The 99th Divorce Chapter 168

Chapter 168: She Is In My Bed
Chapter 168: She Is In My Bed
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Sheng Ximing suddenly did not know what to say. For some reason, he felt like Li Sicheng was holding something against him. Su Qianci was probably just asleep, but couldn't he simply say that she's asleep or that she's in bed? He had to say "in my bed."

"Please don't get the wrong idea"

"What do you need?" Li Sicheng's voice gave him a chill even through the telephone.

No matter how thick his skin was, Sheng Ximing knew that Li Sicheng did not want him to call Su Qianci. Feeling awkward, Sheng Ximing exclaimed, "I really don't mean to"

"If you don't need anything, don't call."

The cold voice sounded flat, very Li Sicheng. Then he hung up.

Sheng Ximing had never been treated like this before and suddenly felt quite embarrassed. Looking at the guy sitting opposite him, Sheng Ximing sighed and said, "It seems that it would be difficult for us to meet her this time."

After hanging up, Li Sicheng glanced at Su Qianci, who was still sleeping and did not know anything that was going on.

Just like a piglet.

With a subtle smile, Li Sicheng looked at Su Qianci cell phone, and blocked Sheng Ximing.

Su Qianci woke up feeling hungry. Maldives time was three hours behind Beijing time. When she woke up, it was 7 PM, which meant 10 PM Beijing time. Naturally, she was starving Jumping up from the bed, Su Qianci quickly freshened up and went downstairs for food. Taking her cell phone, she saw the message from grandpa: Qianqian, I'm at the dining hall downstairs. Come here together with dear baby grandson. Su Qianci laughed.

Dear baby grandson?

Thinking of the cold face that could freeze the world up, Su Qianci did not believe Li Sicheng deserved this cute nickname. The message was sent two minutes ago, so grandpa should still be there. Looking down the stairs, she found the dining hall was bustling.

Su Qianci's phone buzzed as she got another message from grandpa: I'm sitting by the window, end of the hallway. Su Qianci looked in that direction and saw grandpa waving at her. Su Qianci waved back and quickly walked downstairs. However, in the last two steps, she lost her balance and fell.

"Watch out!" The male voice sounded, as a hand steadied Su Qianci.

When Su Qianci saw the face of the man, she was suddenly dazed and surprised. And then, she asked incredulously, "Bo Xiao?"

Bo Xiao was surprised that this stranger would know his name. As a gentleman, he nodded and said, "that's right."

Of course Su Qianci knew him. Bo Xiao would become the most renowned musician worldwide. His family was of a noble background and extremely mysterious. If she remembered correctly, in her previous lifetime, Bo Xiao had earned his fame three years from this point. So later on, he would be more famous than Song Yifan. She ran into Bo Xiao?

"You know me?"

Hearing the question, Su Qianci subconsciously wanted to nod, but then shook her head and said resolutely, "Nope!"

Suddenly, Su Qianci felt a bit pressured as she glanced at a tall figure walking toward her, freezing everyone near him. However, he was not looking at her, but the gentleman, Bo Xiao.