng out before another shot. Ten meters was only the blink of an eye with the movement technique.

"Go take a good nap and leave everything to me." Zheng kept breathing heavily as he ran at them.

To his surprise, Heng turned around and jumped away. An arrow suddenly appeared on his hand. He drew the bow at once, forming a full moon shape. It was only one arrow this time but Heng's expression was different. This was an expression of him putting all the hope in this one shot. His legs stopped shaking, his hands were firm as rocks, and his eyes went out of focus. The technique that required only one arrow was the one he obtained through enhancement.