The 99th Divorce Chapter 151

Chapter 151: Its Okay To Get Mad
Chapter 151: Its Okay to Get Mad
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Su Qianci had no idea that her picture had been taken. After she got into the car, she saw that her purse and cell phone were placed on the car seat. Taking her stuff, Su Qianci opened the door and was ready to go out again.

Li Sicheng held her down and whispered, "What are you doing?"

"Go home," said Su Qianci matter-of-factly.

Hearing that, Li Sicheng narrowed his eyes as pressure exuded from his body. "You're mad at me?

Su Qianci was dazed, feeling intimidated. It seemed that she had really been mad at him. How could this be? Li Sicheng had said that he liked women that were gentle and reasonable, so that was always who she was trying to be. Thinking of what she had just done, Su Qianci felt a bit regretful. Why did she become her old self? That was the person that Li Sicheng hated the most.

Wait, why did she even care? Wasn't she preparing to get a divorce with him? It was no longer important to win his favor. Looking up, Su Qianci saw Li Sicheng's mysterious expression and did not speak. What should she do? She still did not want for him to hate her. Seeing that Su Qianci had obviously lost her courage, Li Sicheng slightly frowned.

What was she thinking? It was okay to lose her temper and be mad at him Trying to be someone else was not a good look on her. There were so many women like that.

"Seatbelt." Li Sicheng sounded a bit impatient.

Su Qianci nodded and fastened her seatbelt. When she returned home, Su Qianci opened her computer and received a document from Vincent. She checked it and found everything to be correct before she replied to Vincent.

Su Qianci stretched her arms and caught a glimpse of a contact that had always been off-line. The name was simple, just the letter L. Su Qianci quickly sent L a message: are you there?

However, there was no reply.

On the next day, Su Qianci went back to the University. For some reason, she had a feeling that everyone was looking at her with a weird look. Finding a place to sit down, Su Qianci found everyone was looking at her.

The class was financial engineering. It was taught by a female professor who had the nickname Nazi. She was over forty years old and still enjoyed wearing pink dresses and white platform shoes. Her heavy makeup was definitely unique in the Department of finance. The moment Nazi entered the classroom, she called, "Su Qianci."

Su Qianci felt a bit odd but still stood up.

"Are you feeling better?"

"Much better, thank you for asking."

"In the future, you should ask for a sick leave yourself. Having someone else call on your behalf would only reveal your corrupt lifestyle."

"What do you mean?" Her corrupt lifestyle?

The girl next to her whispered, "You really don't know? Your picture has become viral on the University forum." Then she gave her phone to Su Qianci.

The title was: The Reason Why the Campus Belle Does Not Live on Campus.