The 99th Divorce Chapter 156

Chapter 156: You Tell Me What We Are
Chapter 156: You Tell Me What We Are
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No one had expected that Li Sicheng would answer her question. And what was more unexpected was his answer. To pick his wife up? He was in a university. So his wife was still in college? That was impossible. She was more likely a professor on campus.

Everyone was surprised, gazing at Li Sicheng. Li Sicheng, on the other hand, walked straight toward Su Qianci. What was happening? Li Sicheng who had never cared for any lady was walking toward this promiscuous campus belle? Everyone felt that their brains had stopped working.

Watching Li Sicheng approaching her, Su Qianci was also dazed.

His eyes deep, Li Sicheng stopped in front of Su Qianci and asked, "School's over?"

Short but clear.

Yes, Li Sicheng was speaking to Ms. Su! This unexpected sentence made all the paparazzi go mad. They quickly took pictures as if their hands could never get tired.

A reporter braced himself to ask, "Mr. Li, you said you're picking your wife up. So, who is your wife?"

"Is she a professor at Kingstown University?"

"Mr. Li"

Li Sicheng did not mean to answer the questions. Seeing that Su Qianci was still dazed, he asked, "You're not speaking?"

Su Qianci blinked, nodded, and then shook her head

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"I should be in the classroom, but I was called to come out."

"By whom?"

"Him!" Su Qianci pointed at President Wang.

The president felt the intimidating gaze of Li Sicheng and shuddered. Narrowing his eyes, Li Sicheng looked puzzled and asked, "Why?"

"He said I was expelled." Su Qianci felt like she was a child complaining about her playmate. When seeing Li Sicheng, she couldn't help feeling secure.

Li Sicheng asked again, "Why?"

This time, he was not asking Su Qianci, but President Wang.

Facing everyone's attention, President Wang braced himself and said, "Ms. Su has a corrupted lifestyle and brought shame to the school. Kingstown University could not let such a student stay on campus."

Hearing his accusation, Li Sicheng pondered for a moment and arched an eyebrow, asking, "how come I had no idea that her lifestyle is corrupted?" Since their wedding, she had been celibate a bit except for the first night.

President Wang had no idea that there were a couple. Hearing Li Sicheng's question, the president thought the CEO was just being curious and explained hurriedly, "Normally speaking, a girl like her would fake being innocent. However, she is actually sleeping with several sugar daddies at the same time. Otherwise, how could she make all that money?"

"Nonsense!" Su Qianci bristled.

Li Sicheng chuckled and gazed at President Wang. "You seem to know more than I do."

Not sensing the crisis, President Wang said knowingly, "of course! I have seen many girls like her."

"Mr. Li, you know the campus belle?" A reporter asked, shuddering. "What's your relationship to her?"

Li Sicheng looked down and said slowly, "We live in the same house, sleep in the same bed, and hold a marriage certificate. You tell me what we are."