The 99th Divorce Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Her Downfall
Chapter 139: Her Downfall
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Feeling the doubtful look, Tang Mengqing was about to burst into tears. She stared at Su Qianci and growled, "You did it on purpose! How vicious of you! Damn you, bitch!"

Su Qianci felt wronged. "How do I have arms so long that I could reach there?"

She really did not mean it. But it was nicely done.

Qin Shuhua nodded. Although she was not satisfied with this daughter-in-law, Su Qianci was, after all, one of her family members. Although the Tang family were longtime friends with the Li family, it was a fact that they tried to bully Su Qianci. Hearing Tang Mengqing's words, Qin Shuhua sneered, "Although we don't know anything for sure, cursing does not seem to be part of a lady's education."

Tang Zhenghao felt his face was burning. The reputation that had been built up for generations was ruined so easily by his younger daughter. Feeling furious, Tang Zhenghao held Tang Mengqing down and shouted, "Apologize!"

Tang Mengqing had tears in her eyes and cried, "I did nothing wrong. She deserves it. If it were not for her, my sister would have been married to Li Sicheng. She is the shameless mistress and slut."

That was the one thing Su Qianci was accused of most often her previous lifetime, a mistress. Because if were not for her, Tang Mengying would have become Li Sicheng's wife. Su Qianci subconsciously glanced at Captain Li.

Feeling Su Qianci's glance, Captain Li sneered, "Mr. Tang, I don't really think you have a say in my grandson's marriage."

Hearing that, Tang Zhenghao felt even more embarrassed. Clearly, Tang Mengying and her mother had been brainwashing her. Tang Zhenghao slapped Tang Mengqing's face and bristled, "Who told you that?!"

Being slapped, Tang Mengqing cried even louder, "That is the fact. Su Qianci had nothing. She is a bastard and an orphan. How come she gets to marry Li Sicheng"

Before she finished, Tang Mengying put a hand over her mouth, looked at her father and pleaded, "Dad, don't hit her. Tang Mengqing is too young." Then she looked at Tang Mengqing and said, "Tang Mengqing, just apologize to Su Qianci and then we can go home. Behave yourself."

Tang Mengqing's tears fell like rain.

However, Su Qianci turned around and went back to her room. This was her downfall. In her previous lifetime, these people had magnified her sense of inferiority by pointing this out repeatedly. Everyone reminded her how humble she was. Later on, although she had learned a lot, she had failed to change people's opinion about her. In this lifetime, Su Qianci had changed everything. However, when hearing the old remark, she could not act completely indifferent.

Noticing how those words had affected Su Qianci, Li Sicheng grabbed Su Qianci's arm the moment she turned around and said, "I don't care." His voice was mellow like a cup of coffee, making Su Qianci pause. "So you shouldn't care either."