The 99th Divorce Chapter 155

Chapter 155: Her Sugar Daddy
Chapter 155: Her Sugar Daddy
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"Ms. Su, why are you trying to run away? Are you admitting what's being said about you?"

"Ms. Su, is there nothing you want to say?"

"Ms. Su"

Su Qianci was irritated and growled, "What do you want to know? You would not listen to the truth. Do you want to hear me admit that I am a mistress?"

The paparazzi fell silent for a moment and then quickly followed up frantically.

"So you admitted that you are a mistress?"

"Ms. Su, are your family members aware that you are so promiscuous?"

"I heard that many CEOs are your clients. Is that right?"

Su Qianci Could not stand it and sneered, "You want to learn the truth?"

The paparazzi immediately became quiet, holding their breath and waiting for the headline.

"The truth is that the car I got into was my husband's car. The sugar daddy you said is Li Sicheng himself. You could go question him instead." Then, Su Qianci turned around and wanted to leave. However, the paparazzi were the best in their walk of life. They immediately besieged Su Qianci, not letting her go.

"Mr. Li is already married. Aren't you ashamed when you said that?"

"Although Mr. Li never liked his personal life public, he is renowned for his great reputation. What you claimed is not quite possible."

"Mr. Li would not do something like this. You must be thinking of Mr. Li while you sleep with your clients."

At the same time, there was an update to the new story: "Su Qianci Admitted to Be a Mistress and Imagined to Be Li Sicheng's Wife."

Su Qianci finally understood what paparazzi were able to achieve. She shouldn't have said anything. Shutting her mouth, Su Qianci wanted to squeeze herself out, but her effort was rendered in vain.

Beep beep!

The car was even louder as it was pulled up next to the crowd. Many people were startled by the noise, turned around, and saw a black Maybach parking behind them. Seeing the car, Su Qianci felt incredulous.

"Wow, that is one of her boyfriends!"

Someone cried. The paparazzi quickly shifted the target and rushed toward the Maybach. Someone walked out of the copilot seat. The cameras flashed nonstop and the light was almost blinding. Stepping out of the car with his long legs, the man was wearing a striped navy suit. Judging by that suit, the man was definitely somebody. Many reporters quickly took a few close-up shots of his outfit.

Another update was added to the story: "Attn: The Sugar Daddy Appeared in Luxury Suit and Car. First Impression: A Billionaire!"

However, when everyone saw the man's face, silence fell. The man was tall and lean and handsome, with a stern face. His eyes were so cold that everyone felt frozen. However, the reporters had become excited again. No one dared to speak first. Li Sicheng was famous for his bad temper. The silence went on for one second, two seconds

Finally, a female reporter couldn't help asking, "Mr. Li, may I ask you what you're here for?"

Li Sicheng glanced around and said calmly, "To pick up my wife."