The 99th Divorce Chapter 165

Chapter 165: Sharing A Bed With Him?
Chapter 165: Sharing A Bed With Him?
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Li Sicheng walked past Su Qianci and slammed the door shut.


The huge noise made Su Qianci's heart shudder and she was almost out of breath.

The entire house also heard noise. Under everyone's watch, Li Sicheng left the house.

Qin Shuhua quickly came over and asked Su Qianci, "Did you two fight?"

Su Qianci shook her head and pursed her lips, sending Qin Shuhua away saying that she was tired.

The following night, Li Sicheng did not return.

On the next morning, the servant came to knock on the door, taking Su Qianci's luggage out. Su Qianci's eyes were puffy, but they looked better after some treatment. Covering it up with makeup, Su Qianci looked just fine.

Grandpa looked like he did not know anything about the fight between Li Sicheng and Su Qianci, discussing the travel plan with Su Qianci excitedly. Grandpa's car was a traditional military Mustang, while the driver was the son of his lieutenant in the old days.

Su Qianci knew the car and driver from her last lifetime, because she had spent a lot of time with them. However, in this lifetime, they might not be around for long

"Qianqian, were you listening to me?" Grandpa looked a bit upset.

Su Qianci looked up and felt guilty. "Sorry, grandpa. I'm a bit under the weather."

Under the weather? Just in a bad mood, I think.

Captain Li did not speak his mind but sneered and checked his watch. "This is over the line. At this hour, he did not even call or text."

"Captain, Mr. Li Sicheng is waiting for us at the airport."

Captain Li heard him and grumbled, "I knew that myself."

The driver stopped talking and parked at the airport. After helping Captain Li and Su Qianci moved the luggage out, the driver went away.

When Su Qianci and Captain Li entered the VIP lounge, they indeed saw Li Sicheng sitting on the couch, his eyes closed.

Seeing that his grandson was present, Captain Li looked a bit relieved. "When did you get here, boy?"

Li Sicheng opened his eyes and glanced at Su Qianci before he said to grandpa, "I just got here." After that, Li Sicheng did not speak again.

It took more than six hours to fly from China to Maldives. The trip was smooth, and they arrived at Maldives a little past noon. Captain Li was in charge of the trip, so neither Li Sicheng nor Su Qianci had a say in it. When they arrived at the hotel, Su Qianci found a serious problem: grandpa had only booked one room for the two of them.

The idea of spending six days in the same room with Li Sicheng made Su Qianci cringe. After Captain Li happily moved into his own room, Su Qianci walked up to the front desk and whispered in English, "Could you get another room for me?"

"I'm sorry, Miss. We are currently booked out. If you want to reserve another room, the earliest availability would be next week."

"No way. So popular?"

The receptionist saw her disappointment and smiled. "Miss, this is the most romantic place in the world, so hotels nearby are all quite sought-after. It is not likely that there is any vacancy right now."

Su Qianci was completely let down. Did that mean that she had to spend nights on the same bed with Li Sicheng until the end of the trip?