Terror Infinity Book 9 Chapter 8 2

Vol 9: Chapter 8-2.

Vol 9: Chapter 8-2.

The others moods were brought up along with Honglus enhancement. They all turned to Zheng, then Zheng said to Heng. You should be able to get the rank B Elf archer bloodline, but I dont recommend it. Judging from your performance, what you lack isnt strength but a calm mind. So I recommend you to enhance the ability Focused State of Mind.

Focused State of Mind, rating 79. Suitable for users with strong power but has weak willpower. While the ability is active, the user will enter a highly focused state, greatly increases awareness, will not be controlled by any psyche force ability, calm and cautious. Suitable for the majority of movies. Passive effect, reforms the mind. Every use of the ability changes the users mentality by a bit. Long term uses can permanently increase the users concentration and calmness. Requires 2500 points and a rank B reward.

Zheng read the description and said. I hope you can enhance this ability. Its duration is based on your willpower. However, you will be able to face any situation calmly while it is active. This ability has no offensive power but its description is very similar to the first stage of the unlocked mode, though not as strong. You have also reached the first stage. Your problem is your personality, so get this one.

Heng was surprised and delighted. He quickly connected with God. After enhancing, he looked around with a strange expression.

Zheng, let me use the knife. Heng said to Zheng.

Zheng took out the jungle knife and threw it over to him. Heng looked at the knife carefully then made a small cut on his finger. Blood bled out from the cut, then he licked the cut and laughed. Haha, I am finally not scared of blood and pain anymore. This is amazing, finally. Haha.

Everyone smiled but then was shocked by Heng as he made one cut after another on his arm. Major blood vessels were cut and blood splashed on his face, but he laughed out loud in madness.

The others quickly got a hold of him. Heng started crying as he kept repeating he was not scared. They didnt know what to say to him at this moment.

ChengXiao said with a bitter smile. This team is interesting, kid, big breasts, two of them

Bang! ChengXiao massaged his pair of black eyes and continued. Then a SM fanatic, and finally a sex maniac. It has been tough for you, leader.

Good that you are aware of it. Zheng looked at Heng with a bitter smile. He had exited the focused state and began shivering again. Then he had God started repairing his body.

Zheng didnt know what to say to him. He underestimated how much Hengs personality weighted on him. Though thinking about it, this seemed reasonable because this cowardice personality made him abandoned his lover and ran away. Even though he returned to the scene afterward, but that was already enough to make people dislike him. He probably hated his cowardice also, or he wouldnt have shown this madness. He was probably thinking if he had this state of mind at the time, his future would have been different.

Heng was still shivering after he came back down. The others kept their eyes on him to prevent him from doing anything insane again. Heng smiled bitterly. Dont worry. I still have self control. I was just too excited. It wont happen again. I promise.

Zheng sat next to him and patted his shoulder. This ability is still an external force. You will need to overcome your issue yourself. When you finally do so, thats when you finally become strong, and not dependent on an ability to support your faith.

Heng clenched his fists. Faith?

Yes, to live. For your comrades, for your brothers, for your lover, for your family, for the nation, or even if its just for the justice you believe in. When you are able to carry out this faith, you will really become strong. Zheng said.

After Heng calmed down, Zheng said to Yinkong. I have thought about your enhancements, and here are two directions you can take. First is to enhance your weapon, and second is to enhance your ability. I lean toward choosing the ability because it can come into use immediately for the team battle next movie. There are several abilities unique to the Shining bloodline.

Yinkong nodded without any hesitation. Ok, ability then.

Zheng smiled. These abilities are Wind Step, Enhanced Shining, Shining Symbiosis. Unfortunately, two of them are too expensive, so choose the Enhanced Shining. It increases your Shining ability from ten seconds to one minute. Think about it, when you can sustain several folds your speed for a whole minute, you can even defeat me in close combat. It requires 3000 points and a rank B reward. Very cost effective.

Yinkong nodded. She didnt plan to choose anything else but still asked. What are the effects of the other two abilities? How many points do they require?

Wind Step needs 8000 points and a rank A reward. It refracts light on your skin so people cant see you, but you wont be able to see anything either. And increases movement speed for three times. This ability can combine with Lans psyche scan. You will almost be invincible. Just be aware of your body scent. Zheng laughed, not noticing Yinkong blushed as she tried to smell something.

Shining Symbiosis needs 10000 points and a rank A reward. It creates a spiritual being that blocks any attack for you, both physical and magical. The being lasts for a minute or when an attack destroys it. Its endurance is probably linked to your own stats.

Yinkong nodded. She walked over to God and exchanged the enhancements. A silver light flashed across her eyes then she walked ten meters in what seemed like just one step. She sat down next to the group and said something, but no one could hear her words clearly.

A minute later, she said again. The ability is good but its difficult to control. I feel like my movements are too fast. It will take some time to learn to control it. I also wont be able to speak normally because my tongue moves too fast.

As everyone looked at her in shock, Zheng said. Thats great already. That speed is much faster than my movement technique. Go practice it, there is still time until the next movie. Dont worry.

Yinkong nodded then sat there quietly, as if she didnt want to say anything extra.

The others were aware of her personality by now, so Zheng turned to ChengXiao. You are already very fit. At least two to three times stronger than a normal person, and equal to someone who has been through two to three movies. But you have one critical weakness, havent unlocked the genetic constraint. Because of this, your sense for danger is low. If you want to survive the movies, you have to walk the edge of life and death. Go unlock your constraint. I dont think you need any enhancements. You wont be able to utilize their effectiveness without unlocking. You should get a defensive item, and a sci-fi weapon instead.

Of course, since you are skilled in both modern medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, I suggest you to get a rank C defensive item, a rank C mid range sci-fi weapon, because Heng already covers long range, and a rank C medical item. The medical item can be Gu, modern surgical equipments, or Xian enchanted needles.