Terror Infinity Book 9 Chapter 5 2

Vol 9: Chapter 5-2.

Vol 9: Chapter 5-2.

Lan held onto the three pieces of metallic plates that could buff her psyche force. These plates were the keys to using mind control. The plates were expendable and wouldnt guarantee anything, but there was no time for her to think. She walked toward the Newborns with determination.

Lans head was in a chaos. She wanted to go back but whenever Zhengs face came up, it only reinforced her decision. In the end she remembered the kiss from the last movie when Zheng tried to save her, and started to cry. As she held onto the plates tightly, her eyes went out of focus. The two Newborns were coming at her in extreme speed.

Lan clenched her teeth. Her psyche force entered a plate through her arm and she could feel the increase immediately. She even sensed the flames of psyche force (spirits) of the Aliens. She ordered her own psyche force to surround the weaker of the flames. It gave her the unusual feeling of having two bodies. This contradiction was difficult to describe in words. And following this feeling, she gained full control of the body.

The first of the two Newborns saw Lan and became excited. It immediately increased its speed, but just then the Newborn behind it struck its back and knocked it to the side. The strike was so powerful that it became embedded into the steel wall. Lan was shocked at its power. How could any human take a hit like this? Even more scarier was that the Newborn came out of the wall uninjured. It charged at the other one and knocked the Newborn under Lans control into the wall, bring down the steel wall spanning tens of meters wide.

Just like the ghost in The Grudge, when God altered the plot, it also increases the power of the creatures to far beyond that of the original movie. Even though the Newborn lost its tail and tongue attacks, their strength was more than enough to compensate. Lan didnt question that Zheng, or even five of him would be done in one hit.

Was this coincidence? In contrast to the Newborns physical strength, their psyche force was so weak. Lan felt the floor shaking as the two Newborns fought. Yet, neither of them damaged the other. Their bodies were just as invincible as their strength. Even if they got hit hard enough to break the wall, they could quickly recover and continue fighting. The plate had shattered after this short period of time. One of the Newborns stopped attacking. It looked at Lan then howled.

(This isnt going to work. I cant kill them by just controlling one.)

Lan clenched her teeth and activated the two remaining plates. She almost fainted the moment she gained control of both Newborns. The Newborns would probably break free if she wasnt persisting with all her will.

Blood came out of her mouth from biting too hard. Lan controlled the Aliens to each tear out a piece of steel and pointed the sharp corners at the others heads. However, the two creatures started resisting violently. Humans were not the only species that fear death. These Newborns with human DNA also showed fear as they howled. They resisted Lans control and finally the remaining two plates shattered. The steel also pierced into their heads by this point. The two Newborns fell to the ground creating a loud bang. The whole corridor was in ruins after this short time. A large portion of the steel was torn apart.

Lans vision blurred. She felt she had exhausted every bit of her psyche force, like she was floating in empty space and about to rest peacefully.

Done. The scientist finally said the word Zheng had been waiting for. Lori was sleeping peacefully when the scientist carried her out from the room. That innocent face looked like she was not aware of anything that happened outside. Zheng couldnt help but kiss her. Then he turned to the scientist.

Thank you. I owe you one. My comrades will definitely protect your wife to the shuttle! Zheng said but the scientist interrupted him.

This is a fair trade. One for one. Please give me a gun and bullet. Its about time for you to leave also. The ship is going to explode in twenty minutes. It will announce warnings at the ten-minute mark. Hurry and leave.

Zheng took out a lot of bandage from the ring. He bound Lori to his body and after everything was done, he took out the submachine gun and a magazine. He quietly put the weapon on a table then walked out.

As soon as he left the room, he heard a gun shot coming from inside. Zheng felt a little sad but he stopped thinking and sprinted ahead. He stopped just a hundred meters in and looked at the scene in shock. There were also two large humanoid monsters in the center and Lan lying on the floor on the edge.

Zheng held her up but her body was cold. Her breathing was weak and her heartbeat was faintly discernible. She was on the brink of death. Yet Zheng couldnt find any wound on her body.

Wont die. None of us will die, Lan. We will live on!

Zheng inferred what happened by the metallic powder on her hand and the position of the two monsters. It was probably mind control and forced the two monsters to kill each other. However, controlling two monsters at a time and overloading her mental capacity could cause the user to die!

Zhengs eyes became wet. He knew Lan left the room along to buy him time. These two monsters were probably the Newborns and judging by the destruction of the scene, he wouldnt have been able to survive against them. But Lan killed them both.

There was no time to think. Zheng used the bandage to bind Lan to his back. Just like how he promised her to carry her on his back and go back to Gods dimension together!

Lets go! Let us go back alive!

Zheng activated the movement technique and ran like a madman. His speed was so fast but there was a problem. He didnt know the way. Lan was unconscious so Zheng could only keep going up. He climbed every stair he saw and entered every elevator. After going up for a while, he saw a group two women and three men. Five people he was familiar with. they were not his comrades but the movie characters! And one of them was the main character with Alien blood.

The group looked at him in confusion and surprise. A naked man carrying two unconscious women on his front and back. So they all pointed their guns at him at the same time. The main character even walked toward him with a steel bar in hand.

Though Zheng let out a sigh of relief and said. Dont tell me you dont know this ship is going to explode. Dont worry, I lost my clothes for other reasons. These two girls also have close relationships to me. Let us leave this ship and head for the shuttle.

The main character didnt look at him but at the surgical wound on Lori instead. She said coldly. Took out a Queen? Then this is the fourth Queen.