The 99th Divorce Chapter 162

Chapter 162: She Should Have Woken Up From This Dream A Long Time Ago
Chapter 162: She Should Have Woken Up From This Dream A Long Time Ago
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Su Qianci felt something had hit her heart hard. The bottled water fell from her hand. She clearly saw the provoking look on Tang Mengying's face, which made her heart tremble. The affection that had been growing back these couple of days was immediately killed by Tang Mengying's triumphant air. Su Qianci stopped walking and her eyes became wet. How could she forget that Li Sicheng and Tang Mengying were supposed to be together, while she was only a third wheel herself? Without her, they could be happily together. She was so nave to believe that Li Sicheng was treating her nice recently because he began to like her. Or maybe, he did like her, but no more than that.

Thunder rumbled as the weather suddenly changed. Dark clouds quickly gathered, and it became suffocating. Su Qianci quickly turned around and started to run. Again, she felt like she was so unimportant that she could not keep any dignity in front of Li Sicheng and Tang Mengying.

Don't cry. You are not allowed to cry.

However, her heart couldn't stop hurting. So many times, she had warned herself not to fall for him. However, she kept being fooled by the fantasy he created for her. It was time to wake up now, wasn't it? She should have woken up from this dream a long time ago

Li Sicheng was furious, pushed Tang Mengying away from himself into the water. Tang Mengying was caught off guard and fell back, choking on water when trying to balance herself. She said in a broken voice, "Brother Sicheng"

Li Sicheng rinsed his mouth with water, went up to the poolside, grabbed a towel to cover himself, and quickly left.

The rain was falling heavily on Tang Mengying's head, face, body, and heart. Her heart was burning. With her look and body, she had never met any man that would turn her down again and again. "You will regret this. Both of you."

Getting out of the pool, Tang Mengying was in no rush to go home. Instead, she took her cell phone and made a call, "October 15, Captain Li will throw a press conference for Su Qianci. Before that, I want you to cook up a huge scandal. Can you do that?"

"Such as?"

"A scandal that will make it impossible for her to stay in the Li family. The bigger, the better."

The thunder rumbled on and the wind became chilly. Holding her arm, Tang Mengying gritted her teeth even harder. "I changed my mind. Don't leak anything before the press conference. I want to destroy her on that exact day."

Purple lightning cut the sky in half. The clouds were crying like ghosts.

After freshening up in the restroom, Su Qianci let out a sigh of relief before she walked out.

Li Sicheng happened to be walking in. Wearing only a pair of shorts, his well-toned body was dotted with water drops.

Su Qianci glanced at him and quickly looked away. When she was about to walk around him and leave, he caught her arm. Their eyes were suddenly locked.

"What happened to your eyes?"

They were red, as if she had just cried.

Pushing his hand away, she shook her head. "It's none of your business." Su Qianci sounded impatient as she opened the door and walked out.

Li Sicheng narrowed his eyes as he felt puzzled.

What's wrong with this woman?