The 99th Divorce Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Coincidence?
Chapter 175: Coincidence?
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After Li Sicheng had taken a cold shower, he found Su Qianci was gone. Her computer was on the nightstand with an online chat going on. Lu Yihan was transferring a document to her. But where was she?

Li Sicheng found his cell phone and called Su Qianci, but then the ringing came from the bed. Li Sicheng grabbed her phone and hung up, feeling slightly uneasy. After hesitating for a while, he decided to knock on grandpa's door. Su Qianci opened the door.

Seeing her, Li Sicheng immediately felt relieved, but he did not show it and said coldly, "What are you doing here?"

"Grandpa said he wanted to get tanned. Let's go to the beach after getting something to eat."

Li Sicheng went inside and helped grandpa up. Seeing the clear unsatisfied look on Li Sicheng's face, Captain Li felt a strong sympathy and said, "You didn't sleep well? If you don't want to go, Qianqian could keep me company."

"I'll go."

The three of them ate something at the dining hall and then went to the beach. They found a spot to sit down and started chatting.

"Mr. Li?" The voice sounded surprised.

Seeing Li Sicheng, Sheng Ximing knew that Su Qianci must be around as well. He walked over and indeed saw her.

"Uncle Sheng." Su Qianci was pleased to see Sheng Ximing as well.

Seeing Sheng Ximing, Li Sicheng's eyes became cold as Sheng Ximing sensed a hint of danger from him. Li Sicheng would not forget how Sheng Ximing used to look at his wife. At his age, Sheng Ximing could even be Su Qianci's father. And now he wanted to pursue her?

Under Li Sicheng's intimidating gaze, Sheng Ximing called, "Song Yifan, come over here. I see someone you know."

Song Yifan?

"Mr. Song Yifan is also here?" Su Qianci asked.

Sheng Ximing smiled and nodded, walking to Li Sicheng. "Long time no see, Mr. Li. I didn't expect to see you here."

"Oh, I did not expect to see you either until I got that call from you a couple of days ago," Li Sicheng said coldly and shook his hand.

Sheng Ximing's smile froze as it suddenly became extremely awkward.

Song Yifan walked up and patted Sheng Ximing on the shoulder. "What is it?"

Seeing the old man sitting on a beach chair, Song Yifan called respectfully, "Captain Li!"

"It's you!" Obviously, Captain Li knew Song Yifan. "Such a coincidence."

Song Yifan smiled and said, "Indeed."

Actually, it was not a coincidence. Sheng Ximing had investigated into Su Qianci's whereabouts and then followed her here. Of course, he knew that Captain Li was also around.

"You two know each other?" Su Qianci looked at grandpa and then Song Yifan.

"He's the son of a mate in combat, also a global pianist."

"We've met." Song Yifan smiled at Su Qianci.

It was the second time for Su Qianci to see Song Yifan, so she was no longer that excited. However, seeing Song Yifan smiling at herself, Su Qianci still felt quite flattered. She quickly nodded and said, "Yes, quite a coincidence"

"I heard that Mr. Song Yifan had canceled a concert." Li Sicheng slowly stood up and walked to Su Qianci's side. He narrowed his eyes and asked, "Was that just for a vacation in Maldives?"