The 99th Divorce Chapter 164

Chapter 164: I Will Give You A Happy Ending
Chapter 164: I Will Give You a Happy Ending
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Su Qianci wiped her eyes and calmed herself down. "You need anything? I'm going into the shower."

Judging by her voice, it felt like she had never cried.

Li Sicheng's eyes became dark as he was impressed by how well she was acting. With some thought, he then said, "I want to go to the restroom. Come out for a second."

"There are other restrooms."

"All occupied."

After a period of silence, the door was opened. Su Qianci deliberately bowed her head, wanting to walk past Li Sicheng, but her hand was caught by him.

"What do you want?" Su Qianci's voice was low and coarse.

"Sit with me." Then, he pulled her to the bedside without asking.

Su Qianci was reluctant, struggling with her hand. And her eyes became wet again.

"Why are you crying?" Li Sicheng softened his voice as his rough hand tried to wipe away her tears. There was clearly self-blame in his eyes. "Don't cry."

Su Qianci was fine without Li Sicheng being gentle, but hearing his voice, she could not control herself anymore. Tears ran down her face. Pushing his hand away, Su Qianci wanted to get up and leave, but then he held her down.

"It's okay," Li Sicheng said.

Although the baby was lost, as long as she was willing to, they could always have another However, that was not Su Qianci's perception.

"Of course it's okay for you." Su Qianci smiled bitterly. No matter in her previous lifetime or this one, Li Sicheng had always loved Tang Mengying, while she was only his so-called wife and no more. She had been lying to herself, hadn't she? Exhaling, Su Qianci braced herself to smile and say in a calm tone, "Mr. Li, let's get divorced ahead of time."

Su Qianci's words were like cold water that drowned the affection in Li Sicheng's heart. With his face becoming stern, the temperature around Li Sicheng seemed to drop. The rare softness in his look immediately disappeared.

"Weren't you trying to talk to me about this anyway? Now I will give you your happy ending"

Li Sicheng's face was almost frozen as he tightened his grip on her hand, "That's impossible."

Feeling the pain, Su Qianci frowned. Seeing how cold he was, she was finally able to calm herself down and take her hand out of his. "What's the point in continuing this?" He had his lover and his other life. And she was only a shield he held against grandpa. Since Qin Shuhua liked Tang Mengying anyway, maybe grandpa would change his mind as well. Either way, the divorce would be much better than this fake marriage.

Seeing her serious look, Li Sicheng suddenly became gloomy. He smiled sarcastically. "I'll decide if there is a point or not." He let go of her hand, stood up, and looked down at her. "You drafted that contract, and now you have no right to change it."