Terror Infinity Book 9 Chapter 2 2

Vol 9: Chapter 2-2.

Vol 9: Chapter 2-2.

It was too late for him to raise his gun. Even though the guns power was destructive, Zheng forgot about the Aliens swiftness. Aliens were a race that excelled in close combat, if you couldnt kill them before they close in, humans wouldnt stand a chance in close combat. Of course, that only applied to normal people or even those in the special forces. Zheng could fight an Alien face to face with his powers compared to when he was in the first Alien movie.

As the gap between Zheng and the Alien was closing in, he felt the familiar sense of danger. This danger didnt decrease after he became stronger. Because he would still die if he gets hit in the heart by the tail, or crushed his head by the tongue. Furthermore, it was difficult to block an attack giving how fast the Aliens were. The difference he had compared to the previous Alien movie was higher offensive power.

Boom! Zheng began to dodge, the Aliens tongue hit an empty area right above him. A translucent field appeared over his head and vibrated like it was going to shatter. Zheng was aware that a mature Alien had much higher power than their early forms. The defensive shield was indeed on the verge of shattering. Judging by this, it could also defend against the Aliens teeth but not their tail. Since the tail had a much higher force.

Zheng felt a sudden chill. He threw the gun to the side then slashed horizontally with the knife. It cut open a third of the Aliens stomach. Its organs and acidic liquid splashed out from the wound. Fortunately, Zheng wasnt afraid of the acidity. Even though his clothes were corroded instantly but it had no effect on his skin. The liquid dripped off his body to the floor and continued corroding the floor.

The Alien wailed. It spat its tongue at Zhengs head again. The speed of its tongue was too fast that even Zheng couldnt see its path clearly. The shield blocked it again but the shield was becoming more transparent. Its energy was almost depleted.

Zheng immediately ran up to the wall on the side. He jumped from the wall and headed toward the Aliens head. At the same time, the Alien shot its tail at Zheng. The shield instantly shattered. Zheng covered his hand with Red Flame and slashed the Aliens head. The knife went all the way down, splitting the Alien in half. Crushed organs, flesh, and acidic liquid splashed all over. The scene was horrifying and disgusting.

Zheng felt pain coming from his arm afterward. The tail was so powerful that it broke the shield and pierced a few centimeters into his arm. Fortunately, it didnt damage his bones or major blood vessels.

The whole fight lasted only several seconds. Even though it seemed like Zheng finished the Aliens quickly, but the fight wasnt so easy. The shield was a big factor. He couldnt catch up to the Aliens speed with just the first stage of the unlocked mode. The Aliens in this movie was just more powerful than the first movie.

Zheng picked up the gun and sighed. The gun was indeed powerful, enough to kill an Alien in one shot. However, its slow to fire another shot. It would be more threatening to the Aliens if the gun could fire continuously like a machine gun.

But then he remembered this energy gun didnt cost any ranked rewards. He could exchange it in quantities as long as he had the points. If it could fire continuously, then the cost would probably go up by at least a rank C reward.

Zheng walked near the door and shouted to the people inside. Everyone back off! Dont stay near the door!

He heard some bumps coming through the door then screams.

Zheng backed off a bit and pointed the gun at the door. The steel door melted into liquid after a flash of light, revealing a circular hole. The hole even went ten centimeters into the floor.

There were four scientists in the room, three men and one woman, all Caucasians. They were shocked when they saw Zheng and especially the power of the melting gun. The passage was still extremely hot. Zheng said. Do you have water inside? Bring all the water out.

The scientists paused for a moment then brought out several solid cubes. They threw the cubes on the passage and the cubes instantly melted into water and filled the area around the door with steam.

Zheng stood outside the passage and waited for a minute until the other team members caught up. Everyone was surprised to see the hole on the ground.

We will talk as we walk. Lan. Zheng walked into the passage. The temperature was still rather high but it was enough for them to pass through.

Lan knew what Zheng wanted to say. She stood there with her eyes closed for a few seconds then said. No problem. There are no Aliens around. Though three Aliens are coming from the floor above. They might have noticed our existence.

Thats for certain. They could easily smell the scent of their kind. Zheng let out a sigh of relief then shouted to the room. Come out, hurry. You heard it right? The Aliens are coming if you dont come out!

It didnt take long for the four scientists to come out. They were shocked to see Zhengs group. The female scientist asked. Didnt you become hosts? How are you. She stopped right there, noticing her mistake.

Zheng was mad as he heard this. His hand that was holding the knife trembled. The female scientist backed off several steps in fear and hid behind a man. That man seemed like her husband and he was also scared, but he stood in place firmly.

Zheng took a deep breath and said. We have two people became hosts. I need you to take out the Aliens inside them. I know you have done this procedure before. Dont f*cking tell me you dont know how. I will kill you!

The scientists expressions changed and one person said. We should run as soon as possible. This ship is going to explode in fifty minutes. It takes at least forty minutes to run to the shuttle from here. This procedure takes thirty minutes. We dont have the time! We will die!

Zhengs heart skipped a beat. He lifted the scientist and said. What do you mean? Why is the ship exploding in fifty minutes? You better explain it clearly.

Another scientist yelled. Do you really want to bring these Aliens back to Earth? The ship was programmed to return to Earth if anything goes wrong in the laboratory. And we are the only ones who know the password to self destruct it. Dont you think we want to live? But I would rather die than bringing the Aliens to Earth. The self destruction has been set. Theres no way to change even if you kill us!

Zheng took a few deep breaths. He wanted to calm himself down but he just couldnt. The run was forty minutes. Perhaps they could lower the time a bit but there was no way to squeeze thirty minutes for the surgery. These scientists also wouldnt sacrifice their lives to help them do the surgery even if he threatens to kill them. Since doing the surgery meant death also. How could he save Lori?

Zhengs mind was getting into a chaos. No matter how hard he thought, he couldnt find a way to save Lori.

Zhengs face turned expressionless, as if everything was indifferent to him. He stared at the scientists quietly until they lowered their heads. You two are married right? To let you know the truth, there are numerous Aliens in the ship. If its just the four of you, the probability of dying on the way to the shuttle is at least seventy percent. Perhaps one of you will die. You have seen the power of my weapon. One of you stay here to do the surgery for me and my team will protect the other person to the shuttle. Make your choice.

Ive calculated our speed. My speed is about twice yours when I use the movement technique. So if they need forty minutes, you guys need about thirty minutes, and I only need about fifteen minutes. Once the surgery is completed, I will still have time to reach the shuttle. Your mission is to complete the mission safely. My chance of survival is higher than fifty percent.

This expression and thinking with efficiency and probabilities of survival was like that of Xuan!

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