The 99th Divorce Chapter 159

Chapter 159: Tang Mengying Showing up

After receiving a call from grandpa, Su Qianci did not have any class afterwards, while Li Sicheng was still working. When Su Qianci went back to the old house alone, it was past 2 PM. Carrying her light luggage, Su Qianci entered the living room and saw Tang Mengying in tears, crying beautifully. If there was one person in the world that Su Qianci hated the most, it should be Tang Mengying. Su Qianci frowned and chose to ignore Tang Mengying, looking around her to go back to the bedroom.

However, Tang Mengying would not let Su Qianci do that. She looked at Su Qianci with a pleading look. "Qianci, I heard you would be back today, so I was waiting here for you."

Qin Shuhua had always liked Tang Mengying, so she was sitting next to Tang Mengying comforting her. Hearing Tang Mengying's trembling voice, Qin Shuhua felt heartbroken. "Qianci, Tang Mengying is talking to you. You should respond to that," Qin Shuhua blamed Su Qianci.

The servant had already taken Su Qianci's luggage to her room.

Hearing Qin Shuhua's voice, Su Qianci paused and turned around. "Sicheng is about to be home. I remembered that he had said you are no longer welcome at our home. You should leave before he comes back."

Hearing that, more tears fell down Tang Mengying's cheeks. She looked at Qin Shuhua, muttering, "Auntie…"

"Don't worry. I don't believe Li Sicheng wouldn't mind you being here. In addition, he was warning your sister, instead of you."

Hearing that, Tang Mengying smiled, stood up, and walked toward Su Qianci. "I'm sorry, Qianci. I put you through a lot these days. My cousin is quite a brat. She paid those websites to push your photos, and I have already criticized her for that. I'm sorry… So sorry…"

Su Qianci felt disgusted, turned sideways, and said coldly, "It's all right. It's all in the past. I'll let it go since not much damage has been done to me."

"That's true. But my cousin…" Tang Mengying stopped. "Liu Anan's grandfather heard about that and had a heart attack. He is now in the hospital, and he really wants you to accept the apology from the Liu family and the Tang family."


Tang Mengying was thrilled. "You accepted it?"

Su Qianci did not answer and walked toward her bedroom.

However, Qin Shuhua looked displeased. "Qianci, you need to learn to forgive others."

Su Qianci paused and said, "Mother, if Sicheng was not there to clear my name, I might have drowned in the ugly rumors. Also, I was almost expelled and had my reputation ruined. If I did not have a strong mind, I might have killed myself even."

"Enough," Qin Shuhua bristled. "You look fine to me. Mengying means well by apologizing to you, and you should have some manners."


Su Qianci smiled sarcastically and did not speak her mind. "Mother, I'm tired and need some rest."

Qin Shuhua wanted to say something more, but caught a glimpse of Captain Li, who had been standing at the door for God knows how long. Feeling a bit guilty, Qin Shuhua called, "father."

Looking inside with a cane in his hand, Captain Li glanced at Tang Mengying coldly and then smiled at Su Qianci. "Qianqian, you are back."