The 99th Divorce Chapter 169

Chapter 169: The Warning From Mr. Li
Chapter 169: The Warning from Mr. Li
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Li Sicheng walked over and glanced at Su Qianci. But quickly, his gaze fell on Bo Xiao. "Thank you, sir." Li Sicheng reached out a hand toward him. "If it were not for you, my wife might fall." Su Qianci suddenly felt flattered. He was thanking someone else for her?

However, Bo Xiao had caught the keyword. Wife. This guy was warning him. Bo Xiao curled his lips and reached out his hand as well, shaking with Li Sicheng. "No worries, Mr. Li."

"You know me?"

"Mr. Li is such a legend that I would be too ignorant if I did not know you. I'm Bo Xiao."

"Li Sicheng."

"Pleased to meet you."

"The pleasure is mine."

For some unknown reason, Su Qianci felt animosity from the pleasantries. Glancing at Li Sicheng and then Bo Xiao, Su Qianci felt her tummy grumbling. The two guys almost immediately looked at her. Su Qianci felt embarrassed, smiled, and complained, "Starving here"

Li Sicheng curled his lips and put an arm around Su Qianci's shoulder. "Let's go eat."

Su Qianci's heart thumped as she stared her eyes wide. However, she also felt some level of disgust at the same time. He seemed to be quite skilled at holding a woman. She wondered what it was like when he had Tang Mengying in his arms. Feeling bitter, Su Qianci looked a bit depressed.

Bo Xiao caught her change of mood and glanced at the cold man who was clearly a harsh person.

Li Sicheng did not notice how Su Qianci's look had changed. He nodded to Bo Xiao and said, "Later." Then, he walked toward grandpa with his arm on Su Qianci's shoulder.

Gazing at the couple, Bo Xiao looked quite interested. He did not expect that the wife of Li Sicheng would be a girl so young and pretty. However, the couple did not look like a real couple. Although their appearance definitely matched, they did not look harmonious together. Rather, they looked like they were forcefully bound together. How interesting.

"Young master, Madame asked you to come."


Before they reached the table of grandpa, Su Qianci could not help lifting Li Sicheng's arm and running away. Li Sicheng clearly felt resented by her, clenched his fists, and quickly followed her.

Su Qianci sat down at the chair opposite grandpa and coveted the dishes on the table. She was starving for real

"You must be hungry. I have ordered everything you liked."

"Thank you, grandpa!" Su Qianci smiled happily and forked a piece of cake.

Before she put the cake into her mouth, it was taken away by a hand.

"Drink some milk first." Li Sicheng placed a glass of hot milk in front of her.

Su Qianci's face suddenly collapsed as she hated the guy even more. Glaring at him, she quickly drank up the milk and took her take back from him.

"Don't rush," Li Sicheng said again, "No one's going to steal it."

Su Qianci slowed down and looked rather depressed. If Tang Mengying were here to eat with him, he would not mind her so much, she bet. But she was really hungry

"You're not eating?"

Su Qianci pursed her lips and stared at Li Sicheng, growling, "I can't eat anything looking at you."