The 99th Divorce Chapter 158

Chapter 158: Su Qiancis idiot cousin
Chapter 158: Su Qiancis idiot cousin
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Everyone became silent, while Su Qianci couldn't help chuckling. Idiot? The brilliant brain of Lu Yihan was described as insufficiently developed? As Su Qianci chuckled, she immediately felt a cold gaze upon her and looked down.

All the reporters were astonished. Those who acted fast had already tweeted: Huge twist! Ms. Su looks after her cousin while in school.

In front of his television, Lu Yihan choked so hard that he was almost in tears. When he finally recovered, he glared at his friends who were laughing hard and exclaimed, "what the heck are you laughing at?"

"Idiot The true identity of the genius Lu Yihan."

"I can't stop laughing I must be dying"

Lu Yihan clenched his fists and stomped his feet. "Damn you, Li Sicheng!"

"Ha ha, you shouldn't be besties with his wife. If it were me, I would say you have STD."

Lu Yihan kicked his friend. "After this incident, I would definitely teach Li Sicheng a lesson. I will hack his computer and load it with porn."

Lu Yihan's friends' eyes lit up. "Could you do that to my computer instead?"

"F**k off!" Lu Yihan threw a punch at his friend. "Are you done?"

"Of course. These photos are taken with two different devices. One is a professional camera of a small detective agency, while the other is a mobile device that belongs to an old classmate of ours. Guess who?"

"Liu Anan?"

The friend looked surprised. "How did you know?"

"News like this is enough to ruin any girl. Except for Liu Anan, I could not think of anyone who would hate Qianqian so much to spend this kind of money on making this topic a headline." Lu Yihan sneered. His normally careless look suddenly became serious. "Isn't Lin Wanting going to get married? There is no way we would let Liu Anan walk away without paying for it after what she had done to Qianqian."

"What do you want to do?"

"You should go ask Qianqian. It is up to her."

After a week, all the headlines on major websites were still all about "Ms. Su""Li Sicheng" and "Slutty campus belle." Among them, the most eye-catching headline was "Campus Belle Of Kingstown University: The Secret Wife of Mcdreamy."

In just a couple of days, Su Qianci fell into hell and was then elevated into heaven. It was the first time for her life to be so dramatic in her two lifetimes combined. After this incident, Su Qianci had received a lot of attention at school. She used to be looked at because of her pretty face. And now, she was gazed at because of her identity as Li Sicheng's wife.

President Wang was suspended, and a new president was appointed very soon. After the eventful week, the date was September 30. Su Qianci and Li Sicheng were called back to the old house by grandpa to pack for the trip on the next day. However, even Su Qianci did not imagine that before she went away, the one thing that she feared the most happened.