Terror Infinity Book 9 Chapter 6 1

Vol 9: Chapter 6-1.

Vol 9: Chapter 6-1.

It was then that Zheng recalled the movie plot. A Newborn needed to be birthed by a Queen unlike a normal Alien. Of course, with enough time, a Queen could give birth to multiple Newborns. But the Newborn must not kill the Queen afterward and was it possible for the Queen to give multiple births in less than an hour? No.

Zheng immediately asked. "How do you know there are three Queens? You wouldn't have been able to run with your strength."

A Caucasian replied with discontent. "What do you mean? Shit, look at yourself. Think I can't break your head in one shot?"

Zheng shrugged. He started focusing his attention. Ripley shook her head. "Put back your gun. He's stronger than all of us combined. You have the smell of those things but not one of them. Did you get their blood all over you?"

Another men in a motorized wheelchair yelled. "Those are acidic, how could nothing happen to him? Unless he's a robot, no, even robots couldn't handle it. Those liquid can corrode through the spaceship!"

Ripley ignored him as she focused on Zheng. Zheng couldn't help but said. "I think we should keep running instead of looking into this question. This ship only has over ten minutes left. Do you want to die along with it?"

They looked at him in disbelieve then a synthesized voice announced over the whole ship. "This spaceship will self destruct after ten minutes. All personnel please leave the ship. Entrance to the shuttle has opened. Repeat. Entrance to the shuttle has opened."

Zheng suddenly understood why God needed them to wait an hour before entering the shuttle. It was waiting for this last ten minutes so the entrance would open. God had planned everything, self destructing the spaceship to force them to run.

Those five people were shocked to hear the announcement. As they turned to Zheng and saw him running with the movement technique, everyone began running forward. Yet, this made it difficult for him. He could easily outrun these people with his speed but he didn't know the route to the shuttle. So he had to slow down and run along with them.

The Caucasian said panting. "You're freaking strong. Do you even need to breath?" He pointed out that Zheng didn't run out of breath and was much faster than everyone.

Zheng was getting too anxious that he didn't have the attention to reply. Time slowly passed and three minutes went by. Anxiety was growing within everyone. Fortunately, one of the women comforted the group. She was the robot in the movie. She connected the with ship's main computer before and had its map. She said that they were taking the shortest route and should take at most three more minutes, so everyone could live.

At the same time, the other group finally reached the entrance. They were quite lucky during the second half of the route. The scientists said that although they took a longer route, the defensive electric net on the way was activated when they were preparing to experiment an Alien. So that if something went wrong, they could take this safe route to the shuttle.

"This is the shuttle? It doesn't seem like it could take in too many people." Honglu twirled his hair.

"Yes, not many, so..."

The scientist carrying him said in a low voice. As soon as Honglu had a bad feeling, this scientist pulled out a gun and pointed it at his head, then shouted. "Don't move! Or he's dead! Hurry, go turn on the shuttle."

The other scientist was surprised for a moment then he carried the female scientist and headed for the shuttle. However, Heng pointed an arrow at him. He knew the power of Heng's arrow so he immediately stopped in place. There was no chance of him surviving a shot. It wouldn't even leave him with a full body.

The one holding the gun yelled. "Aren't you afraid of him getting killed? Your friend is under my gun! Throw away your bow!"

Honglu laughed. "Don't think, Heng. Just shoot. Be careful not to harm that woman."

Heng released his arrow. He only used a fifth of his normal strength to avoid damaging the shuttle. However, the enchanted arrow still easily penetrated the scientist's head and turned it into powder. A stream of blood gushed out from his neck, causing Heng to throw up.

The scientist was dumbfounded. He looked at Heng then at the headless body on the floor. His hand was shaking until Honglu said. "ChengXiao, are you familiar with attacking? Go attack, don't worry about me." Honglu said calmly.

ChengXiao pointed at the gun and said. "Are you really not scared of death? That thing on your head isn't a toy."

The scientist just then remembered he still had a gun and yelled. "F*ck, I have a gun. Do you really want to die?"

Honglu sighed. "You call this a gun? ChengXiao look carefully." He pulled the trigger on the gun to everyone's surprise.

Bang! There was no exploding of a head after the gunshot. A translucent field appeared next to hi head and Honglu smiled. "See? How can you call this a gun? It can't even pierce through this defensive field. You may as well call it a toy."

The scientist was staggered but he immediately moved the gun to ChengXiao instead. However, ChengXiao had already closed up on him. He grabbed the scientist's wrist and twisted it. The scientist immediately fell down screaming in pain. Honglu could see that the hand was twisted to a weird angle and the bones broke out through the skin.

"Haha, this is the legendary kungfu. You're lucky. If it was my mom here using it, you won't even be screaming right now."

ChengXiao acted cheerfully as he massaged the scientist. Every time he moved his finger lightly, the bones would separate from the flesh at where he touched. Yet, due to some unknown reason, the scientist couldn't even faint. He suffered this excruciating pain consciously. After a while, he couldn't even move anymore. From the look of his face, he'd rather just die.

Honglu looked at the scene quietly as he twirled his hair. "Who are you? Don't tell me you're a normal civilian. Even though a normal person can learn to fight like this but you were laughing the whole time you attacked. Unless you are a maniac."

ChengXiao let go of the scientist. He stopped the smile and saluted solemnly. "Army doctor of the special forces entered with the information and method Colonel Chu Xuan proposed. I am the second to enter."