The 99th Divorce Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Exposed in Public (3)

"You know very well whether I have made things up." Su Qianci glanced at her coldly.

Tang Mengying saw her eyes and suddenly felt nervous. At that moment, something seemed to come out of Su Qianci's eyes and pierced her.

It was hatred!

The hatred was as thick as blood and sunk deep into the bones. However, when Tang Mengying looked again, what she saw was gone. It was as if everything was just an illusion.

Or was it?

Su Qianci held back the urge to tear Tang Mengying apart and said calmly, "Mr. Ai's wife is Arabic and her name meant happiness, so every time he finished a garment, he would leave the signature inside the collar, which was happiness in Arabic."

"Bluffing! You know Arabic?" Mrs. Tang scoffed.

"Check it to see if I am bluffing." Su Qianci held the collar up.

Seeing the black letters on it, Mrs. Tang immediately said, "It is no more than simple embroidery. How can you prove that it is Arabic?"

Su Qianci had seen that question coming and called, "Liu Sao."

Liu Sao, the servant, was stunned by how calm Su Qianci was. Called upon suddenly, she immediately responded, "Here."

"Could you call Sicheng over for me?" Then she looked at Mrs. Li, "You can choose not to believe me. However, you must believe your son. He knows eight languages, and maybe Arabic is one of them. Let him tell us whether it is Arabic or not."

Mrs. Tang fretted and cried, "What do you mean? You think my Mengying is lying?"

Su Qianci snorted, "I don't know whether she lied. However, this is definitely Mr. Ai's work."

"Forget it, mother," Tang Mengying said, "Qianci, it was a trivial matter. Why do you have to be so aggressive? If you say it is, then let's just assume that."

"No." Su Qianci's heart was trembling, "It is no big deal for you, but your mother's words were truly hurtful."

Tang Mengying did not say anything, throwing a blaming glance at her mother. Everyone heard what Mrs. Tang said and it was over the line. No one thought Su Qianci was to blame. Even Mrs. Li felt a bit pissed. No matter how much she disliked Su Qianci, Su Qianci was still her daughter-in-law. When Su Qianci was scolded like that, she lost face as well.

"If I'm proven right, then Mrs. Tang, you should apologize to me," said Su Qianci.

Mrs. Tang felt upset, "For what?"

"You don't dare, do you? You are afraid that I will expose your lies, right?"

Mrs. Tang was extremely upset. If she insisted that Liu Sao not call Li Sicheng, she would be admitting that she was lying. That way, not only her reputation, but the reputation of the Tang family and Tang Mengying would all suffer.

However, if Li Sicheng came and recognized the word to be happiness in Arabic, what then? Su Qianci seemed to have said that Li Sicheng knew eight languages. However, Arabic might not be one of them, right?

Mrs. Tang gritted her teeth and yelled, "Nonsense, who's afraid?"

"Then go call Li Sicheng," Mrs. Li finally said. "Let him see if that's true, so that you can have your answer."