The 99th Divorce Chapter 174

Chapter 174: Bully
Chapter 174: Bully
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Su Qianci Looked at grandpa and then Li Sicheng, finding them both acting weird. Grandpa nodded, and Su Qianci walked out and closed the door. As soon as possible Su Qianci left, Li Sicheng threw a bunch of photos on grandpa's bed. The photo was taken with weak light. A woman and a man were kissing on the beach, looking hot.

Seeing the photos, grandpa coughed and blushed a little, feeling embarrassed and deciding to close his eyes, pretending not knowing anything about it.

Li Sicheng teased, "You were so happy that your blood pressure went up?"

Hearing that, Captain Li gave Li Sicheng a stare and rebutted, "Why do you think it's because of this? Can't I have other things to get excited about?"

Li Sicheng became silent for a minute and nodded, "I guess I could pretend that I did not see you send someone to take pictures of us in secret, and that I did not know you took our passports to make us share one room."

"Boy, if it were not for you grandpa, would you have such a good time? And would Qianqian forgive you?"

"Your grandson has his charm. He could totally take care of it himself."

In addition, what kind of help was that? In the middle of the night, he was so exhilarated that he passed out. Worst wingman ever! Having lost a sure thing, Li Sicheng felt his body still had not cooled down.

"Get some rest and we will check you out tomorrow morning."

Hearing that, Captain Li was clearly displeased. He grumbled, "Go away. I want Qianqian here." Then, he exclaimed, "Qianqian, your husband is bullying me."

Li Sicheng gave him a glance and put the bunch of photos back into an envelope. Hearing Captain Li's cry, Su Qianci immediately came inside. Seeing how sullen he looked, Su Qianci was dazed and looked at Li Sicheng, asking, "What happened?"

"An old man happened." Li Sicheng walked out of the ward with a cold face and said, "I'll give you something to eat."

After Li Sicheng was gone, Captain Li asked in a low voice, "Did that boy bully you just now?"

Bully Su Qianci's face immediately burned up. Seeing the smile on grandpa's face, Su Qianci knew that there was no secret in front of him.

"You're good again?" Captain Li said triumphantly. "It's natural for a couple to fight, but you should not condone him too much. Show him who's the boss."

Su Qianci chuckled and changed the subject. "You want some water?"

When Li Sicheng came back, it was half an hour later. He brought back some lights dishes and congee, great for night snack. Captain Li was eating and joking with Su Qianci, while Li Sicheng was clearly displeased. Knowing what was going on, Captain Li could almost see three words written on his face: needs not satisfied. After eating the food up, Captain Li said, "It's all right. I won't die here. You go back now and I'll join you tomorrow at the hotel."

Chapter 178 - Continue The Unfinished Mission

Although grandpa said that, there was no way that Li Sicheng would leave him alone at hospital. In the end, Li Sicheng sent Su Qianci back to the hotel to rest. Because it was the first time that grandpa had passed out because of high blood pressure, the doctor suggested that he stay in the hospital for two more days. When they went back to the hotel, it was the fourth day since they arrived at Maldives.

Having looked after grandpa for two days taking shifts with Li Sicheng, Su Qianci felt a bit tired and immediately fell asleep. After a while, a soreness on her waist woke her up. Su Qianci immediately realized that it was hard for her to move around. She opened her eyes and saw Li Sicheng's handsome face.

In his sleep, he looked less cold and sharp than he normally did. His arm was around her tiny waist, and one of his leg was on top of hers. Su Qianci noticed their position and blushed. He was cuddling her. Did he mean to do that? Carefully, she turned her body around to move his arm away, afraid that it would be embarrassing if she woke him up.

However, no matter how Su Qianci moved, Li Sicheng just would not budge. His arm was almost stuck there, not moving a single inch. Su Qianci slightly lifted his leg up, but when she thought she was about to be successful, he put his leg on top of her again, securing her legs in place. Then, he suddenly turned around and hovered over her, gazing at her with still confused eyes.

Startled, Su Qianci felt her heart racing, staring at Li Sicheng.

"You're awake?" Maybe it was because he just woke up, Li Sicheng's voice sounded a bit hoarse.

"Hm" Before she said anything, a storm of kisses fell on her lips, taking her words away.

Su Qianci stared her eyes wide, trying to push him away. "Hmmm"

Releasing her, Li Sicheng's breath was hasty as he whispered, "Could we continue the unfinished mission?"

Su Qianci's face started to burn as she shook her head. "Get off me I need to run to the bathroom"

With the soreness in her waist, Su Qianci also felt something was flowing down her legs. She knew what had happened and must go take care of it. It would be so embarrassing for him to see it.

Li Sicheng pursed his lips, looking displeased. But he soon turned back and lay down again.

Feeling relieved, Su Qianci quickly went inside the bathroom. Indeed, she got her period. Fortunately, she was prepared. She took out the tampons that she had hidden in the restroom and went back to the bed. A huge hand immediately pulled her over and a passionate body covered hers.

In the first twenty-six years of his life, since he never knew what sex was like, it was okay to hold his desire back. However, he had a taste of her on their wedding night, which he could hardly forget. One of his hands covered her soft breast, and the other reached under her skirt.

Grabbing the evil hand, Su Qianci said weakly, "I just got my period"

Li Sicheng paused and became silent for a while before he cursed coldly, "F**k!"