The 99th Divorce Chapter 161

Chapter 161: Climbing Into My Bed
Chapter 161: Climbing into My Bed
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Tang Mengying felt a bit guilty under Li Sicheng's gaze. Her eyes shifty, she carefully called, "Brother Sicheng"

"You mean what happened in Australia or what happened to Su Qianci a couple of days ago? Or" His cold voice had a pause and then continued, "or some other things that I don't know about?"

"I had nothing to do with what happened recently. My cousin was the one who did it behind my back"

"You don't need to explain to me." Li Sicheng turned away.

Tang Mengying's eyes were suddenly filled with tears. "Brother Sicheng, why have we become this way? You had said that you would always treat me like a baby sister. Is this the way you treat your sister?"

Li Sicheng did not respond to her and continued swimming toward the ladder.

Tang Mengying cried even harder and exclaimed, "Since that's the case, I would rather die."

Tang Mengying was behind Li Sicheng's back, so all he heard was a splash followed by bubbling.

Feeling shocked, Li Sicheng looked back and saw Tang Mengying drowning. Li Sicheng's face became even more stern. A threat and an act? After watching for a dozen seconds, Li Sicheng then started moving. He approached her and grabbed her by the arm, lifting her up.

Coughing hard, Tang Mengying wiped the water off her eyes and looked pleasantly surprised. Gazing at Li Sicheng, she had found his look even darker.

"Acting this way will only make me hate you more."

Tang Mengying's face suddenly became pale. As she snuffed, warm liquid fell down her cheeks.v"I only want to go back in time Have you forgotten? You used to be very nice to me"

"I'm also nice to Weiya and Shanya, but they would not try to climb into my bed."

Although that sounded harsh, it was the truth. All Tang Mengying wanted was to be Li Sicheng's woman. However, for a proud lady like Tang Mengying, hearing her thought spoken out loud by him was like being stripped naked in the street. Tang Mengying caught a glimpse of woman in white walking toward them.

It was her! It was the woman that ruined all her dreams and gave her all that pain. Tang Mengying suddenly had an idea. Stepping up, she threw herself at Li Sicheng and caught him off-guard. When Li Sicheng had realized what had happened, Tang Mengying's arms were wrapped around him. Looking like an octopus, Tang Mengying stuck herself to Li Sicheng's body, her huge breasts against his chest. Reaching up, she kissed him on the lips

Su Qianci was holding a bottle of water, thinking about the travel plan. Recently, she was on better terms with Li Sicheng. When grandpa proposed that Li Sicheng came with them, Li Sicheng did not turn it down. Although it was proposed by grandpa, it was the first time in her two lifetimes combined for them to travel together. Could this be counted as their honeymoon?" Feeling joyful, Su Qianci quickly walked toward the pool and saw two persons from afar. The man and the woman were hugging and kissing